Bali Nine runner reveals his shock

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Cindy Wockner speaks exclusively to members of the Bali 9 from inside the Super Maximum security cells in Kerobokan jail.

DEATH row inmate Myuran Sukumaran has vowed that his spirit will not be broken by the decision to send him to the firing squad.

In an impassioned plea through a friend, the 33-year-old Bali Nine drug runner called for a second chance, asking simply "Please show us mercy".

He told a News Corp Australia crew inside Indonesia's Kerobokan jail for a religious ceremony that he was doing all right despite hearing only a day earlier that his last chance at beating death row, Presidential clemency, had been rejected.

HOW WE BROKE THE STORY: Sukumaran loses final clemency bid

First pictures ... Myuran Sukumaran after learning his clemency bid had been rejected. Picture: News Corp Australia. Source: Supplied

The Sydney man attended the ceremony for a short time and exclusive News Corp photos show Sukumaran spending time in the art workshop, where he has set up and runs art classes and other rehabilitation programs for fellow prisoners.

He was trying to finish some portraits of a female prisoner who has been diagnosed with a tumour in her uterus and for whom he is trying to raise money, through art sales, for the operation she needs.

So far he has raised about $1000 but needs at least double that to undergo surgery.

Defiant ... Sukumaran spent the day trying to finish some portraits of a female prisoner in another picture taken of him after he found out his clemency bid had been rejected. Picture: News Corp Australia Source: Supplied

In a decision signed on December 30 and delivered to Sukumaran on Wednesday, Indonesia's President, Joko Widodo, rejected his clemency plea.

His rejected clemency plea delivered to Denpasar District Court. Picture: Lukman S. Bintoro Source: Supplied

The Presidential Decree which seals Sukumaran's fate. Picture: Lukman S Bintoro Source: Supplied

Sukumaran's Australian lawyer, Julian McMahon, said the case was not about jeopardising a relationship but about highlighting Sukumaran's rehabilitation.

"This is not a discussion about jeopardising relationships. What is needed is for our Government, presumably behind closed doors, to fully explain the rehabilitation of Sukumaran. This is such a meritorious argument that it enables our Government to ask humbly, for some clemency," Mr McMahon said.

"I have full confidence the Foreign Minister and the Prime Minister will do their utmost to win this argument."

Prime Minister Tony Abbott said the Government opposes the death penalty and is making "the strongest possible diplomatic representations" to Indonesia. But he said he would not jeopardise Australia's critically important relationship with Indonesia.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said the Government would continue to advocate on Sukumaran's behalf.

"We will make the same kind of representations the Indonesian government makes about its nationals when they are facing the death penalty in other countries," Ms Bishop said.

"We will continue to make representations at the highest level and we will not rest until we have secured that." But Ms Bishop stressed that Sukumaran was subject to the laws of a sovereign nation.

"We will do what we can as a government but there are limits on it."

Caught out ... officials show off the heroin busted as part of the Bali Nine drug syndicate in 2005. Source: News Limited

Speaking through friends, Sukumaran told of the misery that his close knit family is suffering and pleaded with Indonesian authorities to look beyond his crime to the good rehabilitative work he is doing behind bars.

REVEALED: What Myuran Sukumaran has been doing in jail

"We have been living under the shadow of death for so long and it's killing my family. It's eating slowly, it's a miserable way to live. I feel completely lost about this decision and really don't know.

"But I won't let them break my spirit. I will keep doing what is right and at the end of the day when I stand before judgment I will be judged on who I am and what I've done," Sukumaran said.

"Why are we so evil that we deserve to be taken out and shot?" he said.

Bali Nine member ... Andrew Chan at Thursday's religious ceremony at Kerobokan jail. Photo: Lukman S Bintoro Source: Supplied

Sukumaran told how he and fellow death row inmate, Andrew Chan, had worked so hard to rehabilitate themselves and to set up a raft of programs to help the jail's other prisoners learn skills and rehabilitate.

Sukumaran and Andrew Chan help prisoners with computer courses at Kerobokan prison. Picture: News Corp Australia. Source: News Limited

He is now bewildered at how all that has not been taken into account in considering his clemency plea — effectively his last chance at beating the death penalty. Fellow Bali Nine member Andrew Chan has also lodged a clemency plea but has yet to receive a decision from the President.

"I know what I did was wrong. I am trying to make up for it, I live everyday trying. I've pushed more than anyone to set up programs (in jail) until the guards got sick of me asking. I honestly don't know why they won't give me and Andrew clemency," Sukumaran said.

"Me and Andrew led a push for rehabilitation within this jail and changed the prison from within and they want to execute us? It doesn't make sense.

"Please take a closer look at mine and Andrew's case, please see that we are different, please give us a second chance. Please show us mercy.

"We are the best examples of the good points of the Indonesian justice system. We show the potential the Indonesian justice system can do. Why destroy that?"

"I am absolutely terrified that my mum and brother and sister would have to experience my execution."

The decision to deny Sukumaran's clemency, along with that of a Dutch national on drugs manufacture charges, comes as part of a hard line approach taken by the new Indonesian President in regards to drugs.

Mr McMahon foreshadowed further legal action on behalf of Sukumaran but said so far no decision had been reached on this.

Bleak future ... Sukumaran's lawyer expects to take further action, but so far no decision has been reached. Picture: News Corp Australia Source: News Limited

He also pointed out that in the past three years Indonesia had campaigned successfully to save more than 200 of its citizens from death row overseas, such as maids working in Saudi Arabia.

"It is so frustrating how they understand so clearly the wisdom of saving people from death row outside Indonesia but choose not to use the same approach in Indonesia," Mr McMahon said.

This came after a maid was executed in 2011 in Saudi Arabia and Indonesia embarked on a diplomatic effort to save its citizens from death row.

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