Mum had sex, ate pizza as son died

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Forensic services photograph the contents of a bin outside the home where the boy died. Source: News Corp Australia

A blurred image of the boy. Source: DailyTelegraph

A MOTHER has pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of her seven-year-old son as court papers revealed that the boy had been dead for some time before authorities were told falsely told that he had fallen off a pogo stick.

Court papers revealed the woman and her boyfriend ate pizza and had sex while the boy lay dying.

Documents tendered in court for the first time today revealed that the boy had suffered months of horrific abuse at the hands of his mother and allegedly the mother's new boyfriend between January 2013 and his death in May.

The boy was starved, beaten, segregated from his family and forced to run on a beach until the point of collapse.

In March 2013, the boy was spotted by other campers in Bulli, south of Sydney, being chased with a stick, forced to run along the beach in boot-camp style training and hit repeatedly with a spatula.

He seemed "skinny and undernourished" and his lips were cracked and swollen from dehydration, one witness reported. The boy had also been asking for water.

Concerned, they reported the abuse to police but officers said they saw no injuries when they visited the campsite in March.

In a video recorded by his mother just a month before his death, the boy is seen being subjected to a form of discipline featured in the 2010 film Karate Kid.

For more than three minutes he is forced to repeatedly take his jacket off, put it on a chair and then put it back on.

The woman's 29-year-old boyfriend allegedly filmed as he encouraged his two younger siblings to bash him while he laughed in the background.

His mother beat him with a wooden plank on the buttocks and did not take him to a doctor when the wound got infected.

The property at Oatley was a crime scene for days after the child's death was reported. Source: News Limited

She later told her Christian musician boyfriend that "the devil has attacked me twice through the boy, I don't feel safe with him".

The boy also stopped going to school after his mother and his two younger siblings moved into the boyfriend's Oatley music studio in January 2013.

The studio did not have a toilet or windows and the kids were allegedly made to wear nappies despite being toilet trained.

The mother called ambulance officers just after 6am on morning of May 21 and told he fell off a pogo stick the day before.

"There were signs of rigor mortis estimating that he had been deceased for some time," the papers said.

The child's death was originally blamed on a pogostick mishap. Source: News Corp Australia

"(Paramedics) also saw extensive bruises on his limbs along with a large 'boggy mass' on the rear of his head and coning of his head, which is indicative of trauma."

Only hours before the ambulance was called, the mother's boyfriend had allegedly looked up YouTube clips of "Gloria Copeland divine healing", which was allegedly in line with his Christian pentecostal beliefs.

The documents revealed the mother told police late last year that the pogo stick excuse was untrue.

The 26-year-old mother, who cannot be named, pleaded guilty to more than a dozen charges when she appeared via video link from jail at Central Local Court today.

The charges included manslaughter, reckless wounding in company, producing child abuse material and failure for a person with parental responsibilities to care for a child.

She will be sentenced in the Supreme Court on May 8.

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