Seven foods so crazy they’re brilliant

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MKR judge ... Colin Fassnidge. Picture: Supplied Source: Supplied

THEY were the 'dunking doughnuts' that got slam-dunked by My Kitchen Rules judges Manu Feildel and Pete Evans.

But Emilie Biggar's big twist on the mix of muffins and doughnuts - dubbed 'monuts' by Adelaide contestant Celine - got us salivating over the fantasy fusion foods we'd love to see served on Seven's top-rating reality show.

Despite impressing overall with their rustic menu of family favourites - scoring 63/110 for a menu of fish tortillas, pork belly with horseradish mash and those doughnuts - Biggar especially has heartbroken her hybrid dessert to meet to the judges taste.

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No dough ... Sheri Eddington and Emilie Biggar's dessert of 'Dunking Donuts'. Picture: Channel Seven. Source: Supplied

The 24-year-old broke down in tears after Feildel described the baked goods as "a little dry...a little bit doughy...(and) a little bit bready" while Evans said they were a disappointing departure from tradition.

Inspired by her great grandmother, who got Biggar hooked on sweet treats by "feeding me sugar by the spoon," the Toowoomba mum of one cried: "I just wanted to make (her) proud."

She's still alive, she's 92 and she's a great grandmother to my son. Dessert is like her thing...I think I was trying to be different and I feel like I failed."

While they weren't the great point scorers she wanted them to be, they turned our tastebuds on.

Vote for your favourite dish from our list of fantasy food fusions and...wait for it...MKR chef Colin Fassnidge has agreed to whip up the winning one!

Ready to take your fanatasy food fusion order ... Colin Fassnidge with Manu Feildel. Picture: Richard Dobson Source: News Corp Australia


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Your old school milk bar's menu, married into one tradie's delight: rissole, pineapple, cheese and beetroot, wrapped in a crispy pie-casing. Australia, your purger is ready.

... meets the Aussie pie. Source: News Limited

THE PURGER: The humble hamburger Source: News Limited


Ever wondered what that mystery cabbage mix is inside your Chiko Roll? Worry no more, surfer dudes, and wrap your laughing gear around a tube of sausage roll meat, dipped in Chiko batter.

... nuff said really. Source: News Corp Australia

CHIKO SAUSAGE ROLL: Wowsers! Source: News Limited


This would be Homer Simpson's pick if he had the patience to wait long enough for his fries to be cooked three times, then…wait for it…injected with gravy.

... chips n gravy. Source: News Corp Australia

CHIP HEAVEN: You can't beat Source: News Corp Australia


That's one small step for man, and a giant leap to the freezer section for ice cream made from the NASA-developed, so they must be good for you, Space Food Sticks.

... mixed and mashed with ice cream. Source: Supplied

SPACE DREAM...Space food Source: Supplied


A rasher of bacon, inside a hash brown. Anyone? Thought so.

... hangover cure! Source: News Corp Australia

BACON HASHBROWNS: The best Source: News Corp Australia


Yum cha? We say yum wow, with the merging of America's favourite comfort food, mac N cheese, with those Japanese pockets of joy, gyoza.

... Mac Daddy! Source: News Corp Australia

MAC N CHEESE GYOZAS: The real Source: Supplied


Mini meringues topped with all the sugary goodness of that classic Aussie biscuit, the Iced Vo-Vo (jam, pink cream and shredded coconut).

... with iced vo-vos. Source: News Limited

PAVLO-VOS: Good ol' Aussie pav Source: ThinkStock

Vote for your favourite food fantasy on MKR

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