Hillary Clinton turned into a weird figure

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Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. Source: AP

HILLARY Clinton has been turned into an action figure — but whatever you do, don't call her a doll.

According to FCTRY, the brains behind the figure, the "Ready-for-Action" figure is not a doll because "Dolls like Barbie have a long history of sending out the wrong message to girls. Hillary Clinton is the antidote to that message, and this toy was designed to reflect that."

Do NOT compare her to Barbie. Source: Splash News Australia

Aside from advocating for more realistic toys, the Brooklyn-based company are quite possibly Clinton's number one fans. They are so keen to see the former Secretary of State become the next US President that they've started a Kickstarter campaign to make the action figure in her honour — with a prophetic 2016 marked on the packaging's side.

What the figure will look like. Source: Splash News Australia

"There have been a few other Hillary products through the years, most were derogatory if not downright sexist, like the Hillary Nutcracker," said FCTRY's Jason Feinberg.

"The Hillary doll is the first toy to authentically celebrate the traits that define Hillary. She's shaped like a real woman, not a Barbie doll," he added.

With Superman ... Source: Splash News Australia

With Batman ... Source: Splash News Australia

"People call Hillary a polarising character and that may be true, but that means in addition to all the haters, there are millions of supporters who are just as passionate about Hillary, if not more. Those are the people we made this for," he said.

She can make friends with ANYONE. Source: Splash News Australia

The firm has already raised over half of the money needed in one week, thanks in part to this tweet from Morgan Spurlock:

There's no word yet on whether Hillary Clinton herself is aware of the campaign, but there IS a Hillary Clinton action figure Twitter account - and it's quite hilarious.

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