Pilot handed incredible note

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The families of two Australians killed in the Germanwings plane crash have honoured their loved ones.

WE'RE in the midst of one of aviation's darkest times.

We have been left shocked and heartbroken time after time again over the past year with a series of unimaginable flight tragedies, the latest seeing 150 people killed on board Germanwings Flight 9525.

So it's to be expected that we're all looking for answers, hoping to prevent another tragedy from happening in our skies. And as more and more harrowing information comes to light of the terrifying final moments on board the doomed Germanwings jet, many flyers are on edge at the thought of taking to the skies.

So imagine this pilot's surprise when a passenger decided to share some kindness in a rather unexpected way.

The pilot and airline cannot be named for security reasons. Source: Supplied

The pilot, who is unnamed for security reasons, was handed a note from the passenger during a flight from Spain to the south of England on Monday.

Instead of being a complaint or criticism, the glowing note voiced appreciation for the incredible job pilots do, ultimately seeking to inject kindness into a shocked world.

The letter doing the rounds Source: Supplied

The thrilled pilot shared the note with a colleague, Jai Dillon, who then posted it onto Twitter where it has already been shared thousands of times.

Jai Dillon (left) Source: Supplied

Dillon, a pilot based in the UK who has been flying commercially for the past three years, told news.com.au his co-worker wanted to share the letter that had touched his heart.

"They were incredible happy," Dillon, 23, said. "I feel that the positive message is worth spreading."

It's a good reminder that thousands of pilots and crew get millions of people safely from point A to B every year. To you all, we say thank you.

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