Hybrid animals to give you nightmares

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Artist Sarah Derememer named this dog-vulture hybrid a Fierce Schnowlzer. Source: Picture Media

THESE disturbing pictures show what hybrid species might look like.

An inventive artist from California merged photos of different animals together to create a startling series of images.

Sarah Derememer, 25, said she deliberately combined the adorable with the terrifying to achieve the most ridiculous-looking creatures she could.

A cross between a seal and a blue tit gives us the Sleepy Pirdy. Source: Picture Media

A black labrador and a killer whale make an adorable combination. Source: Picture Media

A monkey is transformed with the face of a white tiger. Source: Picture Media

They may look sweet individually, but mix a cat with a pomeranian and behold the Papillat. Source: Picture Media

The evil Angry Beavussy — a cross between a cat and a beaver. Source: Picture Media

"I really enjoy the juxtaposition between cute and scary animals, such as a growling wolf on a pygmy marmoset, or a snarling tiger on a baby monkey," she said.

"It's hard to pick a favourite, but I really enjoy both the 'Birboon' and 'Little Bit' because they're such adorable little birds with such character from the yawning animals.

"I also really love the White Tiger Monkey because the two animals included are so drastically different but go together so well."

Sarah said she began the project to improve her Photoshop skills, but soon became transfixed by the myriad possibilities.

A lion and a llama make a mouthy merger. Source: Picture Media

This shark-spider (Shider) combines many people's worst fears. Source: Picture Media

A moose-bear looks surprisingly real. Source: Picture Media

The majestic eagle-deer could be something out of a fantasy movie. Source: Picture Media

Each image can take up to four hours to complete and she works with 20 layers on the picture to make the combinations seamless.

The bizarre results range from a killer whale with the face of a labrador to a monkey with the face of a white tiger.

The colours are carefully blended to produce new species that are by turn ferocious and laughable in appearance.

Would you pet any of them?

This sperm whale/giraffe bears the brilliant moniker African Blue Whirrafano. Source: Picture Media

A rat mixed with a macaque becomes a Rankey. Source: Picture Media

A red panda and a yak — the funny-looking Highland Red Pandow. Source: Picture Media

Would you hang out with the Laughing Hamstyna (hyena-hamster)? Source: Picture Media

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