Inside the mind of Peter Griffin

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Peter resents the fact that everyone loves his vestigial twin, Chip, more than him. Source: Supplied

PETER Griffin is a hard man to track down.

But has managed to nab some time with the Family Guy patriarch himself to ask him a few questions about his thoughts on Australia, his bid to lose weight and how he spices things up in the bedroom.

1. Would you like to visit Australia, if so, what would you like to do?

I heard you do this thing where you skip work and spend ten hours gettin' drunk and sunburnt. What do you call that again? "Cricket"? I wanna do cricket.

2. I believe you've played for the Patriots in the NFL before, think you could handle playing Australian Rules Football?

I dunno, that depends: what rules about it?

In one episode, Peter discovers that he has a vestigial twin growing out of his neck, whom he names Chip. Source: Supplied

3. Who is the hottest Australian star?

It's a toss-up between Kylie Minogue and the Tasmanian She-Devil from Bugs Bunny cartoons. God, look at that She-Devil. You can tell she's totally down for anything.

4. The Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, likes to wear speedos for swimming. Do you approve of men in skimpy swimming outfits?

Approve? No. Admire? Yes. Secretly wish I had that same level of confidence? Yes. Keep a cute two-piece in a drawer at home that my wife doesn't know about? Yes. Sometimes lock myself in the bathroom, try it on, look in the mirror, say to myself "Okay, Peter, this is the year"? Yes. Hear footsteps comin' upstairs, scramble to hide it in the toilet tank? Yes. Currently wearing it now, underneath my regular clothes, 'cause it makes me feel alive inside? Yes.

Poor Lois. Source: Supplied

5. You've been married for a long time, how do you spice things up in the bedroom?

Pillow fort over my half of the bed.

6. You don't seem to like your daughter Meg very much, is that true?

What'yu mean? We hang out all the time. We go for walks, play fetch at the park, I pick up his poops. Oh wait that's someone else.

7. Are you trying to lose weight and if so, how?

You guys can be very mean with your words. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to cry into a birthday cake in my trailer.

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Peter Griffin and his motley crew of family members. Source: Supplied

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