Plus-size model loses weight and her job

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Plus sized model Rebecca Exton Russell has lost her job after losing 18kg. Source: Snapper Media

A PLUS-SIZE model who used to earn up to $3,000 a day has found herself out of work after losing 18kg.

Curvy Rebecca Exton-Russell, 37, posed in campaigns for big UK brands like Marks & Spencer, QVC and Dove, when she was a size 18.

But the model says she was secretly "repulsed" by her body and longed to slim down.

Plus sized model Rebecca Exton Russell says she was secretly repulsed by her body. Source: Snapper Media

Rebecca Exton Russell before her dramatic weight loss. Source: Snapper Media

After months at a boot camp she's gone from 88kg to 70kg, and now fits into size 12 clothes. But her work has completely dried up because she is too slim to fit in any outfits her clients expect her to wear.

Rebecca is now a size 12. Source: Snapper Media

Rebecca said: "I realised that I had lost all this weight but I effectively made myself redundant from my job as a model. I didn't mind because although I was always happy to smile for the cameras, I was desperately unhappy as a size 18."

"I had very little self-esteem and lost all my confidence. My body repulsed me. I knew that I needed to turn around my life and properly get in shape as I was wasting my life feeling so low."

Rebecca lost the weight after going to a military-style boot camp. Source: Snapper Media

Now that she's lost weight and work has dried up she's given up on modelling and opened a jewellery business.

She said: "I tried to carry on for a bit but it was never going to work. All the dresses I was being asked to model were way too big for me. They were hanging me off and I knew that chapter in my life had come to end."

Despite being out of a job Rebecca says she's happier now than she's ever been. Source: Snapper Media

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