The best big boys toys for 2015

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Up and away ... the price of a jet ski has been cut by more than half. Source: Supplied

DID you get a raw deal from Santa? Too many handkerchiefs, socks and smalls for the top drawer? Then it's time to treat yourself as only blokes know how: fossil-fuelled power machines.

Best of all there is actually a reasonable excuse. Interest rates are still at record lows and prices on imported goods are likely to rise if the Australian dollar continues to dive.

Whether you want something on two wheels or four — or even for the water — there is plenty of temptation to spoil yourself rotten. Because you're worth it.

Not-so-green machine ... supercharged HSV GTS Maloo is the world's fastest ute. Source: Supplied

World's fastest ute

Powered by a supercharged V8, the HSV GTS Maloo is the world's fastest ute. Only 150 were supposed to be built but Holden squeezed an extra 100 into the production schedule (the balance to be built at the start of this year).

Despite the $90,000 price tag, all are spoken for. But you could get lucky if someone else's deal falls over.

With a 0 to 100km/h time of 4.5 seconds it's as fast as a Porsche. If anyone asks why a ute needs so much power, tell them you don't understand the question. Or that it also has the biggest brakes ever fitted to a ute, as well as a stability control system similar to that used by Porsche.

Lucky last ... the supercharged Ford Falcon XR8 is a cut-price Falcon GT. Source: Supplied

Ford's last ever V8 Falcon

If the budget doesn't stretch as far as a HSV GTS Maloo, then the new Ford Falcon XR8 could be a bit of you.

It has the supercharged V8 from the previous GT Falcon but, at $52,000, costs about $20,000 less. If the missus can save $100 on a pair of shoes, imagine what a champion you'd be by saving $20,000. At this rate, you're almost making money. Ahem.

Forget what you may have read in the car buff magazines, the new Falcon XR8 is so quick it gives the Holden Commodore SS a bloody nose.

No wonder it's sold out until March. It'd be a good idea to get in quick because Ford massively undercalled the demand for the last V8 Falcon of all time.

Black and white decision ... Toyota HiLux Black Edition. Source: Supplied

So you want a real ute

If you want a workhorse that's also a show pony then the top of the range Toyota HiLux TRD Black Edition is the go.

Toyota has raided the parts bin for the HiLux because the first all-new model in 10 years in due in October.

The Black Edition has no extra power, payload or towing capacity but it gets pimped-out looks and a leather interior. Available from about $55,000 in, er, black or white, the Black Edition costs $550 extra if you want a black one.

Work of art ... the supercharged Kawasaki Ninja H2 tipped to be world's fastest bike. Source: Supplied

World's fastest motorcycle

With a design inspired by Formula One motor racing cars and a supercharged engine that uses aerospace technology, the Kawasaki Ninja H2 is expected to claim the title of the world's fastest motorcycle when it goes on sale in the first half of this year priced about $30,000.

It is said to blast from 0 to 100km/h in less than 2.5 seconds — as quick as an F1 racing machine, if riders can hang on to it.

The supercharged engine has almost as much power as a Volkswagen Golf GTI hot hatch, but the Kawasaki Ninja H2 weighs barely one-fifth as much as a car.

The supercharger technology is so sophisticated it has been banned from international motorcycle racing since 1946, but has returned to a modern, road-going motorcycle in the search for more power from smaller engines. Cool factor: infinity.

The wash up ... riding a Seadoo is like Pilates and Yoga for men. Seriously. Source: Supplied

Sea-Doo Spark

The price of a jet ski (or "personal water craft", as they're officially known, because "jet ski" is a Kawasaki name) has been cut by more than half with the arrival of the Sea-Doo Spark which is about $9000 tow-away, no more to pay — including a trailer.

The Sea-Doo Spark has a little less power than the $20,000 to $25,000 beasts but is barely any slower and still capable of giving you a fright — or a workout.

The best way to get this over the line with the other half is to explain that riding one is like Pilates and Yoga for men.

Jumping waves and skimming over choppy waters will work your pelvic floor and other core muscles you didn't know you had, including those in your glutes and quads. I know because I tried it and have only just started to walk normally recently.

This truly is Yoga at 100km/h on the water, with a nice sea breeze. Best of all, you have to put the phone away. And it's light enough to tow it with a hatchback. If you dare.

This reporter is on Twitter: @JoshuaDowling

Ah the serenity ... Seadoo Spark cuts the price of fun on the water in half. Source: Supplied

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