How justice system betrayed Jill

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Adrian Ernest Bayley, the man who murdered Jill Meagher, has been found guilty of raping three more women.

Adrian Bayley is one of Victoria's worst sex criminals. Source: News Limited

ADRIAN Bayley has been identified as having raped up to two dozen women — making him one of Victoria's worst sex criminals — before he murdered Jill Meagher.

It can now be revealed that in one of a series of bungles by the justice system Bayley's DNA was taken back in 2001, but it was not added to the Victorian or national DNA databases because it was lost.

Bayley's conviction for three other rapes can now be reported following recent jury verdicts in trials at which he denied his guilt.

One of his victims, reliving a night of terror in which she thought she would die, said: "I think he's a psychopath."

"I was too scared to do anything," Lara said. "He told me he'd kill me.

"He killed that poor girl Jill."

Jill Meagher's father, George McKeon, said the family would now fight to try to ensure other families did not suffer their trauma.






The lifting of suppression orders banning reporting of the rape trials means the full story of Bayley's life of crime, involving rape, assault, threats to kill and false imprisonment — some committed just months before Ms Meagher was killed — can now be told.

The Herald Sun can also reveal 10 women, understood to be sex workers, were too scared of Bayley or too distrustful of the justice system to make police statements against him.

Jill Meagher was raped and murdered by Adrian Bayley. Source: Supplied

Failures in the state's justice system include:

FAILURE to place Bayley on the Sex Offenders Register retrospectively, despite convictions involving eight victims, including minors, by 2002.

LOSS of Bayley's DNA, which was taken by police in 2001 after he confessed to raping sex workers. He was suspected of carrying out at least 16 attacks in six months.

PRISON psychologists' failure to detect that Bayley was (as he admitted to a court) conning them that he had reformed.

CORRECTIONS Victoria's failure to keep tabs on Bayley, despite warnings that his behaviour was spiralling out of control in the year he killed Ms Meagher.

FAILURE to declare Bayley had breached his parole conditions after his conviction, seven months before Ms Meagher died, for breaking the jaw of a man in Geelong. While on bail after lodging an appeal, he raped again.

Adrian Bayley on the night he was arrested for Jill Meagher's murder. Source: News Limited

Bayley, after stalking those he preyed on, would commonly take them to laneways, where he trapped them.

He took pleasure in threatening and degrading his victims during his ultra-violent rapes.

He told one victim: "See, look who's got the power. See, I can do whatever I want.''

Bayley was convicted of sex attacks on five women and three under-age girls during two separate sprees in 1990 and 2000, but was not retrospectively listed on Victoria's Sex Offenders Register when it was set up in 2004.

His DNA was taken after his arrest in 2001.

But, despite a court's classifying him as a serious sexual offender, that DNA sample was either lost or destroyed.

This coincided with a protracted industrial dispute at the Victoria Police Forensic Services Department in which, as part of strike action, staff refused to process samples, including DNA samples.

The red mini Bayley used to prey on his victims. Source: Supplied

In 2012, after Ms Meagher's murder, homicide detectives were alarmed to find that Bayley's DNA was not on the state's DNA database.

Even Bayley believed his DNA was on the system.

After confessing to his crimes against Ms Meagher, Bayley told homicide squad detective Paul Rowe: "You should have my, ah, DNA and everything on file.''

But the application of DNA testing in Victoria is also now in question.

Some distinctive shoes used to identify Bayley. Source: Supplied

The distinct tribal tattoo identified by Bayley's victims. Source: Supplied

A DNA sample taken from a Dutch backpacker whom Bayley was yesterday convicted of raping showed no foreign DNA — despite the swab having been taken on the same day she reported the rape to police on July 15, 2012.

That no foreign DNA was found has puzzled senior police officers.

A police taskforce, named Astaria, was formed in 2012 to investigate Bayley's unsolved crimes, including those he committed after being paroled in 2010.

A bag of Bayley's clothes seized from his Coburh home. Source: Supplied

A photofit given by a Dutch backpacker. Source: Supplied

Police sources say the serial rapist was identified in attacks on at least 10 other women who refused to make official statements.

It is not known whether any of these crimes could have been prevented had Bayley's DNA been on record.

One woman, believed to have become Bayley's first victim during a sadistic six months in 2000-01 during which he attacked women on St Kilda' streets, was dropped from his prosecution.

It is understood her admission that Bayley gave her $20 after she was raped in a vacant house played a part in the charges being dropped.

A laneway Bayley used to terrories his victims. Source: Supplied

Last year, in a final insult to the victim, her claim for crimes compensation was also denied.

Another of Bayley's victims, Lara (not her real name), whom he admitted raping, said she had recognised him from news broadcasts of CCTV footage taken of Ms Meagher on Sydney Rd, Brunswick.

Lara has been angered that Bayley's victims, including her, were never told he had been released from prison in 2010.

Bayley had been living in a neighbouring suburb as he embarked on yet another of his sex crime sprees against women.

"When he got out they didn't come looking for me to say, 'He's out'," Lara said.

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