The car blowing everyone’s mind

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The first official Promo Video about the Tesla Model S by Tesla Motors demonstrating mainly the 17 inch touchscreen features.

With looks to match. Source: Supplied

"IT GOES to 100 in 4.4 seconds?"

"Is it a V12 or something?"

"It's all electric! You're geeing me up. Surely."

That's the conversation I had last week when I was with Tesla's Model S. The car that has completely turned the motor industry upside down.

Never heard of Tesla? It's both a car company and a technology company owned by Elon Musk, the genius behind PayPal and Space X. The company originally started with a sports car, the Tesla Roadster which used their own advanced battery technology with a body built by Lotus.

Now the company has its own factory where it builds the Model S, its first completely designed, engineered and built car.

The dashboard is impressive on its own. Source: News Corp Australia

The Model S looks, drives and feels like nothing else. The exterior is subtle, yet people know it is something special, with heads turning at the car wherever you go.

The flagship model, the P85D is as fast as a Ferrari, while it can still comfortably transport your entire family while using zero petrol. It can even go nearly 500kms on a single charge, which you can then charge up at one of Tesla's Supercharger stations for free in less than an hour.

The interior is a tech geeks heaven. Everything is run via a 17-inch touch screen panel that looks just like a giant iPad. On there, you can control everything from the music and GPS to your climate control and even the height of the car. Yes, you can even make your car get higher or lower to avoid scraping the bottom.

Tesla wants to have the whole East Coast covered with Superchargers by the end of next year. Source: News Corp Australia

Earlier this year, Tesla released a software update that made the car faster. Yep, a wireless update that actually made the damn thing faster. Updating your iPhone to the latest version of iOS to get a fancy new interface is one thing, but wirelessly updating your car so you can more easily overtake up a hill is something else.

And just today, Elon Musk tweeted that on Friday Tesla will announce an over-the-air software update to end range anxiety. Or the fear that your car will run out of electricity with nowhere to charge up. A game changer in the electric car world.

Last week, Tesla also announced a new guaranteed value for the car after three years. This means that customers can sell the car back to Tesla for a price set when they bought it, which eliminates the risk of buying and reselling a new type of car. Especially when you're dropping $100k+ on one.

There are currently around a dozen Model S' on Australian roads, with each one blowing the minds of those who see it.

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