‘How I survive’: Quentin to tell his life story

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Quentin Kenihan meets Angelina Jolie at Sydney's Fox Studios. Pic: Supplied. Source: Supplied

600 BROKEN bones. Seven and a half years of his life spent in hospital. Celebrity mates including Russell Crowe. His own production company.

Quentin Kenihan has some big stories to tell.

The 'kid in the wheelchair' who stole the heart of Australia waaay back in the 80s recently broke his back. But hey, for Quentin that was just water off a, well you know the saying ...

"The broken back was a real wake-up call, as I just wasn't looking after myself as well as I should and absolutely need to,'' says the bloke who turns 40 next year.

"So no, I'm not going all 'kale smoothie' on everyone, but I am going on a new diet, sugar-free diet,'' he says, in his signature self deprecating way.

Aside from his ongoing health issues, a recent Facebook post of Quentin's has delivered some much=needed good news.

"I am very happy to announce that I have been funded by Arts SA to create a one-man show for next year's Adelaide Fringe Festival. The show is called 'This Is 40. Now What?'," the post says.

"The show will detail how I've survived to the age of 40 with Osteogenesis imperfects and life in the public.

"The show will be produced by John L Simpson, co-written by Tim Ferguson and feature music written for the show by Darren Hayes, former lead singer of Savage Garden.

"It's going to be a huge party and you all get the chance to be part of it. Keep an eye out for more info as it happens."

Good Mates. Russell Crowe with Quentin in September last year. Source: Supplied

Like everything he does, Quentin is approaching the show with total gusto.

"I am going to be very, very upfront about all aspects of my life,'' he says.

"From the people I've met to my codeine addiction when I was 19, it will all be there.

"But I don't want to dwell on my disability.

"I was thinking the other day of the days I have spent in hospital and the broken bones, but the focus of the show isn't about all of that. It's much more simplistic actually, as it's just all about inspiring people.''

Despite his serious health challenges he's managed to crash the Oscars, interview Angelina Jolie, accidentally rip the bottom of J Lo's dress with his wheelchair on a red carpet and work with George Miller on the latest Mad Max film.

"Angelina was total class all the way,'' says Quentin.

"After we spoke for 20 minutes — which is a lifetime in Hollywood interview hours — she spent hours signing autographs when she cloud have been inside at a Hollywood party.

"But she told me that 'I can go to a party anytime but it's fans like these who allow me to live the life I do and I never forget that'.''

Some readers will be too young to remember the Quentin Australia first met: the cheeky, confident and clever young kid who rose to prominence after renowned journalist Mike Willesee interviewed him on TV.

Journalist Mike Willesee talking with Quentin about his fragile bone disease back in the 80s Source: News Limited

"We saw each other again last year and I have to be honest we did have a big feud but we have it sorted now,'' says Quentin.

"Life is too short to harbour any bitterness or ill will.''

After studying film and drama at uni, Quentin went on to produce and feature in television shows in addition to running his own production company for 12 years, 'Q Productions'.

"Instead of having 30 projects in the air all the time, I like to focus on two big ones, and this show is one that will have a special meaning.''

Actor Lisa McCune with Quentin Kenihan in South Australia. Source: News Limited

One thing we all take for granted — breathing — is the one thing Quentin finds the hardest to do. So much so, he has to go everywhere with an oxygen tank.

"I do have dark days, there is no question about that,'' he says.

"When I was recovering from pneumonia last year and feeling incredibly dark and sorry for myself I spoke to Russell Crowe who just said 'get off your arse and get on with life.'

"And you know what, I think of what he said a lot.''

Support for Quentin's latest project from his followers, family and friends has been overwhelming — so, with his signature confidence, the Q show will roll on.

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