Skeleton key to missing man

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Using DNA to solve a mystery ... Marvin Clark went missing before the Great Depression in 1926. Picture: Department of Justice National Missing and Unidentified Persons System Source: AP

HE is America's oldest missing person. Now after 88 years, a skeleton may unlock the mystery of how he vanished on Halloween.

Marvin A. Clark disappeared during a short trip to Portland on Halloween weekend 1926.

Clark's disappearance is one of the oldest active missing-person cases in the nation, according to a federally funded database of missing persons.

Investigators know Clark is not alive — he'd be more than 160 years old — but they believe they have his remains.

Now, they need DNA samples from Clark's hard-to-find descendants to close the case.

Despite the age of the remains, investigators were able to get a good DNA profile, said Dr Nici Vance of the Oregon state medical examiner's office. Volunteer genealogists then found three great-great-grandchildren on the paternal side.

The results were encouraging, but not definitive, Vance said.

Now, "they're looking for a maternal link, someone on his mother's side, and following that lineage to shore it up and make the statistics a little better," she said. "There's an association there, but it's not strong at this point."

Vance entered Clark's name into the database of the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System, which provides a central repository of information about missing persons and unidentified decadent records. The free online system can be searched at

"There might have been an item of jewellery that was found with that person that could trigger a memory of a family member," she said.

The database, funded by the National Institute of Justice, consists of nearly 10,000 cases. Among the oldest active ones are cases involving a farmer in his 30s who went missing in Oklahoma in 1902, a 2-year-old who disappeared in 1930 in Chicago and a 22-year-old hiker who vanished in Rocky Mountain National Park in 1933.

Missing for 90 years ... Marvin Clark, who is one of the oldest missing persons cases in the US. Picture: Department of Justice National Missing and Unidentified Persons System Source: AP

As might be expected in Clark's case, which dates back to just before the Great Depression, some facts are sketchy and conflicting. According to the database, he was in his early 60s when he vanished while taking a stagecoach ride to see his Portland doctor in 1920.

But contemporaneous articles from The Oregonian newspaper show Clark was 75 and went missing on a bus trip in 1926. The old clippings say the "well-known" Tigard, Oregon resident left home on Saturday, October 30, to visit his daughter, Mrs Sidney McDougall, in Portland.

A frantic search began two days later when Clark's wife called McDougall and learned he never completed the trip that's about 10 miles.

McDougall, an article says, had not been expecting a visit from her father because he returned to Tigard from her home only a few days before his disappearance. The newspaper said Clark had been traced to a terminal in downtown Portland, near McDougall's place.

McDougall offered a $100 reward — more than $1,300 in today's money — for information about his whereabouts, but nothing turned up. Police across the Pacific Northwest were asked to be on the lookout for Clark, who had partial paralysis on the right side, a "halting gait" and couldn't use his right arm.

Missing pieces ... Marvin Clark and an unidentified woman. Picture: Department of Justice National Missing and Unidentified Persons System Source: AP

Then, on May 10, 1986, loggers clear-cutting an isolated section of Portland discovered the remains of a man who had been dead for at least a half-century.

Near the skeleton, investigators found an 1888 V nickel, a 1919 penny, a pocket watch, leather shoes, wire-rimmed glasses, a Fraternal Order of Eagles pocket knife and four tokens with the inscription "D&P." A historian told The Oregonian in 1986 that those where likely tavern tokens, which were awarded in card games and could be used to buy food or alcohol.

Police also found a corroded revolver, and an expended .32-caliber bullet. A single shot had entered the skull at the temple. Medical examiners at the time said it was the oldest case they ever had. They ruled the unknown man's death a suicide. Investigators were sceptical that his identity would ever be learned.

Clark's name surfaced a couple days later when a woman told detectives it might be her grandfather.

The woman, Dorothy Willoughby, said Clark had once been the town marshal from Linnton, which was annexed by Portland in the early 20th century and is near the secluded ravine where the man chose to end his life. She said her grandfather went missing around 1920 and was said to have been depressed over medical problems and sometimes used a cane.

Where he came from ... a historical photo of Marvin Clark's home in Tigard, Oregon. Picture: Department of Justice National Missing and Unidentified Persons System Source: AP

The granddaughter's hunch, however, wasn't enough to solve the disappearance. She died in 1991.

When Vance discovered a file about Clark and the 1986 remains, she realised the case number might be in the storage unit where the remains of unidentified people are kept. "And I was like: 'Oh my gosh, I still have this guy. This is fantastic,'" she said.

With the advances in DNA, she sent a sample in 2011 to the Center for Human Identification at the University of North Texas, which also manages the database of missing and unidentified people. Now, they are searching for more of Clark's descendants.

"I don't like the word closure, I kind of think resolution," said Janet Franson, a regional NamUs administrator whose territory includes Oregon.

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Sinkhole closes major highway

A giant sinkhole has opened up and engulfed a car traveling down a street in Toledo, Ohio. Credit: Fox News

If you are a Corvette lover, look away now 0:48

A massive sinkhole in western Kentucky opened up below the National Corvette Museum, swallowing eight rare and historic Chevrolet Corvettes that were on display.

  • 13 Feb 2014
  • News

A 2M-wide sinkhole has opened up on Queensland's major highway, forcing authorities to close it for the night.

The sinkhole reportedly appeared about 30km south of Bowen in north Queensland earlier this evening and appeared to be growing.

Bruce Highway in world's top 25 most dangerous roads

Police closed both lanes of the highway between Bowen and Proserpine and contacted the Department of Transport and Main Roads to assess the situation.

Traffic was being diverted via Collinsville.

Update: Bruce Hwy between Bowen & Proserpine closed to all traffic due to sink hole. Expected to remain closed until tomorrow. #qldtraffic

— QPS Media Unit (@QPSmedia) April 30, 2014

More to come

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‘Luckily I was able to subdue him’

A driver of silver ute involved in dramatic chase tried to grab policemans gun as he was being arrested. Courtesy: Channel 7

IT WAS the terrifying moment a man reached for a police officer's gun following a high-speed car chase west of Brisbane.

Sergeant Tony Harm has been praised as a hero for bravely wrestling with the man, who was just centimetres from grabbing his holstered pistol.

How the drama unfolded yesterday

Sgt Harm was dragged through a barbed-wire fence during the struggle but continued his pursuit until he apprehended the man.

"He's obviously a very committed officer and very brave," Gatton police officer-in-charge Senior Sergeant Tom Missingham said.

The fugitive appears to reach for Sgt Tony Harms' revolver as the pair scuffle on the ground following a high-speed car chase. Pic: Channel 7

Sgt Harm resorted to pumping pepper spray into the man's face and eventually used his Taser to stop him in his tracks.

The 32-year-old man is suspected of having been involved in a break-in at a Twin Waters home at 5.45am yesterday. The home's 68-year-old resident had been out on a walk and returned home to find a man who knocked him to the ground.

Just after 10am, police went to a home at Forest Hill in relation to a motorbike theft.

There were reports of gun shots before a silver Commodore ute sped off towards Gatton with a motorbike sliding around in the tray.

Sgt Tony Harms attempts to detain the fugitive following a high-speed police chase. Pic: Channel 7

For more than an hour, police hunted the man through a network of rural roads as he occasionally veered to the wrong side of the road, following him from above in helicopters.

Steve Kenglick tried to drive in front of the man's speeding car to end the chase. Officers on the ground tried to puncture the car's tyres with stinger spikes.

When the ute finally came to a halt on Woodlands Rd in Gatton more than 30 minutes later, the driver fled on foot into nearby bush.

Sgt Harm chased and tackled the man and fought off his repeated attempts to grab his weapon. The man complained continuously as he was led to a police car.

Sgt Tony Harms tries to subdue the fugitive with pepper spray, but later must resort to a stun gun. Pic: Channel 9

"He went for my service firearm there a couple of times,'' he told Channel 9. "I deployed some OC (capsicum) spray and then a Taser thereafter and was luckily able to subdue him. It was a bit of a worry, but you sort of judge the risks and go from there.

"We got him off the streets and he was a bit of a dangerous sort of character to be carrying on like that, racing around at those speeds, so it's certainly good to get him in custody."

Police have a safety lock on their holster to prevent offenders removing their firearm during a struggle.

The man was arrested in relation to multiple traffic and property offences and taken to hospital for treatment of injuries.

Sgt Tony Harms speaks to the media after his ordeal. Pic: Channel 9

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Who has won My Kitchen Rules?

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There could only be one team winning ... Bree and Jessica with Chloe and Kelly. Picture: Channel 7 Source: Supplied

Bree May and Jessica Liebich have been crowned My Kitchen Rules champions after defeating villains Chloe James and Kelly Ramsay tonight.

BREE May and Jessica Liebich have been crowned My Kitchen Rules champions after defeating villians' Chloe James and Kelly Ramsay tonight.

The South Australian mums won $250,000 in prize money after scoring 54 out of 60 for their five-course menu — two points ahead of their younger MKR rivals from Western Australia.

Worthy winners ... Bree May and Jessica Liebich celebrate with their families winning My Kitchen Rules. Picture Channel 7 Source: Channel 7

Bree and Jessica scored straight nines from judges Pete Evans, Manu Feildel, Colin Fassnidge, Guy Grossi, Liz Egan and Karen Martini in the gruelling contest.

FURIOUS: MKR fans threaten to boycott Grand Final

HELENA TELLS: Chloe and Kelly only made it for the ratings

Was MKR rigged for Bree and Jessica to win?

Chloe and Kelly were hobbled with eight from Fassnidge and Egan with nine from the other judges.

"Our families are going to be so proud," Bree cried after the result was announced. "I can't believe that we did it.

"We came here because we wanted to create a better life for our children and husbands.

"Our whole world has opened up for us now and we're so happy to start a new stage of our lives."

Jessica had a mini-meltdown during one of the courses and finished with her left hand covered in blue bandages.

"This is the most amazing thing to ever happen to us in our whole lives," Jessica said, before adding: "Sorry, I mean apart from having kids and getting married and all that."

MY KITCHEN rules: The TV show's top 10 secrets

MOST TALKED ABOUT MOMENTS: MKR's best tweets and boilovers

Still looking good after tasting hundreds of meals ... MKR judges Manu Feildel and Pete Evans. Source: News Limited

Teams were challenged with serving up a whopping 100 dishes each — to the judges and a restaurant full of this year's eliminated contestants.

Bree and Jessica chose to put a modern twist on traditional dishes for their Sage menu.

They plated up a first course of beetroot carpaccio with cured salmon. The only criticism came from Feildel and Fassnidge who said there wasn't enough horseradish sauce.

Chloe and Kelly were full of confidence with their Nouveau menu. Their plan was to create dishes from all around the world.

The pair won points from the judges after deciding to make their own mozzarella for their Caprese salad first course.

"It was a wonderful display of confident cooking," Evans said.

Bree and Jessica's second course — open scallop lasagne with fennel puree — was another winner, with Martini saying "this is a very fragile, perfect dish".

Chloe and Kelly hit a hurdle with confit ocean trout with broad bean pesto when Grossi and Evans found bones in their fish.

The pair bounced back in the third course — veal sweetbreads with morel mushroom sauce and pea foam.

Emotional overload ... Bree May and Jessica Liebich realise they have won My Kitchen Rules. Picture: Channel 7 Source: Channel 7

"This is the best sauce I have ever had on five seasons of My Kitchen Rules," Feildel enthused.

Bree and Jessica served spiced squab with heirloom carrots and pomegranate jus. All of the judges praised the pinkness of the squab but Grossi said the carrots were a touch undercooked.

The first hint that Bree and Jessica could snatch victory came during the fourth course when Martini criticised Chloe and Kelly's pig's trotter crepinette with crispy pig's ears for repeating some of the flavours of the previous dish.

Fassnidge had no such reservations. "This is my style of cookery — it's a standout dish again," he said.

Bree and Jessica won universal praise for their Ouzo and tomato with braised lamb with wild greens, potatoes and consommé.

"The consommé is unbelievable," Feildel said.

Celebrations ... South Australian mums Bree May and Jessica Liebich have won My Kitchen Rules. Picture: Channel 7 Source: Channel 7

Chloe and Kelly's miss-step came with their dessert of rose chocolate with spiced figs and pistachio ice cream. Chloe's decision to add a sugar shard was panned by the judges.

Bree and Jessica prevailed with deconstructed chocolate and rhubarb tart.

"All the flavours are sensational — it took me to a little English garden," Grossi said.

COMMENT BELOW: Did Bree and Jessica deserve to win MKR?

Chloe and Kelly were gracious in defeat.

"We were happy that we were against the best (team) in the grand final and you proved that tonight," Chloe told Bree and Jessica.

TV viewers had to be impressed with the quality of the dishes from these home cooks. Each one was a knockout.

"Your five courses could be in any of the best restaurants in the world," Evans told teams after the cook-off.

Crowning moment ... Bree May and Jessica Liebich realise they have won My Kitchen Rules over Chloe James and Kelly Ramsay. Picture: Channel 7 Source: Channel 7

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The best auto-correct prank ever?

SINCE the beginning of auto-correct times, there have been auto-correct pranks. They may have started with a simple word swap, but now the art of auto-correct pranking has evolved into replacing words with entire passages.

One Twitter user decided to play an epic prank on his mother by telling her phone to replace the words 'dirty laundry' with an extract from Ulysses by James Joyce.

So when poor @MrBilkferd's mother tried to ask if he had any dirty laundry she responded with the passage. When she was then asked what was wrong, she fell into the same trap and the extract was sent again.

Other people have since caught on.

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Five tech skills every worker needs

To be a successful office worker (so maybe not The Office's Michael Scott), you need more than just phone manners and proficiency in Microsoft Word. Source: AP

IN TODAY'S job market, it's not only IT job applicants who need tech skills.

With technology quickly and constantly changing, employers everywhere are looking for tech-savvy job candidates for non-tech related positions. This means that administrative, creative, sales, marketing and other non-IT job seekers are required to have relatively strong tech backgrounds and skill sets to stay competitive.

Christopher Justice, chief marketing officer at content management system (CMS) provider Magnolia, said: "Tech skills like basic software development, fundamental graphic design and elaborate web publishing are no longer restricted to tech-heavy positions. They are now expected in a much wider range of roles."

Modern employees are expected to be much more tech savvy than previously. Source: ThinkStock

This can be seen in all types of positions, Mr Justice said. For instance, with the massive growth of online publishing, journalists today are required to do more than write stories — they must also be able to produce them online using coding skills, he explained.

Similarly, marketing teams also have to be able to juggle design tools, use HTML and create digital campaigns with their CMS, he added.

"The underlying trend here — and the common denominator in all of these positions — is the ability to work in exceptionally agile environments," Mr Justice said. "It means that to stay competitive, candidates need to be able to adapt to new tools and trends — such as the cloud, mobile development and big data — before these become must-haves."

Moreover, given the rapid pace at which technology is advancing, job candidates are also expected to evolve along with it.

"Candidates have to be able to learn fast, creatively think outside the box, and be ready for new tools that might traditionally not be a part of their job description," he said.

If you're looking for a job, here are five of the most sought-after tech skills employers are looking for.


"Generally speaking, no matter the role, it's valuable for people to be social media savvy. Online communities are important places to share and access information, and to engage with customers and prospects." — Xari Chartrand, human resources business partner at Halogen Software.

Social media skills are a foundation. Source: News Limited


"Having well-developed technical skills is no longer just a nice little add-on for job applicants. Many employers now expect candidates to demonstrate proficiency in a variety of technical areas. Currently, [one of the] most sought-after tech skills is competency with Microsoft Excel, including the ability to construct and use pivot tables." — Bob Myhal, chief executive of NextHire.


"Finding professionals with iOS, Android, Windows and Web-based app development experience has become an industry race as companies expand their mobile capabilities to help streamline processes. Candidates specialising in mobile development can be expected to be hired within days, thanks to their in-demand skill set." — David Morgan, president of IT for Addison Group.


"My must-have tech skill when hiring someone really involves being able to troubleshoot your own technical issues. It also shows that you're not afraid to think critically, do some research and take initiative to find a solution on your own.

With more and more technology in our workplaces, successful candidates are expected to have a wide range of skills. Source: ThinkStock

"And if you're not able to, at least you can tell the IT folks what you've already tried so they aren't starting from scratch. So many companies expect you to be able to work from anywhere, whether you're at the office, at a coffee shop, at home or on a business trip in Vegas. It's really important to have the ability to troubleshoot technical problems on your work equipment.

"Being able to problem-solve minor technical issues on your own, rather than having to burden the IT department with simple requests, is a huge plus in my eyes. Especially in small businesses and start-ups where there may only be one IT person, it's critical to be able to rule out common problems before escalating them. — Sara Sutton Fell, chief executive and founder of FlexJobs.


"The skills employers demand today often depend on the size of the company and, sometimes, the industry. Start-ups tend to be on the cutting edge of what's either very popular now or what's on the rise. Great candidates show they are staying relevant, current on new trends and always learning." — Mason Blake, chief technology officer and co-founder of UpCounsel.

This article originally appeared on Business News Daily and was reprinted with permission.

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Bank stiffs porn star customers

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JP Morgan Chase has porn workers all fired up with a letter it posted to them about its bank accounts. Source: AP

A BANK has got hundreds of porn stars hot and fired up after writing to them to tell them their bank accounts would be closed.

The move has sparked fury throughout the adult entertainment industry with workers saying they had no idea why they were being targeted.

Chase bank sent letters to industry workers revealing the accounts would be closed next month.

In the letters sent out by the bank, which is a subsidiary of JP Morgan Chase, no reason is given for the closure but an apology is given for the inconvenience.

"We recently reviewed your account and determined that we will be closing it on May 11, 2014," it reads.

"You may close your account before the date we've provided. Your account agreement says that either of us may close your account at any time, without notice and without a reason," the letter states.

US porn star Teagan Presley said her account was closed and she was turned down when she tried to open another one.

"I called them and they told me that because I am, I guess, public and am recognisable in the adult business, they're closing my account," she told adult industry site XBiz News.

It was unknown exactly how many workers have been affected, however adult industry lawyer Michael Fattoros said banks had closed accounts belonging to industry workers in the past, though "not on this scale".

The letter was originally published by celebrity blogger Perez Hilton who also noted a lawsuit was filed against JP Morgan Chase last year.

The lawsuit filed by porn studio MRG Entertainment claimed the bank violated fair lending laws and its own policy for "refusing to underwrite a loan for 'moral reasons'."

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Families to cop it in Budget

Prime Minister Tony Abbott is a man with a plan. But do you like what's in store? Source: News Corp Australia

MIDDLE-income families will be denied rises in tax concessions compensating for inflation in the Budget two weeks from Tuesday which Prime Minister Tony Abbott tonight said would be a first installment of spending cuts.

But the Prime Minister has pledged these and other measures would clear the way for income tax cuts in five years.

The age pension will not be lowered now but Mr Abbott will seek a mandate for a reduction in the pension's indexation and tougher means testing at the 2016 election.

And the Budget will contain programs to get the disabled, the elderly and women with young children off welfare and into the workforce.

The Prime Minister called the Budget politically risky. However, the pain would be short term and necessary to hack back debt of potentially $667 billion Mr Abbott said had been left by Labor governments.

He outlined some of the Budget's measures in a Sydney speech designed to complement the warnings about runaway spending issued by Treasurer Joe Hockey last week.

Walking the talk in a fortnight's time. Joe Hockey has flagged mega austerity. Source: News Corp Australia

Mr Abbott said the objective was to reduce debt and return the Budget to surplus over at least five years but would not put a target date for balanced finances, saying it would be achieved within a decade.

"This Budget will not change everything with one stroke," Mr Abbott said.

"It won't offer a spurious guarantee of a surplus by a particular date. This Budget will by no means be the only instalment in the long-term restructuring needed to restore our economic health."

The Prime Minister pointed to changes in welfare for families, which mostly is the Family Tax Benefit A and B. Indexation of these means tested concessions was frozen under Labor but the cost of living adjustments were set to return this year.

Mr Abbott's comments indicate that won't happen.

"But the best way to help families on $100,000 a year is long-term tax relief and more business and job opportunities, not social security,'' he said in the speech.

"The change in this Budget will make personal tax cuts more likely in four or fine years' time.

"Come Budget night, I suspect that there won't be many without a potential grumble — but involving everyone in reaping Labor's spending binge is the only way to be fair.

"The Budget pain will be temporary but the economic improvement will be permanent."

Short-term pain for long-term gain, Mr Abbott says. Source: News Corp Australia

Mr Abbott said changes to the age pension was essential and unavoidable because it was rapidly becoming too expensive. But he said the Government would keep his promise not to touch the pension rate — at least in this term of office.

"To keep our commitments, there will be no changes to the pension during this term of Parliament but there should be change to indexation arrangements and eligibility thresholds in three years time," he said.

"There are other social security benefits where indexation arrangements and eligibility thresholds could be adjusted."

Mr Abbott made no reference to speculation a one-off levy could be imposed on wage earners to cover short-term expenses.

The Government has been firmly told by business it does not want a temporary levy to cover immediate bills which the Business Council of Australia fears could be a bid to "let governments off the hook on the structural steps needed to fix the budget properly".

"Temporary tax increases are no substitute for the reforms that are needed to bring spending back under control and put the budget onto a more sustainable footing," said BCA chief executive Jennifer Westacott.

More is needed that temporary tax incentives, says business council chief executive Jennifer Westacott. Source: News Limited

Ms Westacott said the Budget's focus should be elimination of waste and inefficiency, and better targeted government programs and payments.

"Australia needs comprehensive tax reform implemented over the medium term, rather than ad hoc levies in this budget," she said.

"Raising Australia's already high dependence on personal income tax will place an increased burden on workers and could weigh down an already sluggish economy. If we are serious about lifting our productivity and competitiveness, we should be lowering taxes, not increasing them."

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten accused the government of scaring pensioners with talk of cuts and wage earners with speculation about the deficit levy.

"Here's a couple of ideas for Joe Hockey and Tony Abbott — don't break your promises," Mr Shorten told reporters.

"Here's a couple of ideas for Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey — don't say nine times in a 32 day election period when you're chasing people's votes that they won't touch pensions, and then as soon as you get elected have twisted priorities and broken promises and introduce a new deceit tax.

"No bigger broken promise than saying to pensioners before the election that your pensions are safe, then after the election starting to scare Australia's pensioners by talking about messing around with aspects of the pension."

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MKR shock: Grand final decided

The rivalry between Chloe and Kelly and Helena and Vicki on My Kitchen Rules is over after the twins are sent home. Courtesy: Seven Network

Made it into the grand final ... My Kitchen Rules contestants, South Australian mums Bree May and Jessica Liebich. Source: Supplied

South Australian mums Bree and Jessica are going through to the My Kitchen Rules grand final. Courtesy: Seven Network

IT will be one of television's biggest nights of the year, with predictions the grand final of My Kitchen Rules on Channel Seven may top the 3 million viewer mark.

In tonight's grand final, Bree May and Jessica Liebich are set to go into battle against Chloe James and Kelly Ramsay.

MY KITCHEN RULES: Fans rage show rigged with Chloe and Kelly in final

CHLOE AND KELLY: My Kitchen Rules' arch-enemies are best of friends

Cook off ... My Kitchen Rules' grand finalists Bree May and Jessica Liebich are against Chloe James and Kelly Ramsay. Source: Supplied

And the war of words has already started much to the delight of judges Pete Evans and Manu Fiedel.

MANU FIEDEL: What happened to MKR judge's hair?

Who will win the MKR Grand final

The showdown comes after the South Australian mums Bree and Jessica crushed rivals Helena and Vikki Moursellas on the cooking show tonight.

Bree and Jessica scored 52 out of 60 for their three-course semi-final menu, ten points above the Victorian twins on 42 out of 60.

Knocked out ... My Kitchen Rules' twins Vikki and Helena Moursellas. Picture: Mark Stewart Source: News Corp Australia

"Now it's down to us and Chloe and Kelly," Bree said after the win. "Those girls have got their work cut out for them because we're going to be fighting."

Chloe and Kelly hit back with a salvo of her own.

"Our good can beat Bree and Jess's best," Kelly said.

"We think we can easily beat them in the Grand Final," Chloe added. "Of course we're going to win. We're special."

Teams will have to plate up a total of 100 meals for a full restaurant in the Grand Final.

Betting agency Sportsbet is already predicting that the My Kitchen Rules Grand Final will top 2.5 million viewers and might even punch through the 3 million viewer mark.

Last year, the grand final on Seven attracted 2.9 million viewers.

The grand final marks the end of the fifth series of My Kitchen Rules which began on January 27.

Ringing up a TV ratings monster ... My Kitchen Rules judges Pete Evans and Manu Feildel. Source: Supplied

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Logies 2014: red-carpet fashions

Written By komlim puldel on Minggu, 27 April 2014 | 20.01

Check out some of the sizzling fashion from the red-carpet of this years Logie Awards. Courtesy: TV Week/Nine Network

Logies 2014. Sonia Kruger. Picture: Julie Kiriacoudis Source: News Corp Australia

BRINGING you all the hottest as well as the most shocking looks from the red carpet ahead of the 56th TV Week Logie Awards 2014 held at Crown Casino.

GALLERY: Check out more red carpet looks here.

FULL COVERAGE: Click here for all the Logies news.

Offspring's Asher Keddie

Asher Keddie. Picture: Julie Kiriacoudis Source: News Corp Australia

Former Packed To The Rafters co-stars, Jessica Marais and James Stewart.

Jessica Marais and James Stewart. Picture: Julie Kiriacoudis Source: News Corp Australia

Kylie MInogue

Kylie Minoguel. Picture: Julie Kiriacoudis Source: News Corp Australia

Jennifer Hawkins

Jennifer Hawkins. Picture: Jason Edwards Source: News Corp Australia

The lovely Jesinta Campbell.

Jesinta Campbell. Picture: Julie Kiriacoudis Source: News Corp Australia

Reality TV's favourite couple ... Tim and Anna.

The Bachelor's Anna Heinrich and Tim Robards. Picture: Julie Kiriacoudis Source: News Corp Australia

The Block twins, Lysandra and Alisa Fraser..

The Block Twins Lysandra and Alisa. Picture: Julie Kiriacoudis Source: News Corp Australia

Shelley Craft looking stunning in a lace-detail mesh frock.

Shelley Craft. Picture: Jason Edwards Source: News Corp Australia

This year's host, Sonia Kruger wears a stunning one-shoulder red lace gown.

Sonia Kruger. Picture: Julie Kiriacoudis Source: News Corp Australia

Gold Logie nominee, Carrie Bickmore.

Carrie Bickmore. Picture: Julie Kiriacoudis Source: News Corp Australia

Kat Stewert

Kat Stewart. Picture: Jason Edwards Source: News Corp Australia

Biggest Loser's Commando Steve and Michelle Bridges.

Commando Steve and Michelle Bridges. Picture: Julie Kiriacoudis Source: News Corp Australia

Reigning wag Rebecca Judd wears a lacy lilac-toned floor-length gown.

Rebecca Judd. Picture: Julie Kiriacoudis Source: News Corp Australia

Big Brother 2013 winner, Tim Dormer.

Tim Dormer. Picture: Jason Edwards Source: News Corp Australia

Claudia Karvan

Claudia Karvan. Picture: Jason Edwards Source: News Corp Australia

Jules Lund. Picture: Jason Edwards Source: News Corp Australia

Dannii Minogue sparkled on the red carpet.

Dannii Minogue. Picture: Getty Images Source: Getty Images

Brett Lee and Shane Warne. Picture: Jason Edwards Source: News Corp Australia

Angela Bishop. Picture: Getty Images Source: Getty Images

Lisa Wilkinson. Picture: Jason Edwards Source: News Corp Australia

Offspring's Jane Harber.

Jane Harber Picture: Jason Edwards Source: News Corp Australia

TV's Lauren Phillips rocks a classic white high-neck gown.

Lauren Phillips. Picture: Julie Kiriacoudis Source: News Corp Australia

Mandy McElhinney is the lady in red.

Mandy McElhinney. Picture: Jason Edwards Source: News Corp Australia

TV presenter Natalie Hunter

Natalie Hunter. Picture: Julie Kiriacoudis Source: News Corp Australia

Farmer Wants a Wife host Natalie Gruzlewski in a black fishtail mesh frock.

Farmer Wants a Wife host Natalie Gruzlewski. Picture: Julie Kiriacoudis Source: News Corp Australia

Totally Wild's Ranger Stacey.

Stacey Thomson. Picture: Jason Edwards Source: News Corp Australia

TV's favourite mother and daughter duo, Lauren and Patti Newton.

Lauren and Patti Newton. Picture: Julie Kiriacoudis Source: News Corp Australia

The Wake Up crew have scrubbed up very nicely.

James Mathison, Natarsha Belling and Sam Mac of Wake Up. Picture: Jason Edwards Source: News Corp Australia

Pop-star-turned-TV host, Paula Abdul.

Paula Abdul from So You Think You Can Dance. Picture: Jason Edwards Source: News Corp Australia

The stunning Madeleine West..

Madeleine West. Picture: Julie Kiriacoudis Source: News Corp Australia

The cast of Nine Network's Love Child.

The cast of Love Child. Picture: Julie Kiriacoudis Source: News Corp Australia

Serial red-carpet offender, Susie Elelman, doesn't fail to dissapoint this year.

Susie Elelman. Picture: Julie Kiriacoudis Source: News Corp Australia

US singer-songwriter and dancer, Jason Derülo.

Jason Derülo. Picture: Julie Kiriacoudis Source: News Corp Australia


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Housewives Gina and Andrea: The final showdown

Jackie Gillies, Chyka Keebaugh, Lydia Schiavello and Gina Liano at yesterday's pre-Logies Crown party. Picture: Julie Kiriacoudis Source: News Corp Australia

HERE we are folks, The Real Housewives of Melbourne season finale. Can you remember what life was like 10 weeks ago, before 'Shine Shine Shine', 'Warw', Andrea's endless lists and Gina's general fabulousness? Neither can we.

Our finale kicks off with Jackie and Ben, who are holding an audition for burlesque dancers to perform at their La Mascara launch party.

"As our guests are rolling in, I almost want youse to envision you're a drink that everyone wants to drink," Jackie tells the assembled dancers. They laugh nervously, unsure if this means they'll be expected to exchange fluids with guests.

From there, we're treated to a five-minute medley of the burlesque dancers strutting their stuff. We say 'treated', but given RHOM's audience is almost entirely comprised of women and gay men, these ladies could be playing to the wrong crowd.

Either way, Jackie's loving it.

Jackie's drinking face, we'll miss you most of all. Source: Foxtel

"When you're getting your rig out, the breasts, the butt … they owned it, but in a very tasteful way," Jackie says, as the camera cuts to one dancer bent over with a tassel on each naked gyrating bum cheek, rotating in different directions. But in a very tasteful way.

Also available for weddings and funerals. Source: Foxtel

Next up, Lydia's at an Armadale cafe to catch up with Andrea, who totters up the street looking more like Edina Monsoon than ever before. The camera cuts to Lydia's dog Figaro, who gives us a worried look.

Andrea heads to the open audition for Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie. Source: Foxtel

The pair sit silently in a cafe, Lydia with phone in hand, when Gina suddenly calls. What a not-at-all-pre-organised surprise! She wants to invite Lydia to her 'Girl's Night In' to raise money for a cancer charity, but Lydia's not interested in coming.

Gina explains that the event marks her 10-year cancer survival anniversary and she'll be talking about some pretty raw, personal stuff.

Lydia makes this face:

Sure, it's a horrible reaction to have when a friend talks about their cancer battle, but you have to admire Lydia for being able to move both eyes independently of one another like that. Source: Foxtel

"Having cancer is a really serious thing. I don't think Lydia understands the significance of what I'm doing, but then, I don't know how much Lydia understands full stop, quite frankly," Gina says in an aside to camera.

"I really don't care, Gina," Lydia says, in her aside to camera. Lydia Schiavello: National Sweetheart.

After holding the phone away from her ear and giving the international 'Will this ever guy shut up' hand symbol to Andrea, Lydia wraps things up:

"Alright, I'd better scoot. I hope you raise lots of money for all the cancer …. people that really need it. Alright, take care [Hangs up]."

Andrea explains why she and Lydia persist in treating Gina so poorly.

"Lydia and I are not going to back down until Gina apologises. We're not giving up. She answers to us."

In fact, she doesn't.

Still with Andrea and Lydia, next we drop in on the photo shoot for Andrea's book cover. The photographer asks her to give her some of her best looks. "How about this one? I saw Tina Fey doing it," she says. It's ... not exactly a winner:

Tina Fey, is that you? Source: Foxtel

The photographer tries to elicit more quality shots from Andrea. "Give me an angry look," she asks.

"I have to get into that mind frame … does anyone have a photo of Gina?"

The photographer laughs half-heartedly, clearly having no idea what Andrea's talking about.

Lydia crashes the shoot, bottle of grog in hand. The poor photographer then has to stand around while Andrea and Lydia drink champagne and start impersonating the other Housewives.

"Gina is a pissing racehorse," Lydia announces.

That evening, the other ladies head to Gina's 'Girls Night In'. It's part support group, part Tupperware party, as Gina mixes stories about darkest days going through chemo with information about products she plans to release.

You see, Gina's writing a book about her cancer journey. We now have books in the works from three of the Real Housewives of Melbourne and not ONE hot dance single? Ladies, pick it up.

Can't see Gina's soap? Hint: it's the only non-pink thing in the room. Source: Foxtel

Gina announces she's also going to release her own range of soaps. Jackie thinks it's incredibly distasteful for someone to use their standing on the show to launch a product — she certainly wouldn't dream of it (cough — La Mascara — cough).

"What else is next? Good luck to her, but you're not Kim Kardashian," she fumes.

Never mind, as Jackie's got her own issues. After Gina's launch, she and Ben get back to busily preparing for the La Mascara launch. They've organised some masks for guests to wear — and Jackie looks slightly ... unhinged in hers.

Celine Dion's one-woman production of Eyes Wide Shut, now playing at the MGM Grand Las Vegas. Source: Foxtel

Now, the moment we've all been waiting for: GIRLFIGHT. Jackie and Andrea meet up in South Yarra restaurant Bacash for their first proper conversation since that awful (read: kind of incredible) dinner at Mission Beach back in episode seven.

Straight up, Andrea demands an apology from Gina for calling her "the slang word for female external genitalia".

Straight up, Gina says she doesn't recall saying it, but will happily apologise if any offence was caused.

"It's not a genuine apology. You're not apologising," Andrea fumes.

Andrea then produces a 'Gina checklist': an A4 printout listing all her problems with Gina. Oh Andrea no. Put your sad little piece of paper away.

"Gina, my problems with you: Milk, bread, Toilet Duck ... Oh bloody hell I brought the wrong list" Source: Foxtel

Andrea barely gets to run through her checklist before Gina shuts her down.

"I'll tell you why you want me to (apologise)? You're trying to validate your poor behaviour."

Then, Gina finally says what this writer has been thinking since day one.

Exasperated at Andrea demanding an apology for that c-bomb once more, she tells her, "Swearing doesn't matter!"

Is anyone else with us on this? This is Australia, if you're going to get mortally offended every time your hear someone drop the c-bomb you'd never leave the house.

Andrea starts to raise her voice, and it's not a good look: "I have everything! I have everything and I've worked very hard for it! I have everything because I'm happy!"

"Maybe you should try to be a bit more gracious," Gina suggests.

"I heard you're doing a soap range. Is that so you can wash your mouth out?"

You can tell Andrea's been holding onto that one for a while, and she looks pretty pleased with herself. But in an instant, Gina ups the ante:

"Mmm. I don't know, maybe Lydia can wash her vagina with it."

Andrea's face says it all:

*stunned silence* Source: Foxtel


Gina turns the tables, demanding an apology from Andrea: "All you do is talk about me — you talk about me when I'm there, you talk about me when I'm not there."

They both decide to leave at once, which is terribly awkward and doesn't really work, so Andrea sits back down. Here's Gina's stunning monologue in full, delivered as she storms out of the restaurant:

"F**k off, you idiot. And when you get home, why don't you get your husband to review your medication, 'cos clearly your testosterone level needs to come down, and everything else needs to come up. Good luck with your deck of cards for your life, cos that's all you've got is a deck of cards that are about to topple. F***ing moron."

Sure, the deck of cards analogy is a bit clumsy, but we'll forgive it because we were so distracted by the poor, unassuming girl sat behind Gina as she delivered it. Look at this girl's face. She is amazing.

"What's all this about?" Source: Foxtel

"Damn girl you angry" Source: Foxtel

"I'M GONNA BE ON TELLY" Source: Foxtel

Climactic bitchfight over, it's time for the La Mascara launch party. Jackie's in the limo with her adorable mum Svetlana. Svetlana does what any reasonable person would do when trapped in a limo with two of the Real Housewives: she sculls champagne with a vaguely terrified look on her face.

We feel you, Svetlana. Source: Foxtel

As Gina arrives at the launch, Lydia announces her to the other ladies: "The pissing racehorse! Oh yuck."

The Housewives all have a great time at the party. Janet loves the entertainment Jackie and Ben hired: "Holy s**t, the burlesque dancers! They all had bums everywhere!" They had bums EVERYWHERE?

Meanwhile, Jackie tackles the launch with her usual humility. "Here I was, standing around in front of a miracle that I created." Has someone alerted the Vatican?

As the night wears on, the girls gather in a corner to rehash all the season's arguments one last time (before next week's reunion show, that is).

Shouting over the top of each other for old time's sake. Source: Foxtel

Perhaps they've all had one too many La Mascaras, because as they rake over the dramas of the season — who said what to whom — they're all laughing. There's a lightness to their moods that suggests maybe, just maybe, they realise none of the arguments of the past 10 weeks actually matter very much at all.

Everyone, of course, except Andrea, who's still waiting on her apology from Gina.

"I want an apology, I deserve an apology — my goal is to get 10 apologies from Gina, one for each time she's offended me."

As the night wears on, the Housewives each get their own little end-of-season sign-off — and it seems the show's producers share our love of Jackie's unusual facial expressions:

Keep shinin', Jackie. Source: Foxtel

When Gina gets up to leave the party, her farewell to the other Housewives suggests she's probably not planning on catching up with many of them once the cameras stop rolling.

"See ya," she shrugs.

In a piece to camera, Gina gets the last word of The Real Housewives of Melbourne, season one:

"All I can say is: karma's a bitch and she knows where you live."

Stay tuned next Sunday, when we'll bring you our verdict on the first of two special Real Housewives reunion episodes.

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Logies live: Asher’s second win

Paula Abdul shimmers, Susie Eleman stuns and Jen Hawkins nails it again on the Code Red best and worst of the 2014 TV Week Logies.

She's a vision ... pop princess Kylie Minogue hits the red carpet at the 56th TV Week Logie Awards. Picture: Jason Edwards Source: News Corp Australia

Asher Keddie, Most Popular Actress, Offspring

Chris Lilley, Most Popular Actor, Ja'mie, Private School Girl

Scott Cam, Most Popular Presenter, The Block

Home and Away, Most Popular Drama Series

My Kitchen Rules, Most Popular Reality Program

Nine News, NSW Bushfires, Most Outstanding News Coverage

Hamish and Andy's Gap Year Asia, Most Popular Light Entertainment Program

The NRL Footy Show, Most Popular Sports Program

Better Homes and Gardens, Most Popular Lifestyle Program

Nowhere Boys, Most Outstanding Children's Program

Prisoner X, Foreign Correspondent, Most Outstanding Public Affairs Report

Kings Cross ER, Most Outstanding Factual Program

Peter Harvey, Hall of Fame inductee

Bonnie Sveen, Most Popular New Talent, Home and Away

Melbourne Cup, Seven, Most Outstanding Sports Coverage

Top of the Lake, Most Outstanding Miniseries or Telemovie

Asher Keddie, Most Outstanding Actress

Lachy Hulme, Most Outstanding Actor

Housos, Most Outstanding Light Entertainment Program

ASHER Keddie has started her Logies night with a good omen, a win in both the Most Popular Actress and Most Outstanding Actress categories.

Offspring star Asher Keddie has taken out the Logie for Most Popular Actress. Picture: Jason Edwards Source: News Corp Australia

It could be a good sign for her chances at the Gold Logie later in the evening.

FASHION: Check out all the red-carpet glamour

GALLERY: Logies hits and misses


"It is unbelievable. Who would have thought that this messed up family would have five series in them - and perhaps more to go," she said.

The first shock win of the night went to Chris Lilley, for his portrayal as an obnoxious teen in Ja'mie, Private School Girl.

"Thanks for my Logie I really appreciate it. I can't be there because I'm over in London promoting Jonah from Tonga," he said via videolink from London where he is promoting his next series.

Scott Cam took home his first individual Logie, for Most Popular Presenter for The Block.

"This is really fantastic - to be in this position you've got to have a great show to work on and I've got a great show with The Block. We put together a show that families and kids love to watch," he said.

"Thank you to the fans that voted for me. I really do appreciate it."

The second shock of the night was Home and Away taking home the Most Popular Drama gong, ahead of the likes of Offspring, House Husbands, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries and Winners and Losers.

Ray Meagher, who plays Alf on the long-running soap noted "We're into our 27th year and it was a real surprise (to win award). We didn't think we'd make it. In Australia, there aren't that many things being made let alone exported. We're very proud of that."

My Kitchen Rules beat out not one but two series of The Block - Sky High and All Stars.

Hamish and Andy beat out The Voice juggernaut to take out the Most Popular Light Entertainment Program.

"This is so unexpected," Hamish Blake said.

"We know that with our show it's got nothing to do with what we do but with the people we meet," Andy Lee added.

Lachy Hulme won the gong for Most Outstanding Actor for playing Frank Packer in Power Games.

And Housos was a shock winner in the Most Outstanding Light Entertainment category, beating The Voice, which was the big loser on the night.

The award for Most Outstanding News Coverage was won by Nine News for its NSW bushfire coverage.

Journalist Peter Overton accepted the gong saying "Of course we accept this award knowing there are families who still don't have homes in the Blue Mountains" before praising volunteers in the rural fire service "for protecting us every summer".

The late Peter Harvey was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

His colleague Tara Brown paid tribute to the legendary newsman.

"Tonight is not about mourning our dear friend and colleague. It is about celebrating a great storyteller," she said.

"Harves was a giant of the small screen."

The award was accepted by Harvey's children Claire and Adam.

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‘Every woman was immediately impregnated’

Written By komlim puldel on Sabtu, 26 April 2014 | 20.01

'I don't even think the Rocket's fans know his name!' 'They will now.' Troy Daniels keeps Houston's playoff dreams alive by hitting a three-pointer with 10-seconds on the clock. Source: AFP

HOUSTON Rockets rookie Troy Daniels hit a ripper three-pointer with 10 seconds left on the clock to beat the Portland Trailblazers in the third game of their NBA playoff series today.

The NBA rookie, who had only played 75-minutes of basketball all season, has now become an internet sensation. After Daniels' match-winning shot, someone altered his Wikipedia entry. You can read their handiwork below.

Fact or fiction? Source: Supplied

It didn't take long for Wikipedia's editors to swoop in. Everything is back to normal now.

And it seems at least one Portland fan wasn't happy with Daniels' shot.

Daniels wasn't the game's only star. James Harden broke out of a slump with a career playoff-best 37 points and Dwight Howard added 24 points and 14 rebounds for the Rockets.

Portland trailed by as many as 11 points in the final quarter, but Nicolas Batum hit a three-pointer with 41 seconds left to tie the game at 110.

Portland still have a 2-1 lead in the series after their loss tonight, with the next game to be played on Tuesday. Houston has to win again to keep its series hopes alive.

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Sonny Bill got married in secret

FOOTY superstar Sonny Bill Williams has secretly married a stunning 20-year-old Muslim girl he met and fell in love with last year.

The 28-year-old Roosters heart-throb wed part-time model Alana Raffie in August after a six-month ­relationship.

Immediate family and a handful of his closest friends, who were all sworn to secrecy, attended the wedding ceremony as he was preparing for last year's NRL finals.

Sonny Bill Williams with his niece and partner, Alana Raffie check in at Sydney International airport. Picture: Bradley Hunter Source: News Corp Australia

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Wanderers into back-to-back deciders

The Western Sydney Wanderers are through to the grand final for the second year in a row after beating the Central Coast Mariners 2-0.

The Wanderers celebrate a grand final berth. Source: Getty Images

IF Tony Popovic found it hurtful to hand back the Premier's Plate, then his Western Sydney side now stands on the brink of the ultimate painkiller.

A goal in each half from Youssouf Hersi and Iacopo La Rocca sent Western Sydney charging into the grand final on Saturday night, now just 90 minutes from redeeming their loss to the Mariners in last year's climax to the season.

That it should be the Central Coast who were vanquished at Pirtek Stadium simply added to the home side's sense that this year they will go one better than their debut season and be crowned as champions.




Catch all the highlights from Pirtek Stadium where the Western Sydney Wanderers host the Central Coast Mariners in the first semi-final of the weekend.

It took a mighty contest to decide the Wanderers' passage - if the visitors looked in danger of being swept aside bya red and black tide at times, they mustered enough second half defiance to push Western Sydney to the end.

Now either Brisbane or Melbourne Victory await, with the whole of Western Sydney suddenly Victory fans for a day, as defeat for Brisbane would bring the grand final to Sydney.

To their credit, the Mariners began with intent and a desire to get on the front foot. Only a fine headed clearance from Adam D'Apuzzo, almost under his own bar, cleared a waspish cross from Nick Fitzgerald, and the normally unflappable Matthew Spranovic miskicked entirely a clearance across his own goal.

Central Coast Mariners coach Phil Moss addresses the press following his sides loss to the Wanderers.

But there was a familiarity about the Wanderers that spoke of a gathering storm. Six of their starting XI had begun last year's grand final, and another three would have done but for injury or suspension.

So their wresting control was only a matter of time, and would have come earlier had Nikolai Topor-Stanley's header not cannoned off the Mariners' bar and away with 14 minutes gone.

Iacopo La Rocca of the Wanderers celebrates with Shinji Ono. Source: Getty Images

But before the half-hour mark regular chances began to come for the home side - Mateo Poljak tested Liam Reddy from distance, then began a move with Shinji Ono that deserved a better finish from 15m than Hersi's tame shot.

On 31 minutes, the winger was not so forgiving. Brendan Santalab twisted and turned in the box to create space for Mark Bridge to shoot low - though Reddy palmed the shot away it fell straight to Santalab whose intelligent, instant cross was forced home at the far post by Hersi.

Western Sydney Wanderers celebrate their opening goal with the RBB. Source: News Corp Australia

The Mariners retreated ever deeper, but still were hopeful on the break - Mitch Duke showed power to race half the length of the pitch, but shot wide of the near post. Back came Western Sydney, and only Reddy's agility denied the home side a second with a wonderful save from Ono's freekick.

Increasingly out of sorts, the Mariners' tempers rose - Bosnar was booked for an ugly lunge on Hersi, while John Hutchinson and Iacopo LaRocca treated each other's ankles with the delicacy of a cut-price butcher.

Western Sydney Wanderers coach Tony Popovic addresses the press following his sides win over the Mariners.

To compound the Coast's displeasure, they were gifted a golden chance by Polenz's miskick, only for Bernie Ibini to slip over horribly on this wretched pitch. Bosnar then tried his luck from distance with a freekick that rebounded from the Wanderers wall with a crack.

Tired legs became obvious, but the Mariners strained every sinew to get back in the game - Rose struck a fine shot charged down by Topor-Stanley, and Duke's follow up was straight at Ante Covic.

Tensions threatened to boil over between the teams. Source: Getty Images

Desperate for the kill, Western Sydney thought they had it as D'Apuzzo danced down the left and dropped a cross on Hersi's head - the stadium seemed in slow motion as his delicate header crawled millimetres the wrong side of the post.

The Mariners soon had a similar sense of despair as Kim Seung-jong's freekick brushed the top of the bar - then the Korean's foot did more than brush the leg of Poljak, earning him a yellow card.

Finally, with 10 minutes remaining, the decisive moment came. La Rocca was the instigator and executioner, surging upfield and laying off a pass to Hersi - their one-two carved the Mariners apart, and La Rocca finished with a confident low shot into the bottom corner.

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Two missing in water on Central Coast

Written By komlim puldel on Jumat, 25 April 2014 | 20.02

Two people are missing in the water at Snapper Point in Munmorah State Conservation Area. Picture: Supplied Source: Supplied

A LARGE scale search is underway for two people missing in the water on the Central Coast this evening.

Emergency services were called to Snapper Point at Frazer Park in the Munmorah State Conservation Area halfway between Gosford and Newcastle about 6.40pm.

They received reports a person had fallen into the water and two friends had jumped into help them.

Tuggerah Lakes Inspector Tim Winmill said two people out of a group of six were still missing.

"A call came in saying someone was in the water in need of assistance and that two friends had jumped in to save them," he said.

"We've confirmed that out of a group of six we have safely located four people and there's two still missing."

It is not known if the people are rock fisherman, students or holiday-makers.

Inspector Winmill said the Snapper Point headland with its large rocky cliffs was extremely dangerous.

"We've had so many people drown up there, lots of rock fisherman have drowned, one Canadian guy proposing to his girlfriend fell in the water and drowned," he said.

"A lot of people are never recovered, it's one of those areas. It's a treacherous bit of coastland."

Two police helicopters, Water Police, Ambulance SCAT Rescue and the Fire and Rescue NSW Cliff Rescue are involved.

Police said if the two are not found tonight then the search for them will resume in the morning.

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Drunk passenger sparks flight scare

The pilot of a Virgin Australia plane flying from Brisbane to the Indonesian holiday island of Bali reports a hijacking attempt, after a passenger tries to enter the cockpit. Sarah Toms reports.

Allegedly tried to enter cockpit ... Australian Matt Lockley, 28, is escorted by Indonesian Air Force officers at Ngurah rai Airport in Bali.

AN allegedly drunk passenger on board a Brisbane to Bali flight sparked a major drama, causing Denpasar airport to close and go on high alert when it was initially reported he was a hijacker.

Matt Christopher Lockley was arrested by military police and taken in for questioning after the

Virgin Australia flight landed safely at Ngurah Rai airport.

Handcuffed and being led away from plane at gunpoint ... Matt Lockley is taken from the Virgin Australia flight at Denpasar. Source: Supplied


The mid-air drama began when the plane's crew pressed an emergency button which sent an automatic signal to air traffic controllers in Denpasar and Makassar.

It was about 30 minutes before the plane's scheduled landing time and the plane was 180 nautical miles from Denpasar.

Authorities in Bali believed the plane had been hijacked and rushed to put in place emergency procedures.

Attempted to enter cockpit ... Matt Lockley, 28 was arrested and is taken to police at the airport in Denpasar, Bali. Source: News Corp Australia

The 27-year-old Lockley was last night being held in custody and interrogated by police. Authorities were still contemplating whether he would be criminally charged and with what offence. They have not ruled out charging him with hijack or causing fear in the community.

Two psychiatrists were brought in to examine him. Urine and blood samples were taken for analysis of alcohol or drugs.

Co-manager at Bali airport, I Gusti Ngurah Ardita said that Lockley's condition looked "unstable".

He said that during interrogation Lockley told police that he banged on the cockpit door because he needed medication which was in his baggage. The pilot had pressed the emergency button. Medication was in Lockley's possession and authorities were still checkingwhat it was for.

As Lockley was moved from one office to another by officials he made no comment. Photographs of his arrest show him being led from the Virgin Australia plane by heavily armed military police.

He was initially taken in for questioning by the military which has jurisdiction at the airport but was later handed over to Bali police who said they would interview him along with the plane's cabin crew.

Heavily guarded ... Matt Lockley is taken into the airport after being arrested on arrival at Ngurah Rai airport. Source: AFP

Police revealed Lockley is the holder of a Queensland driver's licence and had a licence to perform high risk work and a plumbing industry council card, which were displayed during a press briefing.

Under Indonesian aviation law a person who commits an act to endanger flight safety and security faces two years in jail or one year for those who disturb a flight.

Lockley was later taken to Bali police headquarters in Denpasar where he was being further questioned.

Bali Police Chief, Inspector Benny Mokalu, said no-one had been injured in the incident.

All passengers had left the plane and gone to the hotels and holidays.

He said that after banging on the cockpit door, Lockley had been taken to the cabin crew area and was sitting there when heavily-armed police entered the plane at Ngurah Rai airport.

Insp Mokalu said that cabin crew had told police that Lockley appeared to be "paranoid" but it wasn't clear why.

Refused to comment ... Matt Lockley is seen at a holding room in Bali, Indonesia, Friday, after allegedly trying to attempt to break into the pilots' cockpit. Source: AP

Col Sugiharto Prapto Waluyo, the commander of base operations at Ngurah Rai, said information was first received about 2pm local time when it was reported that the plane had been hijacked.

Treating the information seriously, Bali police, military and airport officials immediate went into hijack mode. The airport was closed and personnel were deployed to handle a hijack drama.

"We received information about a hijacking at 2pm local time from the airport general manager and air traffic control Makassar. We then conduct the procedure, as the initial information is a hijack.

"We didn't know if there was something dangerous in the plane or not. Is there a bomb or what. When the plane landed we steered the plane to park in two seven runway because we can't communicate with the pilot," Col Waluyo said.

In dramatic scenes, police had positioned a vehicle in front of the plane after it stopped and armed officers raced to the scene.

"We implemented the hijack arrest procedure as we didn't know if it's a hijacker or not. Our team then caught him, handcuffed him and brought him from the plane.

Escorted into questioning ... Matt Lockley is handcuffed and pushed by Indonesian Air Force soldiers into Ngurah Rai airport in Denpasar. Source: AFP

The Virgin Australia flight 41 from Brisbane to Bali had 139 passengers on board including 137 adults, two children and six crew members

As the drama unfolded, air traffic control in Bali diverted seven incoming flights to Surabaya, in East Java, one to Lombok and five flights were delayed and stopped from taking off.

Initial reports from Indonesian military and media that suggested the plane had been hijacked was quickly dismissed when it became apparent the would-be cockpit impostor was reportedly a drunken or drug-affected Australian passenger.

Lockley was alleged to have been banging on the cockpit door of the plane, causing the pilots to become worried about a hijack. This was later dismissed.

Virgin's Bali manager Heru Sudjatmiko said it was a "miscommunication".

"I repeat, this is just a miscommunication. How the miscommunication occurred, I cannot answer because I wasn't there. But it's not true to say that the plane was hijacked," Mr Sudjatmiko told Idonesia's Metro TV station.

"I don't know exactly what happened when the pilot communicated with the air traffic controller at Ngurah Rai," he said.

The Denpasar City Police chief Adj. Commissioner DjokoHariutomo told Kompas media that a drunk passenger tried to enter the cockpit of the Boeing B737-300 plane.

"We deployed a lot of personnel because we are informed that an aircraft was hijacked," Djoko said.

Arrested and handcuffed and taken from commercial flight ... Police hold licenses of Matt Lockley who allegedly attempted to enter the cockpit of a Virgin Australia flight.; Source: Supplied

Palani Mohan, a passenger on a Garuda flight that was about to take off from Bali, said they were told an alleged hijacking had taken place at first, which would delay their flight.

"I saw at least five vehicles including military-style trucks, filled with men in uniform, rushing towards the plane.

"Then the Virgin plane taxied away, followed by the convoy of security forces. The flight attendant said it's been taken off to a different part of the airport.

"Bali airport seems to be in lockdown, we've been told no planes will be departing or arriving. The pilot's not allowing anyone off our plane."

A Virgin Australia spokesman said one other flight was affected en route from Sydney to Denpasar, and was diverted to Darwin Airport.

It was a decision made by the Indonesian authorities to shut Denpasar Airport, leaving multiple flights in the lurch.

"It depends on crew hours, but it is most likely that the plane will be refuelled tonight and then continue on to its destination," the spokesman said.

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Brothers’ decades of sex abuse

A secret report handed to Christian Brothers bosses in Rome revealed a 'sex underworld' in some Australian orphanages. Picture: Supplied Source: Supplied

A SECRET report handed to Christian Brothers bosses in Rome ­revealed a "sex underworld" in some of the order's Australian ­orphanages, with some monks raping up to 50 boys each.

The report, prepared in the early 1990s by the order's official historian, contained damning evidence the order's hierarchy in Australia knew decades earlier about the widespread abuse, but hid it.

"As long as outsiders do not ­become aware, we may hope for better times after the war," the principal of the Christian Brothers in Western Australia, Brother PA Conlon, wrote in 1941, according to the report.

In 1935, Brother Conlon had written to another brother about the possibility of "scandals".

Despite knowing of the abuse, the order negotiated with Catholic rescue societies in the UK and Malta for thousands of child ­migrants to be shipped to Australia. Picture: Supplied Source: News Limited

The report, which has never been made public in full, has been ­obtained by the child sex abuse royal commission. The commission is sitting in Perth next week to investigate the handling of abuse by the Christian Brothers at its four notorious ­orphanages in Western Australia.

Despite knowing of the abuse, which stretched back at least to 1920, the order negotiated with Catholic rescue societies in the UK and Malta for thousands of child ­migrants to be shipped to Australia.

Among the homes were Castledare, St Vincent's, St Mary's Agricultural School and Bindoon Farm School, all which will be investigated by the royal commission.

The existence of the report, written by Brother Barry Coldrey in 1993 and sent to the Superior-General of the Christian Brothers in Rome, surfaced in a NSW Supreme Court case the following year, brought against the order by more than 200 migrants. The case was settled and the report was suppressed by the court.

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Debris washes up near WA beach

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All the news you need to know.

DEBRIS washed up on a West Australian beach is being examined and photographed in a bid to find out if it has anything to do with missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370.

The debris was found washed ashore on a beach, 10km east of Augusta, and was reported to police.

Authorities say it is now at Bussellton police station where it has been photographed.

The images have been sent to Malaysian officials and to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau.

Mystery jet ... A shadow of a Royal New Zealand air force P-3 Orion aircraft involved in the search for the missing plane. Picture: Rob Griffith

The Australian-lead Joint Agency Coordination Centre said the photos were being examined "to determine whether further physical analysis is required and if there is any relevance to the search of missing flight MH370".

But the JACC would not comment further and the head of Malaysia's Civil Aviation Department, Azharuddin Abdul Rahman, told a press briefing in Kuala Lumpur the possible debris was not confirmed to be related to the plane.

Speaking alongside the country's Defence and acting Transport Minister, Hishammuddin Hussein, both men initially appeared puzzled by suggestions any part of the plane could possibly have been found on a WA beach.

Later Mr Rahman said: "That's not been verified yet as a part of the aircraft, we have not received any verification, any information that is related to MH370."

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau is also investigating the debris which was found this afternoon.

The debris will be given to the Australian Maritime Safety Authority later tonight.

Investigators are urging people to be cautious of the debris and its origin, saying the more they look at it, the "less excited" they are.

Another report claimed aircraft debris had been found in the Scott River in the south-west of WA.

Nine News reports three objects have washed up, one is believed to be the length of a car with "distinct rivets".

WA INVESTIGATION: Is it MH370 plane debris? Follow the updates.

The news comes as Prime Minister Tony Abbott has declared Australia won't be abandoning the search for MH370, even if no wreckage is located during the underwater search.

Is it MH370? ... Debris has been found near the coast off Western Australia. Source: News Corp Australia

The air search for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane has been suspended for the second day in a row due to poor weather.

Officials say heavy seas and poor visibility are making the air search ineffective and potentially hazardous.

The Prime Minister said he had "no advice whatsoever" to suggest there is any truth in claims the plane may have landed somewhere.

"Our expert advice is that the aircraft went down somewhere in the Indian Ocean, we have identified a probable impact zone, which is about 700km long, about 80km wide," Mr Abbott told reporters in Canberra.

Waiting for news ... Chinese relatives of passengers on the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 rest during a meeting at the Metro Park Hotel in Beijing. Source: AFP

Despite not finding any trace of the plane yet, the search isn't finished, he said.

"Australia will not rest until we have done everything we humanely can to get to the bottom of this mystery," Mr Abbott insisted.

"We are not going to abandon the families of the six Australian citizens that were on the plane. We are not going to let down the families of the 239 people on that plane by lightly surrendering while there is reasonable hope of finding something."

He said even if at the end of scouring the underwater search area crews locate nothing, it won't be abandoned.

"We may well rethink the search but we will not rest until we have done everything we can to solve this mystery.

"We owe it to the families of the 239 people on board, we owe it to the hundreds of millions, indeed billions of people who travel by air, to try to get to the bottom of this.

"The only way we can get to the bottom of this is to keep searching the probable impact zone until we find something or until we have searched it as thoroughly as human ingenuity allows at this time."

Malaysian authorities last night announced that an international investigations team, comprising experts from all around the world, will be set up to investigate the unprecedented missing plane.

Mr Hussein said the team would look at three aspects — operational, human and medical — but would not address criminal aspects which are being handled by the Malaysian police.

Members of the team will be announced next week. Mr Hussein said the team would work under terms of reference to be drafted by the Ministry of Transport.

And Mr Hussein also vowed that the search for the plane would continue.

He said that after the current search area, which has now been 80 per cent completed, was finished assets, including more undersea vessels, would be added to the search.

The New Straits Times quoted sources close to the investigation saying that the failure to turn up any debris at the current southern Indian Ocean search site was causing a rethink among investigators.

Sombre ... A man stands in front of a billboard in support of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 as Chinese relatives of passengers on the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 have a meeting at the Metro Park Hotel in Beijing. Source: AFP

The latest report comes as authorities prepare to send the robotic vehicle underwater today for mission number 10.

After being suspended yesterday, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority has planned a visual search today about 855 kilometres north west of Perth.

But again the weather may affect the effort, with heavy rain, widespread low cloud and south easterly winds predicted.

Visibility is expected to be limited to one kilometre.

Sources told the New Straits Times that they were considering revisiting the scenario that the plane had landed at an unknown location.

"The thought of it landing somewhere else is not impossible, as we have not found a single debris that could be linked to MH370. However, the possibility of a specific country hiding the plane when more than 20 nations are searching for it, seems absurd," the sources said.

The sources told the paper that another possibility was that the plane had crash landed in a remote spot.

Anguish ... Relatives of the missing MH370 passengers at the Metro Park Hotel in Beijing. Picture: Wang Zhao Source: AFP

MH370 went missing March 8 on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing along with its crew and 227 passengers, most of them Chinese.

The hunt for the jet has focused on a search area about 1500km north west of Perth after pings believed to be from the plane's black boxes were detected there.

The air search has been suspended due to bad weather as a result of Tropical Cyclone Jack.

"It has been determined that the current weather conditions are resulting in heavy seas and poor visibility, and would make any air search activities ineffective and potentially hazardous," the Joint Agency Coordination Centre said in a statement.

Up to 10 military aircraft were part of the visual search. The 10 ships involved in the search will be able to continue their planned activities.

The unmanned submersible Bluefin-21 is still scouring the ocean depths on its ninth mission trying to locate wreckage from MH370.

So far it has searched about two thirds of the underwater area, with no contacts of interest found to date.

Unhappy with investigation ... Sarah Bajc with her boyfriend Philip Wood, a passenger on MH370. Picture: Facebook Source: Supplied

Meantime, family members of passengers lost on the missing flight have criticised the Malaysian government for an investigation they say has been mismanaged.

Appearing on US morning television, Sarah Bajc, the girlfriend of MH370 American passenger Philip Wood, told Today host Matt Lauer passengers' loved ones all just "wanted to go back to square one".

"We just don't believe they're using proper evaluative techniques to check the data," she said. "It's day 45 and we're basically on the same position we were on the first day."

Ongoing search ... The unmanned submersible Bluefin-21 is still scouring the ocean depths. Source: Getty Images

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Buddy Franklin involved in Rose Bay car crash

Three cars involved in the crash / Picture: Craig McDonald/Twitter Source: Supplied

SYDNEY Swans $10m recruit Lance "Buddy" Franklin has been caught in a new bingle.

The club's star recruit was interviewed by police after a car crash in Sydney's eastern suburbs.

Franklin, 27, was understood to have been driving along New South Head Road, Rose Bay, near Cranbrook Road, when he lost control of his vehicle and slammed into four parked cars, about 7.05pm Wednesday night.

The car, a Jeep Grand Cherokee, is believed to belong to his girlfriend, television presenter and model Jesinta Campbell.

Photos of the crash quickly appeared on Twitter with Rose Bay resident Craig McDonald tweeting: "Buddy Franklin has just totalled three parked cars on New South Head road outside my place."

Pictures show the 4WD smashed head-on into the vehicles, causing serious damage to the hood and deflating the air-bags.

Police attended the scene and were seen taking a statement from Franklin about the crash.

A spokesman from Rose Bay police station said Franklin returned a negative blood alcohol test.

Police said no one was injured in the crash and the driver, who they described as 27-year-old man from Bondi, was believed to be travelling alone at the time.

Franklin left the scene with friends and his car was towed away.

Rose Bay resident Phoebe Edwards, owner of one of the vehicles, said: "I just came out to take the rubbish out and someone has wiped out the back of my car."

It's not the first time Franklin has experienced car trouble since relocating to Sydney.

Earlier this year teammate Dan Hannebery crashed Franklin's Mercedes.

"Franklin had lent the car to teammate Dan Hannebery. Franklin was not driving nor was he a passenger in the car," the club said at the time.

One of the cars involved in the crash / Picture: Simon Palan/Twitter Source: Supplied

Model Jesinta Campbell and boyfriend Buddy Franklin / Picture: Instagram Source: Supplied

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The royal effect: We’ll reap millions

Fans in Adelaide show their excitement for the arrival of Prince William and Kate during the Australian Royal Tour. Courtesy: Channel Ten

THE young royal family's picture postcard tour Down Under is set to inject tens of millions into the coffers of Australian tourism operators.

Recent high profile visits by US TV stars Oprah and Ellen led to a record number of Americans visiting Australia last year, and the tourism industry says it expects a similar pay-off from the 10-day visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince George.

Analysts predict it could lead to an additional $50-60 million in tourist spending driven by a boost in visitors from Britain, with even more from other countries.

ROYAL DIARY: Kate and Wills in Adelaide

The visit has taken in some of the country's best-known tourist attractions such as the Opera House, Taronga Zoo, the Blue Mountains and Uluru, as well as some lesser-known highlights.

The royals take in Uluru in a photo opportunity captured by the world's media. Picture: Getty Source: Getty Images

One of the stars of the royal tour has been Taronga Zoo's bilby named George. Picture: Getty Source: Getty Images

Blue Mountains Lithgow & Oberon Tourism chief executive Randall Walker said the impact of the royals' visit to the Blue Mountains last Thursday was "priceless", with the images of the couple at Echo Point and The Three Sisters beamed to potential visitors across the globe.

"It's really about the awareness that the royal couple bring from their visit and through helping to communicate an experience," he said.

"It has a priceless impact on consumer behaviour."

According to search data from booking website, Australian destinations visited by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince George have already seen a 41 per cent increase in interest, with Adelaide witnessing a whopping 213 per cent growth in searches.

THEN AND NOW: Royals' Uluru visits compared

And the luxury Uluru resort where the couple stayed Tuesday night, Longitude 131°, has reported a massive spike in web traffic.

Lodge operator Baillie Lodges said hits on the Longitude 131° website had been recorded at up to 250 per second during the royal visit, at times challenging the server's capacity.

THE ROYAL TENT: What it's like at Longitude 131

The visit also comes at a good time for tourism from the UK, with an increase in British visitors driven by the Ashes and last year's visit by the British Lions in June and July.

Australian Bureau of Statistics figures show the number of UK arrivals jumped 6.8 per cent in 2013 to 634,100.

Destinations including the bushfire-affected Blue Mountains are set to benefit from the tour. Picture: Getty Source: Getty Images

The latest International Visitor Survey also shows Britain is Australia's most valuable international leisure market in terms of total spend — contributing 15 per cent, or $2.4 billion, of the total for all inbound leisure visitors to Australia.

Tourism Australia managing director John O'Sullivan said he was confident the visit was already paying dividends.

"Some of our country's most famous tourism attractions have provided perfect backdrops for images beamed around the world — the Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains, Sydney Harbour and the Opera House, the Sydney Show, Taronga Zoo, the nippers' demo on Manly Beach and, of course, the spectacular footage at one of our country's greatest icons, Uluru," he said.

Duchess of Cambridge greets surf life savers at Manly Beach. Picture: Getty Source: Getty Images

Oprah Winfrey's visit brought a wave of US tourists. Picture: Getty Source: Getty Images

"These images are 'tourism gold' — the kind of international exposure that is difficult to put a price on and which will undoubtedly inspire many onlookers around the world to follow in their footsteps by booking a holiday of their own Down Under."

High profile visits by US TV stars Oprah Winfrey in 2010 and Ellen DeGeneres last year have contributed to a surge in Americans visiting Australia, demonstrating the impact of celebrity visits in driving tourist arrivals.

The other royal effect - Prince Frederik and Princess Mary in Sydney. Picture: Cameron Richardson Source: News Limited

Last year, a total of 508,700 Americans visited Australia — up 6.2 per cent for the year.

Princess Mary's marriage to Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark in 2004 has also been credited with increasing Danish tourism to Australia, demonstrating that royalty also maintains its pulling power.

With estimates the royal tour will cost Australian taxpayers more than $2 million, tourism expert Dr David Beirman from the University of Technology Sydney said it may take several months for a boost in interest to translate into bookings.

However, he said the visit had "provided a lot of good promotion of Australia" and predicted it "would more than pay itself off".

"Ten days of exposure of a royal visit will certainly have some impact," he said.

"Australia already rates very highly from an aspirational point of view in the UK."

Royal tour highlights

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‘She’s a man’: Housewives star Gina bites back

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The Real Housewives of Melbourne (L-R): Lydia Schiavello, Andrea Moss, Chyka Keebaugh, Gina Liano, Janet Roach, Jackie Gillies. Source: News Limited

FOR weeks now, Real Housewives of Melbourne audience favourite Gina Liano has brushed off verbal attacks from several of the other cast members: She's late. She's rude. She's ugly. She's poor.

This week, she hits back.

But we'll get to that. Housewives being Housewives, episode nine opens with a booze-fuelled shopping trip (speaking of, did you test out our Housewives drinking game while you watched? If so, have you sought medical treatment?).

Janet and Chyka pop in for a visit to David Jones. Here's what 'shopping' looks like when you're unspeakably wealthy:

"Shopping is HARD." Source: Foxtel

Chyka asks Janet if she enjoyed her party in last week's episode — in particular, the surprise appearance by Gina.

"I nearly died. The crowd parted and Darth Vader appeared," Janet says, which we assume isn't a reference to Gina's magnificent hair-helmet.

Next up, we're with Gina, who's having a coffee with a representative from a dating agency. Yes, 'geographically impossible' relationship behind her, Gina's dipping her pedicured toe back into the singles scene.

Trudy from Elite Introductions asks Gina what she doesn't want in a man.

"If they've got a saliva problem or their thumbs stick out."

And that's literally it, fellas — all non-drooling, petite-thumbed applicants most welcome.

We'll get back to Gina's love life in a moment, but next we're at Lydia's house for the introduction of a new face, her housekeeper Johanna.

This woman deserves a medal. Source: Foxtel

"The hired help I've got is a very beautiful girl. I found her on the street," says Lydia, who sits intently in the kitchen and watches Johanna peel a carrot.

"I love the way you do that," she says, clearly awed. "Who taught you how to do that?"

"No-one," Johanna says, patiently. This isn't the first time she's had to field these sorts of questions from Lydia.

Lydia tells a story about her deep and special bond with Johanna.

"One morning when Johanna came into work, she came in with what looked like a huge tree. I said, 'Johanna, what have you found?' She had tears rolling down her face and said 'This is for you'. She had bought her family an acre of farm. They grow coconut and do all sorts of things. She's so appreciative — she's a saver."

Does anyone know what ANY of that meant? Answers on the back of a postcard, please.

This picture perfectly sums up Lydia and Johanna's relationship. Source: Foxtel

Lydia finishes with this appraisal of her "hired help":

"Johanna is more than a housekeeper, she's my very beautiful friend. She's my housefriend."


Next we head to Jackie's house, where Chyka's dropping by to help with her La Mascara cocktail range. Now, Jackie has been known to describe absolutely everything in her life as 'having a real J Lo vibe,' but the intercom she has in her house seems like it's come straight out of the If You Had My Love video.

Wow, this intercom is giving me a real J Lo vibe. Source: Foxtel

With International Rock Star Ben and packaging designer Anton in tow, Jackie and Chyka go through the label mock-ups for La Mascara.

"Jackie and Ben actually created the artwork," says Anton.

"Here it is!" Jackie announces, theatrically throwing off a sheet to reveal the monstrosity she created while under some sort of psychic feather trance a few episodes back.

Yes, all art is subjective. However, this art is terrible. Source: Foxtel

"Oh my god," Chyka says quietly.

"I don't live in the real world," Jackie says, redundantly.

Chyka makes a hasty exit, because she's organised a shopping day for herself, Lydia, Andrea and Gina. She's hired a limo for the occasion and one by one, she collects the girls — including sworn enemies Gina and Andrea. It's ... pretty awkward.

Remember, Gina: Her vision is based on movement. Source: Foxtel

In a piece to camera, Gina helpfully sums up her issue with Andrea:

"You know if you don't care if someone's dead or alive? That's it."

Well, that's cleared that up then.

The foursome arrive at a Prue and Trude-esque homewares store for a look around. As they shop, Gina tells Chyka and Lydia she's planning a 'Girls Night In' event to raise money for a cancer charity. Given their frosty relationship, she's not sure if she should invite Andrea.

Lydia tells her to get over it.

"I'm not sure what part she wanted me to get over — the part that Andrea had morphed into a man? That she was aggressive? That she despised me?"

Gina's clearly quite chuffed with that 'morphed into a man' line, and she'll revisit it later in the episode.

Andrea and Lydia begin stage-whispering insults about Gina while she's browsing through the store just a few feet away.

Subtle, guys. Subtle. Source: Foxtel

At home later, Gina gets a call from Daryl, a potential match from the dating agency, who asks her out for a meal. She tells him she'll send him a message to "firm it up". Wait...they haven't even gone on a date and already she's sexting him?

Next we're in the studio with Jackie and Ben, who's hard at work on a new album. Yes, music fans, you breathe a sigh of relief: the drummer from Silverchair is working on fresh solo material.

Janet turns up at the studio, because clearly you can't make a good grunge-rock record without the presence of a 55-year-old property developer from Toorak.

"Oh Janet, I haven't rocked this hard since Rumba 2001!" Source: Foxtel

As Ben 'jams' (we promise we'll never use that term again), Janet and Jackie start doing embarrassing Valerie Cherish dancing. It feels like Janet's dangerously close to gathering the kids around and telling them stories about her days as a Leo Sayer groupie.

Jackie explains to Janet that Ben is so talented, he can play just about any instrument.

"Even he can play the harmonica?" Janet asks, wide-eyed.

Yes, Janet. Even he can play the harmonica.

The next day, we're at Chyka's house as she hosts a dress-up party for the other Housewives' dogs in an attempt to diffuse the growing tensions in the group.

"Everything was getting out of hand, so I decided it was time to have a party for our dogs," says Chyka. We may have fallen too far into the Housewives rabbit hole because this sounds completely reasonable to us. Please send help.

The girls crack open the champagne, because obviously you can't have a dog costume party without getting tanked.

"When's the stripper arriving?" Source: Foxtel

True to form, Gina's late to the dog party. When she does show up, Andrea's immediately pissed off.

"She called me a slang word for female external genitalia," Andrea says, recounting her problems with Gina. Dear reader, we'll admit we haven't spent a lot of time in that particular area, but if YOUR female genitalia is entirely external, we suggest you seek urgent medical attention.

Soon enough, the dogs are dressed in outfits that demean both animal and human.

"Please, put me in a shelter." Source: Foxtel

"The dogs behaved beautifully — there was no dog fighting," Chyka says, and we're genuinely unsure whether she's referring to the animals or the other Housewives.

Pooches sufficiently humiliated, the cameras follow Jackie and Ben as they visit the venue where they'll hold the La Mascara launch. The bar owner asks for some details about the drink they'll be launching — indeed, serving — in just a few weeks' time, and the couple speak vaguely about 'concepts' and 'vibes'. It's clear they're still hopelessly behind schedule.

"I do know one thing, the angels are on my side," says Jackie.

Ben asks, for the first time, what might happen if the angels AREN'T on their side — if La Mascara isn't the biggest thing to hit the liquor market since some bright spark thought to mix Midori and lemonade. Jackie does not respond well to all this 'neggo' talk:

"If youse mess with me I'll get my angels on to youse" Source: Foxtel

In the next scene, all the Housewives (sans Gina, naturally) head to a horse racing soiree hosted by Emirates. Brynne Edelsten is also in attendance at the party and Lydia gets VERY territorial - seems there's only room for one D-list hornbag in this town:

Gina's been stirring the pot off-camera this week: apparently she phoned Lydia to let her know that, a few episodes back, Janet had called her 'brainless.' Lydia decides to confront Janet, who gets very cranky.

"I did not say you were brainless, I said you were not very bright!"

That seems like splitting hairs to us, but thankfully we're provided with a flashback to the incident to refresh our memories. AND WE QUOTE: "Who cares about Lydia. She's friggin' brainless!"

Lydia, Andrea and Janet all launch into Gina while Jackie watches on excitedly.

"This bowl of salad is giving me a real J Lo vibe" Source: Foxtel

Janet and Gina meet up for a one-on-one showdown to close the show. Gina's dressed from head to toe in angelic white, Janet all in black — make of that costume decision what you will.

The pair rake over the problems that have emerged between them in recent weeks: Gina's persistent lateness; Janet siding with Andrea and Lydia whenever they attack Gina.

Gina finds time to mention that "Andrea morphed into a man" (second time around, she still loves that line).

Andrea and Gina: The showdown. Source: Foxtel

"Do you think the way they behaved at Mission Beach was acceptable?" asks Gina.

"Yes I do."

"Well, that's the end of the friendship then."

It's all pretty sad, to be honest. Fights between Andrea and Gina are a guilty pleasure because the pair weren't friends before the show started and they won't be friends afterwards — with no emotional investment, it's just a fabulously boozy bitch-off.

But here we are, nine episodes in, and it appears the 20-year friendship between Janet and Gina is over.

Furious, Janet leaves the table and storms off into the night. Of course, Housewives being Housewives, she does so while still glugging her glass of wine, which somewhat lessens the intended effect:

"I am LEAVING! Hold up just lemme finish this delicious sem sav blanc" Source: Foxtel

The Real Housewives of Melbourne screens 8:30pm Sundays on Arena and if you aren't watching it you need to re-evaluate your life choices.

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