The presents of Christmas past we miss

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LET'S face it, most Christmas presents these days have an 'i' in front of them and require constant charging. But remember when presents were simpler and didn't stop working when you didn't have 4G?

We do, and here are some of the presents from our childhoods. Don't pretend you don't remember them.

This was THE game console to have. Source: Supplied

Hulk Hogan was legend back then. Source: News Corp Australia

It was cool to own dolls in underwear. Source: Supplied

This was before Grand Theft Auto let you beat up people in 'real' life. Source: Supplied

These were in every playground, in every school being played by every child. Source: Supplied

If you could draw a smiley face on this, you were an artist. Source: Supplied

'Pushing' the dice was the most fun you could have. Source: Supplied

Gak: Endlessly fun to throw at your siblings. Source: News Limited

Literally HOURS of fun. Source: Supplied

They were creepy, but they were ours. Source: Supplied

The most frustrating game you could own. Source: Supplied

Nothing says 'childhood' like tinkering with a disembodied doll's head. Source: News Corp Australia

She glows in the dark? OMG ca-UTE. Source: Supplied

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The presents of Christmas past we miss

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The presents of Christmas past we miss

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