The MKR meal that upset Manu

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On MKR, Perth couple Kat and Andre serve up a small portioned ravioli dish with not enough flavour. Courtesy: MKR

Feeling embarrassed ... Kat and Andre are competing in the 2015 season of My Kitchen Rules. Source: Channel 7

THEY were dubbed MKR's "feisty foodies", but were left embarrassed after their guests went feeling "hangry" and judge Manu Feildel said their meals were "stingy".

Western Australia's contestants Kat and Andre had a dream of wanting to "walk the walk" after "talking the talk" about their ability to smoke fish.

But when the pressure got to them at their instant restaurant 'Fin & Tonic', their hopes of impressing the judges and their guests went up in smoke.

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Disaster night ... Kat and Andre from WA are left embarrassed. Source: Channel 7

The engaged couple hit several stumbling blocks in the kitchen as time got away from them, and they did not buy enough food to give everyone a decent portion.

Their entree of Smoked Cod with crunchy mash, cabbage and leek disappointed everyone, after it did not have a smoky taste, and the portions of fish were too small.

The show's new emerging villains Ash and Camilla from Victoria and Gina and Anna from the ACT did not hold back.

Ash said she wasn't "getting any hints of smokiness", while Anna said "the fish is damn small".

Even judge Pete Evans said "it was cod, but it wasn't smoked", and commented about the ratios given to each guest.

Kat and Andre's guests were then left without a main course for 90 minutes as they tried to cook homemade Crayfish Ravioli with roasted tomato sauce.

As Kat and Andre scrambled to save their pasta which had split and become waterlogged, they were forced to send plates out with two or three pieces of undercooked ravioli.

Cracking up ... the pasta Kat and Andre were trying to cook. Source: Channel 7

As contestants waited and debated how many ravioli pieces would be ideal, they were in shock when they saw the final dishes appear.

Anna brought the phrase of being "hangry" to the table — a combination of the words hungry and angry.

Ash's comment left everyone gobsmacked when she said "I'm hoping they're in trouble" before following up with "As if you don't" to the other teams.

Devious ways ... Ash takes a dig at Kat and Andre. Source: Channel 7

When the teams saw Kat and Andre's dessert of chocolate tart with raspberries and cream, Anna couldn't help herself.

"Oh my God...kill me right now," she said.

Camilla added that her pastry was "a bit beige".

Evans was critical of their meals, saying they needed larger portions, and Feildel said they were consistent in being stingy with their servings.

Outspoken ... Anna from the ACT makes her feelings known. Source: Channel 7

"I think you've been quite consistent with all three dishes tonight, and stingy on all of them, stingy on the cod, stingy on the ravioli, the tart ... here I'm being left wanting more, it's nice but there's nothing wow about it," he said.

Ash also added that she thought they could "sleep easy tonight knowing that things didn't go to plan".

Overall, they scored a total of 58, which put them at the bottom of the leaderboard.

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My Kitchen Rules, Channel 7, 7.30pm Monday to Wednesday.

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