The lesson Miss Australia can teach us all

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A victory for Laura Dundovic. We'll never judge you again, LD. Source: Supplied

ON TONIGHT'S program we learned many important things.

Firstly. Baby Albino Hedgehogs are a real animal and not a new-romantic rock band from the eighties.

Secondly spending an extended period of time in the jungle on a subsistence diet will result in weight loss. Who knew?

Cheetahs run slightly faster than I thought they did.

And most importantly of all, the most dangerous creature in the wilderness is a pissed off children's entertainer.

Honestly the death stares that Lauren was shooting at Merv were enough to make even the most belligerent rhino stop in its tracks and think, "you know what I might just take on that buffalo instead".

I of course loved this.

Up until now there has been a little bit too much cohesion in the camp. But now

they are starting to fray around the edges. Lauren wants to go Merv, Chrissie is crying and Tim and Anna are getting on everyone's nerves.

Except for Maureen.

Maureen regards Tim and Anna as a "sweet couple" with whom she would willingly walk around with while wearing a leash. Her words not mine.

Talk about Fifty Shades of Brady.

The scene where Tim gave Maureen a massage while she insisted that his partner Anna stick around and watch could possibly have onlooking monkeys in therapy for years. She is dragging them into her vortex of evil; don't say I didn't warn you when the apocalypse happens.

Either that or she'll tap out some time later this week.

Although this was kind of creepy. Source: Supplied

We can't get enough of Maureen. Source: Supplied

Mind you one person who is going from strength to strength is the unsinkable Laura.

The ex-Miss Australia is turning out to be the star of the Tucker Trials, going from a limp hand dangled in a tub of elephant dung to full commitment to feeding her tribe.

To the point where she did something quite amazing, her crack at rock climbing on tonight's challenge was one of those moments where you go, "Damn I'm really impressed".

She has backed herself in every challenge and her bravery cannot be doubted.

Pure determination. Source: Supplied

Laura Dundovic: On top of the world Source: Supplied

Just hanging out. Source: Supplied

Proving beauty queens are more than pretty faces. Source: Supplied

As opposed to Tyson and Joel, who seemed at first just more than a little scared when they realised that they would have to spend some time wandering about the savannah with Rent-A-Cheetah, whose true nature of cuddly as opposed to ferocious became quickly apparent.

Well that is after Rent-A-Cheetah had chased away all the other ferocious animals that Joel and Tyson just didn't seem to notice or mention. Funny that!

Here, kitty kitty. Source: Supplied

There's some serious chompers. Source: Supplied

Who's the scaredy cat? Source: Supplied

Oh and while I'm having a swipe, Anna eat your friggin' rice and beans. Seriously if you are sick of them by now you've got a very long stay ahead in the camp.

And speaking of the food I did love the discussion between the celebrities on the best method to prepare springbok shin. Yes of course we all know that it would be better if you had the time to stew it, any one with a Women's Weekly cookbook get's the fact that springbok shin is a stewing meat.

But it did give Lauren another reason to cranky it up and wave the offending limb in the camera's face.

It's funny she seemed so sweet at the beginning, but as I've always said "In a street fight I'd back a Hi-5 over The Wiggles any day of the week".

Mikey Robins spent seven years behind the microphone as host of Triple J's National breakfast show before becoming a team leader on the iconic Channel Ten series, Good News Week. He recently added stand up comedy to his long list of achievements. He performed at the Melbourne and Sydney Comedy festivals and in 2011 Mikey went to Afghanistan to entertain the troops. You can follow him on Twitter @MikeyRobins

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