What bogans are like around the world

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Actor Rebel Wilson, right, promoting the movie Bogan Pride. Source: Getty Images

The Aussie bogan is captured in all its glory in Paul Fenech's latest series 'Bogan Hunters'. Courtesy 7Mate.

IT'S that time of year when we all embrace our inner bogan, slipping on singlets and thongs and grabbing a beer beside the barbie.

Whether you're out and proud or just have your moments, bogan culture is at the centre of being Australian.

But what's the equivalent elsewhere in the world? Here's your guide to the bogans of the globe.


Matt Lucas created the archetypal chav with Vicky Pollard in Little Britain. Source: Supplied

The chav typically teams an adidas or Kappa tracksuit with Reeboks, a pushed-up baseball cap and blinging gold jewellery.

Hair is styled with lashing of gel, with girls scraping their locks back into a super-tight ponytail known as a "Croydon facelift".

Variations of the chav around the UK include knackers, pikeys, skangers and spides in Ireland, neds in Scotland and scallies in the north west of England.

In 2006, Prince William wore chav fancy dress to a party at Sandhurst.

Related epithets include "chavette", "chavdom" and of course, "chavtastic".


French movie La Haine explored youth culture. Source: News Corp Australia

You may have thought our Gallic friends were the epitome of refinement.

But France's sprawling suburban banlieues are filled with racailles (or "rascals") — young people who typically dress in white polyester shellsuits, tight jeans or Lacoste baseball caps.

Variants are "Beaufs" or "Jackys", who embrace all things cheesy, and might be seen doing the chicken dance at parties.


Ah Beng (also lala zai) is applied to young Chinese men in Southeast Asia who own boy-racer zhng-ed cars and dye their hair bright colours.

They often speak mashup slang known as "Manglish" or "Singlish".

The female equivalent Ah Lian (or lala-lui) sports hair extensions with thick fringes, last season's Japanese fashions and heavy makeup.


Arsit — and most other bogan equivalents — are linked with bling. Source: Supplied

Ars is a Hebrew slang term associated with men who wear low-slung jeans and flashy jewellery.

They typically listen to hip-hop or or Mizrahi (Arabic) music. In the US, many are now promoters of a late-1990s variety of Tel Aviv Techno.

The female version is Arsit or Freha, a fashion girl known for super-tight jeans, vertiginously high heels, make up and keen use of her mobile phone.


In Poland, bogans are even named after the tracksuit. Source: Supplied

Dres literally means tracksuit, with the label coming into fashion in the 1990s.

Dresiarze love to display their wealth by wearing gold medallions, leather trousers, obvious labels and very short, cropped hairstyles.

The female equivalent, blachary, typically have bleached blonde or pitch black dyed hair, fake tan, pierced belly buttons, white boots and fake nails.


Naco (female: naca) historically referred to indigenous people, but morphed to include the "nouveau-riche" and has been appropriated by Mexican hipsters to challenge the country's class divide.

Nacos are usually soccer fans while nacas are addicted to telenovelas (soaps).

They often have Anglo-Saxon names like Kevin.


The Tokkie family name is now synonymous with bad behaviour. Source: YouTube

Tokkie is the surname of a Dutch reality TV family who gained notoriety in 2004, when they starred in Family Pride.

The Tokkies became the Netherlands' most famous "anti-social" family after they were evicted from their Amsterdam home following a conflict with their neighbours.

Now the name Tokkie has been embraced by Norwegian rappers as a celebration of all things provocative, foul-mouthed and anti-authoritarian.


Tapori means "vagabond" or "rowdy" in Hindi. It is often used to describe street gangs in Mumbai with a flamboyant style of dressing.

Taporis are known for whistling at women and spitting great distances.

They now appear in many Bollywood films, and are often celebrated as comical figures.


Indonesia's Alay are known for their tattoos and piercings. Source: Supplied

Alay is a form of popular teen culture requiring in-your-face clothes, music, tattoos and piercings.

Alayen use a hyper-modern form of textspeak almost incomprehensible to other Indonesians, which often encapsulates the writer's philosophy as well as the immediate conversation.

Selfies have become a logical extension of this distinctive tech-culture.


Norway's "Harrys" are heavily influenced by English culture. Source: Supplied

Harry, from the English boy's name, is thought to have come into use when Norway voted "No" to EU membership in 1994.

In a bid to stop Norwegians buying cheap products in Sweden, agriculture minister Lars Sponheim branded cross-border shoppers "Harry".

But Swedish shopkeepers started awarding cash to Norwegians called Harry — with a prize for the most "Harry" among them.

Harrys often wear pointed leather shoes with 1920s-style leather "gangster caps" and listen to techno.


Caipiras are Brazil's rural-dwelling hillbillies. Source: Supplied

Caipira usually refers to rural Brazilians, who stereotypically wear clothes in plaid patterns with straw hats.

Men commonly have moustaches and women have braids, with both sexes known for their distinctive country dialect and dropping their vowels.

Popular Brazilian drink Caipirinha literally means"'little hillbilly girl".


Every nation has its bogans. Which one is most like you? Source: Supplied

Portugal — Serranos, Azeiteiros

Sweden — Raggare

Finland — Juntti

Slovenia — Cefurji

New Zealand — Westie

Russia — Gopnik

Central Canada — Gino

Japan — Yankī

Spain — Cani

Chile — Flaite

Puerto Rico — Títere, Pelagato, Cafre

Lara Robinson as Edwina Bright in Upper Middle Bogan. Source: ABC

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