Gunman: ‘The punishment is severe’

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Amedy Coulibaly appears in a video pledging his allegiance to Islamic State. Source: Supplied

A POSTHUMOUS video which shows the Paris supermarket siege gunman has emerged online, where he pledges his allegiance to the Islamic State and justifies his murderous rampage.

Amedy Coulibaly is accused of the deaths of four civilians after he held a dozen people hostage in a Jewish supermarket in Paris two days ago.

Earlier, the 32-year-old fatally shot a policewoman in the back.

Ballistic tests of shell cases have revealed a linked to a third shooting of a jogger on the same day as the Charlie Hebdo massacre, in Fontenay aux Roses, a commune in the southwestern suburbs of Paris. The jogger was seriously wounded.

Al-Qaida's Yemen sect had previously linked itself itself to the Kouachi brothers' attack at Charlie Hebdo.




Some time before the attacks, the Senegalese-born Frenchman appeared in the 7-minute, 17 second clip, titled 'Soldier of the Caliphate', where he is seen preparing for the massacre by doing push-ups in what reports describe is a housing estate courtyard.

It was reportedly posted by ther militant group on Twitter this morning, while the YouTube video was removed after requests from the Paris prosecutors' office, reports Le Monde newspaper.

The footage has been verified by the SITE Intelligence Group.

In the footage, he declares his allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, or "Caliph Ibrahim", the notorious self-proclaimed leader of the Islamic State. He says he "swore allegiance as soon as the Califate was declared".

The Islamic State's infamous flag is seen in the background.

"What we are doing is completely legitimate, given what they are doing," Coulibaly says.

"You cannot attack and not expect retribution so you are playing the victim as if you don't understand what's happening."

"If you attack the Caliphate and the Islamic State, you will be attacked," he says.

The moment Coulibaly declares his allegiance to "Caliph Ibrahim". Source: Supplied

Coulibaly parades his arsenal in the footage and explains the reasons for his attack on the Jewish supermarket. Source: Supplied

He is surrounded by an arsenal of weapons.

It reveals his Arabic name as Abou Bassir Abdallah al-Ifriqi.

It is unknown who filmed and edited the video.

"Allah is stronger in might and in punishment severe," Coulibaly says, the video spoken in a mixture of French and broken Arabic.

"Whatever you spend in the cause of Allah will be fully reimbursed and you will not be wronged".

He reveals critical information about the Charlie Hebdo attack, in which brothers Cherif and Saïd Kouachi went on a killing spree, shooting 12 people dead, at a satirical magazine in honour of the Prophet Muhammad.

It also claims he put a bomb on a car on a Paris street, which they report detonated.

"The brothers of our team were split into two groups … I went out a bit against the police.

"If we did things a bit together and a bit separately it was to have more impact."

Believed to be speaking about one of the Kouachi brothers, he says: "I helped him in his project by giving him a few thousand euros so he could finish off what he had bought.

"We manage to synchronise to go out at the same time so we don't cause each other any problems as we are sought of over the same affair."

Coulibaly appears in various forms of dress; a traditional Islamic robe, a military jacket, western clothing like a leather jacket, and a keffir.

Coulibaly goes into specific detail regarding the Paris attacks. Source: Supplied

The video begins with a French radio report detailing the death of Coulibaly and the final scenes of the siege in which French police stormed the supermarket. Reports indicate this is to highlight his status as a martyr.

It is unclear when the video was filmed; Coulibaly speaks in past tense at times during the footage. It is not known whether he created to clip after he gunned down the policewoman, or whether he deliberately spoke in the past tense for the purpose of a posthomous report.

He calls on "Muslim brothers in France" and asks "What are you doing?"

"Why with all these thousands, millions of young people, there aren't others to defend their own?"

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the head of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Picture: Iraqi Interior Ministry Source: Supplied

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi preaches during Friday prayer at a mosque in Mosul. Picture: Al-Furqan Media Source: Getty Images

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