The great gourmet McDonald’s con

Written By komlim puldel on Rabu, 22 Oktober 2014 | 20.01

A woman savours a new organic delicacy — a Chicken McNugget. Source: YouTube

A PAIR of Dutch pranksters have created a hilarious video of themselves tricking foodies into thinking McDonald's burgers are gourmet cuisine.

Unsuspecting experts at a food expo in Houten, the Netherlands, are seen pronouncing the cheap junk food "delicious" and "definitely fresh".

It just shows what a difference a French flag on a cocktail stick can make.

Sacha and Cedrique, who run Lifehunters video team, are seen slicing up burgers, muffins and nuggets to make them look high-end.

But the food fanatics don't have a clue, with one observing of the muffins: "The structure is good. Yes. Not too sticky" and another saying they are "softer and more moist" than cheap versions.

Another says her favourite element of the burger is the "sweet tomatoes" — after the boys joked they looked "at least a year old".

McNuggets were deemed "nice and firm, with a good bite" while another said the Filet-O-Fish "rolls around the tongue nicely, if it were wine I would say it's fine."

The Dutch jokers arrange the snacks artfully on plates. Source: YouTube

The "sweet tomato" is admired by an expert at the food convention. Source: YouTube

Many sounded undeniably pretentious, saying they felt "warmth releasing in the mouth" and calling the taste "rich".

The tricksters asked the experts to compare the snacks with McDonald's — and were told theirs were "definitely tastier" and "you can just tell this is a lot more pure".

Their video shows how easy it is for us to convince ourselves something tastes delicious if we are told it is nourishing.

YouTube commenters said the so-called experts were "full of crock" and called their responses "cringeworthy", with others marvelling at the "power of suggestion".

Add some cocktail sticks, and people will believe anything. Source: YouTube

The foodies may cringe when they see themselves saying fast food is "like a fine wine". Source: YouTube

But others said that the experts had been unfairly duped.

"Of course if you tell people it's a healthy organic option they will like it, it's not hard to make food taste great if you just add enough fat and salt," said one.

Maybe videos like this will make us think twice before we assume anything about our meals.

They admired the superiority of flavour and texture. Source: YouTube

The pranksters called the snacks "top notch recipes from their high end restaurant". Source: YouTube

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