Eclipse turns Moon blood red

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Sydney Observatory's Andrew Jacob illuminates the detail behind a lunar eclipse, why it glows red, and what to expect from this stellar show.

STARGAZERS in the Americas, Australia and Asia have witnessed a lunar eclipse, a celestial show that has bathed the moon in red to create a "Blood Moon."

During the total lunar eclipse, the Earth passed between the sun and the Moon.

As it happened, the Moon reflected sunlight scattered in the Earth's atmosphere, taking on a red hue.

On Australia's east coast, cloud cover was seen less than an hour ahead of the Moon's move into Earth's shadow. Photographs of the Moon from all over the country started to emerge as the eclipse got underway.


Watching the Moon rise over Sydney Harbour. Picture: Adam Ward Source: News Corp Australia

The lunar eclipse in Sydney at Five Dock. Picture: Rohan Kelly Source: News Corp Australia

The spectacular Blood Moon seen in Sydney. Picture: Rohan Kelly Source: News Corp Australia

The second total lunar eclipse for 2014 over Darwin. Picture: Michael Franchi Source: News Corp Australia

The Blood Moon pops it's head out from behind the clouds in Victoria. Picture: Michael Klein Source: News Corp Australia

Halfway through the lunar eclipse from Macedon, Victoria. Picture: Jay Town Source: News Corp Australia

The start of the lunar lclipse from Macedon, Victoria. Picture: Jay Town Source: News Corp Australia


The early phase of the eclipse began at 4am local time on the east coast of the United States, and will continue until sunrise. Photos of the eclipse from the US began appearing on social media.


PICTURES: How Western Australia saw the Moon

PICTURES: South Australia watched the Moon turn red

The Blood Moon, created by the full moon passing into the shadow of the earth during a total lunar eclipse, as seen from Monterey Park, California. Picture: AP Source: AP

A lunar eclipse is seen near a statue entitled "Enlightenment Giving Power" by John Gelert, which sits at the top of the dome of the Bergen County Courthouse in Hackensack, New Jersey. Picture: AP Source: AP

The Earth's shadow begins to fall on the moon during a total lunar eclipse, as seen above in Miami, Florida. Picture: AP Source: AP

In Hong Kong, the eclipse began shortly after moonrise at 6pm local time, with the total eclipse phase emerging half an hour later and lasting for around an hour before moving to a partial eclipse.

In Tokyo's Roppongi fashion and entertainment district, enthusiasts were planning to perform yoga exercises under the blood moon. Many others had climbed atop the city's skyscrapers to view the sky.

The Earth's shadow renders the moon as a person in Ferris wheel observes it during a total lunar eclipse in Tokyo. Picture: AP Source: AP

In New Zealand, the moon will be close to its highest point in the sky, according to Auckland's Stardome Observatory & Planetarium.

The eclipse is the second of four total lunar eclipses, starting with a first "Blood Moon" on April 15, in a series astronomers call a tetrad.

The next two total lunar eclipses will be on April 4 and September 28 of next year.

The last time a tetrad took place was in 2003-2004, with the next predicted for 2032-2033. In total, the 21st century will see eight tetrads.

Amateur astronomists in Africa or Europe are out of luck, NASA said, as the event would not be visible in those regions.

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