Qantas sued over rude staff, late flights, slow drinks

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Qantas criticised by traveller Source: Supplied

AN ADELAIDE man is suing Qantas over delayed domestic flights, rude and slow drink service and uncomfortable seats on an international flight.

Wayne Chisholm has launched a civil claim in Adelaide Magistrates Court seeking $10,000 compensation over four flights in 2014, which he says has left him considering changing to another airline.

Mr Chisholm, 46, claims he lost potentially lucrative business contracts because of three delayed domestic flights in November and December last year.

The gun shop owner is also seeking compensation over a flight from Johannesburg to Sydney in August last year.

"A mate and I had come back from a seven-day hunting safari and it was pretty full on from 5am to 10pm each day so we were pretty tired when we got on the flight," he said.

Mr Chisholm said the staff manager on the flight was rude and his trip was ruined because another patron in front had reclined his chair into his face.

"My mate and I would press the button for a drink and we would wait anywhere up to three-quarters of an hour before we'd get a beer or wine," he said.

Mr Chisholm said he had been a loyal Qantas customer and had previously found it "a reputable company and airline with great, friendly staff".

"But over the last 12 to 18 months Qantas' customer service on their flights and their general attitude has gone down, their standards have gone out the window," he said.

"Frustrated is an understatement, to have three delayed flights in a matter of two weeks that's just totally and utterly outrageous."

In its statement of defence, the airline says Mr Chisholm is not entitled to any compensation.

"Qantas conditions of carriage state that flight times are not guaranteed and do not form part of the contract of carriage," court documents state.

Mr Chisholm said he was negotiating with Qantas to settle the matter out of court but was prepared to take the case to trial if needed.

In his court statement of claim, Mr Chisholm says he is considering cancelling his silver membership.

"If this is what your cost-cutting is going to produce in the future ... I will cancel my silver membership and join Virgin, even if it means getting a sore arse from their uncomfortable seats," he says.

Mr Chisholm said he had only lodged the court documents after his frustration boiled over following the fourth troubled flight.

"I was quite prepared the let the Johannesburg situation go but after those three flights in November and December I was quite bitterly disappointed with Qantas," he said.

"It has left a very bitter taste in my mouth, I'm at a crossroads at the moment whether I need to find another carrier that's going to give me a better service or whether I stick with Qantas and hope things get better."

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