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While Campbell Newman announces that his political career is over, he says he leaves Queensland in a far better place. Courtesy: Nine News

WELCOME to our live coverage of the Queensland election 2015. Stay tuned for all the latest news and colour from the polls as the Sunshine State casts its vote in what is expected to be a close race.


ANNASTACIA Palaszczuk has arrived at the ALP function to address her party faithful and declare victory in her seat of Inala.

To joyful screams of "Labor, Labor" she relayed her positive thoughts about the state of the election.

"Who would have thought three years ago we would be making history tonight.

"It's still too close to call at present but I am very hopeful that we will be able to form government," she said.

"Can I congratulate our new Labor members of parliament? There's a lot more than nine!

"Can I also thank all our Labor candidates that stood for us in this election?

"Can I thank the great Australian Labor Party?"

"Can I also thank the union movement?"

"We do it tough, we stand up and we get things done," she said.

MS Palaszczuk said she also wished Campbell Newman, his wife and family all the best with the future.

She said the electorate had sent a very strong message.

Queenslanders Raylene Smith and Taylah Blandford prepare to cast their vote.

"Queenslanders do not want their asset sold," she said.


Looks like Daddy's also feeling happy. Former member of Inala and father of Annastacia Palaszczuk, Henry, is obviously watching the vote count and twitter feeds.



At this point it may be fair to say Queenslanders might not all agree with this tweet.


MEMBERS of the LNP are preparing themselves for the worst. Labor need 45 seats to win, the tally currently has them estimated to win 44.

When asked on radio who was likely to lead the LNP now Newman was out, Member for Mermaid Beach Ray Stevens said he didn't know.

"I don't even know who's still standing after this."


CAMPBELL Newman has given his concession speech.

"My political career is over," he said to screams of "no" from the crowds.

"Tough, you're going to have to wear that one," he said.

Mr Newman said he had spoken to Kate Jones and congratulated her on her win.

"I can't leave here without saying a few words to Queensland.

"I respect the verdict of the people of Ashgrove.

"I thank the people of Queensland who in the 2012 election got behind the LNP team.

"I thank every single man and woman, every voter," he said.

He also thanked his wife for supporting him for 13 years, while she shed tears and gave him a hug.



Kate Jones has just done her best ALP Bob Hawke impression. In a true blue Aussie celebration she said: "I'll have a beer, thanks."

She downed that XXXX like a pro.

That's how you drink a beer in Queensland. Pic: Liz Burke. Source: NewsComAu

While cries of "we hate Campbell", "this is vindication" and "revenge" came from the supportive crowd, Ms Jones took a more gracious tone.

A humble returning member for Ashgrove told that Mr Newman had wished her all the best when he called her to concede defeat and that she wished him the same.

"I lost fair and square in 2012," she said.

"I don't believe in that (revenge).

"I went into politics when I was quite young and I didn't go into politics for those reasons."


KATE Jones is feeling the love in Ashgrove.

In her victory speech she has thanked her supporters for helping her save Ashgrove from being a place she "didn't want to be".

The returning member told the crowd at Northern Suburbs Hockey Club that after her 2012 defeat the community became a place "I didn't want to live, a place I didn't want to raise my children".

Kate Jones delivered an emotional victory speech where she thanked her loyal supporters in Ashgrove. Courtesy: Nine News Brisbane

But Jones was thrilled with her victory over a now debunked Campbell Newman.

"The vote here in Ashgrove sends a very clear message that we want a better way going forward.

"I've learned trust is something that cannot be bought. It is something that is earned."

Jones Promise to uphold values shown at the ballot box by the people who elected her.

"I will try my utmost hardest."

The crowd responded with "we love you" and "we hate him".


KATE Jones was given the rock-star treatment as she arrived at her team's official afterparty.

The new — and returning — Member for Ashgrove arrived to cheers of "team Kate, team Kate" when she arrived with her entrance timed with nearby seat of my Coottha being called for ALP.

Rock star arrival. Kate Jones. Source: Supplied

Rock star arrival. Kate Jones. Source: Supplied


AT the Northern Suburbs Hockey Club where Kate Jones loyalists are celebrating reporter Liz Burke reports she heard "I hate Campbell Newman" called out almost as often as "what an awesome night".

Former government communications officer Debbie Tucker lost her job under Newman's ruthless cuts when the LNP gained government in 2012 and said that's why she "joined Team Kate".

"She was robbed of her seat and this is just the best thing that could happen," Debbie said.

"I hate Campbell Newman."

Debbie Tucker, left, said she joined 'Team Kate' after she lost her job in Newman's job cuts. Source: Supplied


KATE Jones looks set for one heck of an afterparty tonight with celebrations already underway in Ashgrove.

Crowds of supporters are celebrating the returning MP's victory over Premier Campbell Newman.

Campbell Newman has phoned his opponent in the seat of Ashgrove to concede according to Sky News.

Celebrations in Ashgrove. Pic: Liz Burke. Source: Supplied

Celebrations in Ashgrove. Pic: Liz Burke. Source: Supplied

Supporter Andy, who did not wish to give his full name who has been working on Kate's campaign said: "something extraordinary has happened".

"I've been knocking on doors, hundreds of doors shaken thousands of hands and this is just awesome. I'm ready to burst into tears," he said.

And he did.

Another staffer said the extraordinary result just showed what a "nasty, nasty" leader Campbell Newman had been and people had realised


"It's an awesome night, it's incredible."


The Queensland election has become a national sport as #qldvotes trends on twitter.

But it's a tough call as to what to follow. Sport or the election?


Sky News has called 36 seats to the ALP and 25 seats to the LNP with 45 the target for either party to win with around 27 per cent of the vote counted.

The tally points toward the likelihood of the ALP forming government. But it could still be a hung parliament.


TIM Nichols is back in front in the seat of Clayfield, which is just as well, since the LNP is now likely to look to him to lead the party as Ashgrove ballots get counted in Labor's favour.


LABOR could exact the ultimate revenge on the LNP, even if it loses the election. The battleground of Ashgrove is looking increasingly in the ALP's favour with Kate Jones looking set to take back the seat.

First counts coming in for Ashgrove show Labor candidate Kate Jones ahead on 48 per cent of the vote with two booths counted.

And overall, early counts are indicating a 9 per cent swing to Labor in an extraordinary comeback from 2012's bloodbath election.

Labor leader Annastacia Palaszczuk is reportedly awaiting results before making an appearance at her function in Richlands.


IN some tragic election news, the father of a family struck by lightning near a polling booth on the Gold Coast Hinterland has died.

The family-of-four was playing in the playground at Lawrence Hinde Park, Worongary, when severe thunderstorms rolled in about 3.30pm, theGold Coast Bulletin reported.

The man, his wife, and two young children, aged 18-months and 12-weeks-old, were also injured.


THE man touted as a potential replacement if Queensland Premier Campbell Newman fails to win the seat of Ashgrove could also have a fight on his hands.

Very early counting has ALP candidate John Martin in front with just under 200 votes counted.


POLLS in Queensland are now closed. The booths shut at 6pm Queensland time.

Let the counting begin.


A FATHER is fighting for his life after he, his wife and two young children were struck by lightning as a massive storm lashed the Gold Coast this afternoon the Gold Coast Bulletin reports.

Paramedics were desperately trying to revive the children at the scene at Lawrence Hinde Park in Worongary in the Gold Coast hinterland.

A poll booth worker who witnessed the incident said the lightning strike was "beyond a bang".

"There was a massive blast of light and it was beyond a bang … it just shattered the air," the worker said.

"I did not think anything of it initially but then emergency services showed up."

The scene of a lightning strike at Worongary. oic: Gold Coast Bulletin. Source: Supplied


Confidence in Campbell Newman's ability to hold his seat is flatlining. Former premier Rob Borbidge says it's looking increasingly unlikely Campbell Newman will win his seat of Ashgrove according to The Courier-Mail

And Channel 9's Galaxy exit poll is predicting victory to the ALP.

The poll predicts that after preferences Labor would secure 54 per cent of the vote while 46 per cent would go to the LNP.

Meanwhile, the Electrical Trades Union wants to sue the LNP for defamation.

The union says the advertisement falsely accused its state secretary, Peter Simpson, of taking money from alleged bikie criminals.


LOOKS like Queensland is in for some major storms all over the state. Not only is the Premier in for a heck of a fight in Ashgrove the weather has turned as well.

Severe thunderstorm warnings have been issued by the Bureau of Meteorology for Logan, Redland and parts of the Ipswich, Scenic Rim, Gold Coast and Brisbane Council Areas.

There's also storm warnings for Southeast Coast and parts of the Central Highlands and Coalfields, Capricornia, Wide Bay and Burnett and Darling Downs and Granite Belt.

Queenslanders will need to be quick to get their votes in before they get pummelled in the rain. The question is, who will be pummelled in the election?

Wendy Edwards sent in this picture of a storm brewing off Coomera Waters on the Gold Coast. Pic: Supplied. Source: Supplied


CAMPBELL Newman could really go down swinging, according to Sky News Australia, which reports sources saying the swing in Ashgrove is currently higher than the state average.


IT looks like the election is starting to make some voters googly-eyed.

Where is Inala?

It's the little Aussie town everyone is talking about. While some locals say it's a 's***hole', It could well become the centre of power in Queensland.

Liz Bourke takes a look around Inala.


THE voting continues, with plenty of contenders for the day's "most Queensland" moment. Is it the surfers rolling off the beach and into the polling stations, the obsessive interest in where the barbecue's at, the bikies standoff or perhaps the dirty sloganning? Tell us your thoughts at


A THIEF has struck at an Ashgrove polling booth, causing a distraction with a baby to rob a coffee cart of $1200, The Courier Mail reports.

Brew Booth's Liz Hope had been making coffees since 6am at St Finbarr's Parish School, when a woman plonked an 18-month-old baby on the counter and asked to borrow some sunscreen. The woman then knocked the sunscreen on the ground and hurried off while the barista was picking it up.

Ms Hope said she believes the woman was acting with a partner, who stole her float and the entire day's earnings.


UH-OH. Ashgrove's Labor candidate Kate Jones and her rival Premier Newman's wife Lisa are wearing the same dress for election day.

Both plumped for the sleeveless blue Cue frock accessorised with a black patent belt and black heels. Is someone playing a cruel joke, or does this simply show the two leading parties are just the same after all?


THE big story in week one of the campaign was the arrest of Twitter parody account holder Iain Fogerty, @Can_Do_Campbell. Nearly a dozen police officers took him into custody after he wore an "I'm with Stupid" T-shirt and stood beside LNP campaigners in the Valley.

But the T-shirts are back in Brisbane today. We wonder if these lovely ladies will be arrested?


THERE'S been even more wrangling over tactics, with a court injunction to remove Labor signs at polling booths overruled, the Courier Mail reports. The LNP had claimed Labor's "Remember to number every square" posters were too similar to ECQ signs and "misleading electors".


THE race is most certainly on, and things are heating up in sunny Queenland.

Voters have been taking to social media to share their political views with less than six hours until the polls close. Some were concerned with saving reef, others accused the LNP of wanting to privatise public schools while many expressed their displeasure at new rules insisting Queenslanders have ID to vote.

Community action group GetUp has claimed that the LNP has applied for a Supreme Court injunction against its how-to-vote cards.


WHILE there haven't been any more fights, there have been a few bizarre moments at the polls. First, there was this awkward pat/handshake from potential premier Ms Palaszczuk:

Then, there was the voter who didn't exactly choose the classiest outfit:

And then there's those who really only care about their breakfast:


MS Palaszczuk has been out and about at voting stations, looking confident as she handed out flyers about "keeping our assets" and joined voters for sausage sizzles and Lamingtons.

Labor's Ashgrove candidate Kate Jones has also cast her vote, at Payne Road State School. She thanked the 500 local volunteers and said she expected Ashgrove to go down to the wire, handing out how-to-vote cards to help things along.

With the Greens aiming for about 12 per cent of the vote — and their preferences flowing to Labor — experts reckon Ms Jones will once again be the member for Ashgrove.


TEMPERS flared at the polling booth at Nambour High School at about 8am this morning after a row erupted between two men. The pair were engaged in a screaming match, but according to Nicklin LNP candidate Matt Trace, who witnessed the incident, it wasn't about politics.

A Peter Wellington campaign worker, who is an ex-police officer, stepped in to separate the two men, the Sunshine Coast Daily reported.

"They were just a pair of idiots," Mr Trace confirmed.


HE'S been the hardest candidate to find in peanut country. It's polling day and PUP candidate John Bjelke-Petersen is nowhere to be seen. Instead, it's his wife who's out on the campaign trail.

Has anyone seen John Bjelke-Petersen? Source: News Corp Australia


The ECQ website is still down, but you can find the location of polling booths around the state on this map. Disabled voters may have a harder time of it, however, with Queenslanders complaining of a lack of mobility access at some stations, according to the Courier Mail.

Depending on your priorities, track down your nearest sausage sizzle or cake stall using this interactive guide..


MR Newman has cast his vote for himself, speaking briefly to the media before chatting with voters. He looked pretty relaxed for a man in danger of becoming Queensland's first premier to lose their seat.

Earlier, he told Nine News: "If I've lost in Ashgrove, essentially the government has been kicked out tonight. The Labor government will be beholden to the Greens and the chaos of Canberra will come to Queensland." He refused to speculate on who could take the leadership if the government is elected without him, saying with "difficult decisions, you lose a bit of bark along the way".

Meanwhile, even Wayne Swan is not immune to the appeal of the cakes.

Queensland Premier Campbell Newman and wife Lisa vote at Newmarket State School. Source: News Corp Australia


VOTERS are hitting the polling booths in their droves, with huge queues forming at some stations even before they opened.

Queenslanders are using Twitter to share advice on quiet places to vote, as well as tips on the really important stuff — where is offering the best food. It's going to be an exciting day.


AN oversight in Queensland's constitution might allow Campbell Newman to remain Premier even if he loses his seat of Ashgrove today as many expect he will, according to The Australian.

Anne Two­mey, professor of constitutional law at University of Sydney, said the state's constitution — drafted in 2001 — was silent on whether the premier needed to be a member of parliament.

That means Queensland could take the lead from other Australian constitutions, such as that of the commonwealth, Victoria or South Australia, and Mr Newman could stay as Premier even if he loses Ashgrove, until he found a colleague to vacate their seat and prompt a by-election.

Queensland Premier Campbell Newman could keep the job even if he loses his seat. Source: News Corp Australia

The indigenous community of Yarrabah vote in the seat of Mulgrave. Source: Supplied


THE party people of Brisbane have spoken, and they won't be told how to vote.

Queensland's nightclub faithful have responded with fierce opposition to anti-Labor text messages sent from some of the capital's biggest clubs on the eve of the state election.

Texts apparently sent by the owner of Katrzyna Group — which owns popular nightspots Family, Press Club and Cloudland — were sent to the club's database encouraging them think about their vote. "Be careful with your vote on Saturday," the text read. "Labor wants to shut pubs and clubs early."

The message is in response to Labor's plans for late-night venues. Patrons responded to the text messages on Facebook threatening to boycott the club and demanding an apology.

It looks like text messages don't win votes. Source: News Corp Australia


CAMPBELL Newman can't spell it, and most people outside of Queensland would struggle even to pronounce it. If you want to sound like a politics pro, find out how to pronounce the state's Labor leader and hopeful premier Annastacia Palaszczuk's name here.

Annastacia Palaszczuk in Townsville. Source: News Corp Australia


POLLING booths have opened, but just minutes after voting started, the Electoral Commission Queensland has already been struck by disaster — its website has gone down.

An ECQ spokespersons said their IT department is currently working to fix the issue. Find out more on the Courier Mail's live blog.

Early voters line up at the pre-polling booth at the Cairns Showgrounds. Source: News Corp Australia

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