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Meet Blake, 2014's bachelor for The Bachelor Australia. Courtesy: Channel 10

Bachelor Blake Garvey gets some one-on-one time with Katrina. Source: Supplied

THE Bachelor season two is finally upon us.

Cue a collective "woo" from diehard fans of Ten's reality dating show, and a heavy "nooooo" from obliging husbands and boyfriends across the nation.

As viewers witnessed a fresh batch of ferocious women playing tug-of-war with one man, Mr Blake Garvey, we thought we'd provide you with a little insight into what really goes on behind the scenes before tonight's glitzy cocktail party.

Here's the bachelorette pampering schedule:

• Hair and makeup begins about 11am. Each girl gets 90 minutes to be primped and preened.

• Seven hair and makeup artists work frantically to get the 24 girls ready to meet their dream man.

• Most popular beauty items are always fake lashes, bronzer and hair spray.

• The experts work with each ladies' personal style and often have to subtly steer them towards a 'less is more' approach.

• The girls then spend 30 minutes in wardrobe with a head stylist and three styling assistants.

• A total of 300 gowns were sourced for episode one — the most favoured colour this year is black, followed by red, pink, white or navy. But they all love anything that sparkles!

Primped and preened ... The bachelorettes from Victoria. Source: Supplied

After hours of preparation, all 24 ladies are finally camera-ready for episode one. Phew.

As for the Bachelor, he spends the morning at his bachelor pad trying to clear his mind before the big debut. Garvey works out and goes for a swim. He then spends 30 minutes in hair and makeup followed by 45 minutes in wardrobe. Thirty minutes does seem excessive for this perfectly shaved noggin, but hey, he's gotta look sharp!

Brace yourself, Blake. The Bachelor doesn't know what he's let himself in for. Source: Supplied

Here's a quick runsheet of your Bachelor beauties for 2014 to familiarise yourself before tonight:

Emma F, 31: Interior designer from VIC

"I like to think I am quite personable."

Alana, 26: Legal secretary from WA

"My perfect date would be a picnic if it's good weather or a man cooking me dinner, so the majority of the date can focus on the conversation."

Alana, 26. Source: Supplied

Emma F, 31. Source: Supplied

Diana, 28: IT student from QLD

"I always say, you are never fully dressed without a smile."

Emma L, 28: Makeup artist from WA

"I prefer to leave a bit of mystery so I'll probably let them do most of the talking."

Emma L, 28. Source: Supplied

Diana, 28. Source: Supplied

Bridgette-Rose, 24: Law student from QLD

"I don't like men who are conceited, lazy, messy or who don't take their relationships seriously."

Chantal, 26: Design consultant from VIC

"I hope the Bachelor has a good sense of humour and wit. I love a guy who knows when to be serious and when to be silly."

Chantal, 26. Source: Supplied

Bridgette-Rose, 24. Source: Supplied

Holly, 23: Professional netball player from NSW

"I'm six feet tall. I'm very carefree and I don't take life too seriously."

Anita, 30: Dog groomer from VIC

"I have been single for a long time and I now have time to spend on myself. Plus, I am always up for a new experience."

Anita, 30 Source: Supplied

Holly, 23. Source: Supplied

Jessica, 24: Accounting student from NSW

"It's great to view the world with an excited, glass-half-full mentality."

Amber, 26: Personal assistant from QLD

"Most women lead with their boobs or butt, but I think legs are highly underrated and who doesn't love pearly whites?"

Amber, 26. Source: Supplied

Jessica, 24. Source: Supplied

Kara, 24: Law graduate from VIC

"I'm smart, witty, funny, outgoing, fun and can read other people's characters extremely well."

Amanda, 28: Account manager from NSW

"I've done a lot of dating and haven't found the one. It was a last minute decision; I applied the day before applications closed."

Amanda, 28. Source: Supplied

Kara, 24. Source: Supplied

Laurina, 30: Entrepeneur from VIC

"I'm looking for someone with integrity, emotional intelligence, who is affectionate, a gentleman and who has good rhythm and loves to dance."

Lauren, 27: Flight attendant from SA

"The everyday dating scene just wasn't working for me and I feel I need to take a more extreme approach."

Lauren, 27. Source: Supplied

Laurina, 30. Source: Supplied

Lisa, 27: Fashion designer from QLD

"I love romantic picnics, either by the water or in the hinterlands. This followed by a surprise activity I've never done before, like rock climbing or skiing, anything adventurous really."

Louise, 26: Events Planner from QLD

"I'm hoping he is driven, family-orientated, confident, smart, saucy and happy."

Louise, 26. Source: Supplied

Lisa, 27. Source: Supplied

Karla, 31: Nurse from NSW

"I have a real thirst for knowledge. I love facts and titbits of information."

Katrina, 26: Musician/Photographer from NSW

"I was disappointed in the dating scene. I have only been on one date this year and had stopped replying to boys who were messaging me."

Katrina, 26. Source: Supplied

Karla, 31. Source: Supplied

Samantha, 25: Admin assistant from WA

"I just wanted to put myself out there as I don't really have time to meet a guy. I have always worked weekends."

Sam F, 25: Finance and insurance consultant from VIC

"I like to think I'm pretty witty. I have a good sense of humour and I'm good fun to be around."

Sam F, 25. Source: Supplied

Samantha, 25. Source: Supplied

Tiarnar, 31: Model from NSW

"My legs and bum seem to get a lot of attention."

Zoe, 25: Pharmacy training officer from VIC

"I've been living on a remote island for 14 months, volunteering in a developing world country, and it really put my personal life on hold. I thought it was time to do something for me."

Zoe, 25. Source: Supplied

Tiarnar, 31. Source: Supplied

Stacey Louise, 33: Fitness trainer and model from VIC

"I am a dreamer who is still looking for their prince. I have been waiting around on the farm for my perfect man to come along and sweep me off my feet for too long. It's time to put myself out there and chase my dreams."

Shana, 26: Poker dealer from QLD

"My dream date involves being taken by a handsome guy — in the back of a Ute with a mattress, pillows, blankets, strawberries and a bottle of bubbly — to the drive-in movies."

Shana, 26. Source: Supplied

Stacey Louise, 33. Source: Supplied

Who will be left standing, and who will be sent home after tonight's cocktail party?

The Bachelor kicks off tonight at 7.30pm on Ten.

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