Christmas: You’re doing it wrong

Written By komlim puldel on Kamis, 25 Desember 2014 | 20.01

How's your Christmas tree? Pic: Reddit. Source: Reddit

That time of the year where you get a whole heap of stuff you didn't ask for, spend a lot of money on people avoided you all year, only to find they hate what you bought them anyway.


If you're tired of the fake smiles as people open your gifts with horror and disdain, you're not alone.

It seems the interweb is right behind you with social ineptitude when it comes to Christmas.

Reddit users have proven that even epic Christmas fails can bring joy to even the most un-Christmassy of us.

So let's get the gift-thing over with, load up on eggnog and get into the Christmas spirit (like brandy) while you look for ways to auction off the stuff you got online tomorrow.

It might help pay off the January debt.

Giving fail: Sometimes there's no pleasing people.

Like CaptainObvious_1 who just can't seem to get the gifts right after five years with his girlfriend.

Sometimes it seems girlfriends are hard to get gifts for. Picture: Reddit. Source: Reddit

Or this guy, anxious about the cost of Christmas.

ZooPants: "My wife starts Christmas shopping today"

Stay on budget. Picture: Reddit. Source: Reddit

Or the guy who struggles to pick a gift.

"Umm, hope you like them. I hate Christmas shopping," posts lemystery

Awkward Christmas gift moment. Pic: Reddit. Source: Reddit

Perhaps some homemade Christmas knitting mastery.

"Christmas Knit-a-thon has been halted because I am now the owner of the worlds biggest sock", writes katiedidit.

The gift for when one foot is bigger than the other. Picture: Reddit Source: Reddit

Or those awkward Christmas trees.

Where are you plugging those lights in? Picture: bi24fGamer/Reddit. Source: Reddit

That great sporting family.

"My family's Christmas tree is made out of hockey sticks," ablair24.

Have a very sporty Christmas. Source: Reddit

And finally, the Christmas gift that keeps on giving.

"My wife just texted me this. She told me she was Christmas shopping," posted Mctalbayne.

Pants are always good at Christmas. Picture: Reddit. Source: Reddit

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