Three secrets to a terrific career

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WE ARE a society that's taught very early on to live based on action and reaction or work and reward. In other words, growing up we always associate any type of work we do with some type of reward.

Think about something as simple as going to school; the point of studying for an exam is to get an A, the point is always to graduate and receive a degree, and the point of a degree is to get a job. This system that we grow up with stays with us for quite some time, but what we don't realise is how much we miss in life in terms of learning when we continue to carry such expectations forward.

This is like someone asking "Will reading a book about how to become a real estate investor make me money?" and the answer is no book will ever make you money. The reality is that often we miss most of today's best available education because it does not come with a reward and therefore forfeit the learning.

Think about this in a very simple manner that applies it to your very own life. Most of the actions you take each and every day are geared around the idea that the information you seek is to fulfil a specific purpose, so very rarely do we seek information outside of our need to actually help us grow.

How can we change the way we learn and hold a better chance of actually moving towards accomplishing our goals and being successful?

1. Learn for the sake of learning, not because of the reward associated with the learning.

Too often we focus on learning because of our interest in immediately applying the learning and receiving a reward for it. We must learn to focus on the idea that information can be useful even if it serves no purpose today. The goal is to simply become more knowledgeable, not just acquire more knowledge in order to increase our ability to earn rewards or money.

2. Don't look for an answer, understand a process.

It is very easy to educate yourself with the intention of simply getting an answer to something you are not familiar with. Instead of seeking a simple answer to a question, understand the process. If you are curious about how to make money with real estate, then focus on the various processes people use to succeed in the field, rather than what they do. Focus on how they do it.

3. Broaden your learning to the entire industry.

This is really simple. If you are interested in learning how to trade stocks, then instead focus on learning how the stock market works first. Acquiring industry knowledge enables you to learn much more within the industry itself. While it may take you longer, your ability to absorb information and connect the dots with new learning will be increased significantly. Success comes from our ability to connect the dots, see further ahead, and execute until we get there. This means we have to actually be able to create the dots we are going to connect later on, even if that means simply becoming more aware for now.

The more you learn, the more aware you become, even if there is no need for you to leverage or use such knowledge instantly. It is also truly the definition of keeping an open mind, which has also been lost in translation and is now mistakenly referred to as being willing to be exposed to new experiences, which really has nothing do with your mind.

Pejman Ghadimi is the author of Third Circle Theory.

This article originally appeared on AskMen and was republished here with permission.

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