The craziest lawsuits ever filed against celebs

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have targeted with some odd lawsuits. Source: Getty Images

KIM Kardashian's butt isn't just the most viewed — it's the most sued.

The reality TV star is one of the most popular targets of "pro se" lawsuits, the often unhinged legal actions filed without the help of an attorney. Looking for someone to blame for their troubles — or perhaps just looking for attention — plaintiffs like to accuse the rich and famous.

For celebrities, it comes with the territory, said lawyer Martin Garbus, whose high-profile clients have included Lenny Bruce, author Terry McMillan, Michael Moore, Robert Redford and Nelson Mandela.

"I think nobody likes it. I think after a while, you learn to deal with it," he said.

Most pro se cases filed in court against celebrities are tossed before the defendant is even aware they're filed, Garbus said.

"It's very easy, it's very gratifying" for some folks to sue the famous, he said.

Here's a look at some of the alleged wrongdoings of celebrities, based on the cases filed against them.

Kim Kardashian probably laughs at some of these lawsuits. Source: Getty Images

Kim's Kongress:

Before she fell for Kanye, the bootylicious Kim Kardashian had a steamy affair with Florida Senator Marco Rubio in the state capital in Tallahassee — and this plaintiff claims to have the sex tape to prove it!

"I am in possession of this sex tape that Marco Rubio & Kim Kardashian has made and the defendants collectively have been threatening my life with murder, death threats, and bodily harm unless I return the tape to them," says Jonathan Kimberly, a Florida man who lists the Boca Raton headquarters of the National Enquirer as his address.

He sought, but didn't get, a restraining order.

In a separate suit filed in Kentucky (where Kimberly uses the headquarters of media company Gannett as his address), he claims Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian "sped up to me in a A-team van, jumped out with burglar masks and crow bars and began bashing my head … and Kim Kardashian jammed the water hose in my mouth, Khloe pushed a squeegee in my face, I was lathered down with hot soapy water by the defendants which offended me."

He didn't get a restraining order in that case, either.

Kim Kardashian gets sued all the time, the price of fame. Source: Getty Images

More Kim Shenanigans:

A Brooklyn man also claimed to have the dirt on Kardashian — including steamy encounters with quarterback Tim Tebow and Minnesota Republican Michele Bachmann.

Gino Romano alleged this in separate 2012 lawsuits that also claimed the Kardashians ran an "Armenian terrorist training camp in Central Illinois."

Kim and Bachmann apparently got it on at "a Cedar Rapids Wendys," Romano says in an Iowa lawsuit seeking a restraining order.

"I saw Bachmann & Kim Kardashian drinking a Frosty together with 1 straw both wearing 101 Dalmations T-shirts," the filing reads.

"After I saw Kim Kardashian & Bachmann French kissing, I yelled out to Bachmann, 'You lied, You lied to American,' and Bachmann took her shoes off and threw them at my head.

"Kim Kardashian threw her used underwear at me — I got a STD from it."

Romano claims in a Florida filing that he got his hands on a sex tape Kim made "with Tim Tebow dressed as a devil."

Jay Z and Beyonce with daughter Blue Ivy Carter onstage during the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards. Source: Getty Images

I'm Blue Ivy's Mum:

A Bronx woman who went to court against Kardashian, Beyonce and Mariah Carey, implying she's really the mother of the superstars' offspring, says she's really just misunderstood.

Tina Seals, 43, told The Post she never meant to imply she was the real mother of Beyonce's baby Blue Ivy, or songstress Carey's twins, or Kardashian's daughter, when she filed lawsuits this summer in Manhattan Federal court against the stars claiming to be "associated with" them, and asking to "verify maternity."

"I didn't know it was going to be such a firestorm," she told The Post when asked about her claims, before launching into an explanation — sort of — of how she believes her DNA is being "trafficked."

Instead of getting knocked up the old fashioned way, celebrities, Seals says, often use "services" to get pregnant. The mother of three grown children, who believes a baby was recently stolen out of her own body, says the stars need to know their babies could have come from illicit genetic material.

So naturally, she asked Carey in court papers for "five vocal sessions with Moriah's [sic] vocal coach 5 cd's produced mixed mastered distributed by Moriah's label with her featured on one and all five endorsed by her."

When it comes to Blue Ivy, daughter of Beyonce and Jay-Z, Seals is much more direct.

"I was associated with defendants in a quasi arrangement during the time at Blue Ivy's birth and would like to verify maternity."

She also wants "mandated mediation pending test results" because, "I desire to preserve this relationship as these are great people!"

Gwyneth Paltrow is NOT dating Donald Sterling. Source: Getty Images

Gwyneth and Sterling:

"I ain't the real Chris Martin da singer, But [sic] Donald Sterling of the Clippers think [sic] I am," a man named Chris Martin wrote in a July lawsuit filed in Florida, in which he seeks $10 million and an emergency restraining order against Sterling and — who else? — actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

The pair, Martin explains matter-of-factly, are lovers, for which Paltrow gets paid $500,000 a month so the two can "breed" tall, blonde, blue-eyed offspring "under Sterlings Nazi Aryan Beliefs."

Sterling threatened him in an apparent case of mistaken identity, according to Martin: "My phone rings, and at the same time a rock throws through my window and tires screeched away. I pick up the phone and it's Donald Sterling.

"I catfish yo chick Gywyneth [sic]," Sterling allegedly taunted. "Back off ... Cold Play sucks."

Martin, not the singer, insists, ""I'm just a innocent victim — wrong Chris Martin. I'm also gay and I smoke medical marijuana and I got PTSD from the illegal war in Iraq, so I don't need this crap and feel like a mouse trapped ... I don't want no more Sterling calls.

"I'm in danger. I'm an emotional wreck. I seek $10 million dollars."

Martin, who put down the Manhattan headquarters of pharmaceutical giant Pfizer as his address, got nada.

Some guy wanted royalties from Michael Jackson's Thriller. The judge told him to beat it. Source: Supplied

It's a Thriller:

When your dad is the Godfather of Soul, you're bound to pen some hit music, right?

Colorado man Vincent E. Loggins — who claims he was fathered by James Brown in Kingston, Jamaica — accused music legends Diana Ross, Smoky Robinson [sic] and famed Motown producer Berry Gordie in 2010 of taking music from him, and asked for Quincy Jones and rapper Ice Tea to serve as character witnesses.

But what he really wanted, Loggins said, was royalties from Michael Jackson's Thriller, the lyrics of which he claims he "scribbled on pulp wrote with indian ink ... while residing in the state of Oklahoma."

Bad boy Bieber is no stranger to being in court. Source: Supplied

$800 Billion Please:

She's leaving nothing to chance.

A San Jose, Calif., woman named Suki Lee had a beef with a wide variety of folks, including Justin Bieber, actress Keke Palmer, TLC rapper T-Boz, and each of their "entire" families, as well as the CEO of Twitter, because the social media platform "has allowed Keke Palmer to impersonate [her]."

That is, when the artists aren't "stealing [her] music off the internet and saleing [sic] it for millions of dollars."

For her troubles, Lee asked a judge to award her $800 billion in damages — which was denied when her case was tossed.

Is Dancing With The Stars discriminatory? A judge said no. Picture: Mike Keating. Source: News Corp Australia

Footloose in a Federal Pen:

A Pennsylvania crook with a penchant for filing wacky federal lawsuits outdid himself in 2010 when he sued the cast of Dancing with the Stars — which at the time included actress Shannen Doherty, Erin Andrews, NFLer Chad Ochocinco and astronaut Buzz Aldrin — for "promoting adultery."

Jonathan Lee Riches, a federal prison inmate who by some estimates has filed 5,000 frivolous lawsuits nationwide, claimed the TV show was "discriminating against ... Muslim faith by promoting adultery and dancing is forbidden in Islam and we are being forced to watch the defendants enjoy themselves on television while billions of people in the world cannot afford a TV set."

Riches insisted he wasn't alone: he listed Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the Underwear Bomber, as his co-plaintiff. He filed from a Kentucky prison, where Riches was serving time for wire fraud.

"Defendants don't care about global hunger and defendants dirty dancing acts offends us, and promotes sexual activity for minors watching the show," the suit charged.

Riches demanded a restraining order, but a judge, citing Riches history of litigation — which includes posing as Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff and suing himself — shot down the suit.

Some guy reckons he writes all of Jay-Z's songs. Source: AFP

99 Problems, and He's One:

So where does Jay-Z get his inspiration? A Florida man has the answer.

"I ghost write for Mr. Carter all the way to 2014," writes Jeffney Philistin in an October lawsuit against Jay-Z, whose given name is Shawn Carter, and the rapper's superstar wife, Beyonce.

Philistin, 27, who is serving a 30-year prison sentence for robbery in Florida, says he began corresponding with Jay-Z back in 2010, through a fellow inmate named "Chuck," who encouraged Philistin to send Jay-Z lyrics through the mail so "he can up grade in this new era."

Months later, Philistin claims, he heard Jay-Z using his words on a single from the disc Watch the Throne.

"Mr. Carter has stolen the plaintiff lyrics, style, physical image through his lyrics. Also the plaintiff have given [sic] the defendant Mr. Carter ideas on how to write lyrics, how to zone rap, and other ideas how to write in universal god language."

Philistin, who has been in jail since 2006, says Jay-Z even wrote him a letter, admitting that it was Philistin who "gave [him] the most help in this music industry, but I refuse to pay you. I know you are thinking I am a millionaire but that's just how it is I have con [sic] you."

Because he hasn't gotten his promised payment, the prison inmate is demanding $90 million in damages.

Don't mess with Clint Eastwood. Source: News Corp Australia


A Michigan woman seeking a cool $343 million in damages says her screenplays have been repeatedly pilfered by none other than Dirty Harry.

In a lengthy tale of corruption, theft and family despair, Jill Crittenden alleges Clint Eastwood stole a screenplay she wrote, after it was lifted by co-workers who burgled her home.

Jill Crittenden sought a 2012 search warrant for all of the "banks and properties" of the actor-director, along with 24 other defendants ranging from her ex-colleagues to Disney.

But it wasn't the first time she and Eastwood crossed paths, Crittenden said. "I had thrown a screenplay called Divine Love over the fence of Clint Eastwoods and had tried to met [sic] him but learned later he was a subsidiary of Time Warner ... I was too poor to fight Clint Eastwood and his cleverness."

A judge did not make her day — shooting the suit down in court.

This article originally appeared in the New York Post.

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Jake Gyllenhaal’s incredible transformation

Jake Gyllenhaal minus the muscle. Source: AP

JAKE Gyllenhaal isn't exactly known to be your typical big guy in Hollywood.

But to get into character for an upcoming film, he has transformed into a completely different person.

Gyllenhaal packed on 7kg of pure muscle to play Billy "The Great" Hope, a championship prize fighter for next year's Southpaw. Like any boxing drama, his character has lost everything in a personal tragedy and is forced to fight his way back through his boxing dream.

This isn't the first time Gyllenhaal has had to dramatically change his weight for a role. He lost around 10kg last year to play the adrenaline junkie camera man Lou Bloom in this year's thriller Nightcrawler.

Jake Gyllenhaal underwent an exreme transformation for his role in 'Nightcrawler', dropping an incredible 15kg and scaring his mother in the process.

Jake Gyllenhaal looking much skinnier in Nightcrawler. Source: Supplied

Similarly, Matthew McConaughey made a huge weight shift going from big and muscly in Magic Mike to extremely skinny in the Oscar-winning Dallas Buyers Club.

To this. Source: Supplied

From this. Source: News Limited

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Free things on the internet you need to use

The internet is a haven for so much more than most realise. Source: Supplied

THE internet is one of the greatest resources that man has ever invented.

It is a huge database of pretty much everything we have ever wanted to know. But instead of watching cat videos or pirating Game of Thrones, you should be taking advantage of all of this cool free stuff right at your fingertips.

Google Drive/Dropbox — A surprising number of people don't know this service exists. They are part of the cloud. Yes, that thing which stores all your information online. Both Google Drive and Dropbox will let you upload all your photos and documents online so they can be accessed on any computer, phone or tablet at any time. Super handy.

Instant free credit check — Thinking of getting a loan for a new car? Run a quick check through this site to make sure your credit is in order.

Oz Bargain — Do you order things online without searching for a discount? Stop being a chump and get on Oz Bargains. Whether it be food, clothes or electronics, chances are Oz Bargain has a code that will at least save you a little bit of money.

Ted Talks — These speeches cover a wide range of topics and can be inspiring, informative or just entertaining and interesting. Many famous people have given talks including Stephen Hawking and Steve Jobs. Most only take around 15 minutes and we guarantee you'll feel smarter at the end.

Wolfram Alpha — This is your answer to everything. Literally. Ask any question, whether it be your kid's calculus homework, nutrition facts on any food or the exact chance you have when gambling. All will be revealed.

Open Yale Courses — This is a free selection of introductory courses taught by teachers and scholars from the renowned Yale university. You won't get a degree out of it, but it will certainly teach you a lot.

iTunes U — Similar to Open Yale Courses, iTunes U is a set of free podcasts on various subjects from different universities and colleges. — This is not a source for you to get free rice. Rather, it's a source for you to give free rice to the disadvantaged. All you have to do is play a quiz game on the site, and the ad revenue the site makes from you being on there is used to buy rice for those in need.

Learn things while you do good. Source: Supplied

Pandora — This is perfect for when you just want to have music on in the background. Just pick an artist, song or genre and Pandora will make a 'radio station' of songs based around the track you picked.

7 Cups of tea — Feel like you just need someone to talk to? 7 Cups of Tea is a place where you can head and talk to trained active listeners. It's free, anonymous and everything is confidential.

Duolingo — A great site that teaches you languages for free.

F.lux — Did you know that using your phone or computer before you go to sleep is bad for you? Well it is. F.lux wants to help you, it changes the colours of your screen to reduce eye strain. While you still probably should drop the phone, this is the next best thing.

Cards Against Humanity — Why buy the hilarious, politically incorrect card game when you can just print it off yourself?

Get tech help for free — Having computer problems? Are the younger people in your life sick of you bugging them? Ask your question here and the friendly folk on the internet will help you through it.

Do you know a site that is useful? Share your tips in the comments below.

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The biggest gamble in space history

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An artist impression of Rosetta's lander Philae on the surface of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. AFP Source: AFP

ONE of the biggest gambles in space history comes to a climax this week when Europe attempts to make the first landing on a comet.

Speeding towards the Sun at 65,000km/h, a lab called Philae will detach from its mother ship Rosetta and head for a deep-space rendezvous laden with risk.

The 100kg probe will seek out a minuscule landing site on the treacherous surface of an object darker than coal, half a billion kilometres from home.

"It's not going to be an easy business," was the understated prediction of Philippe Gaudon of France's National Centre for Space (CNES) as the mission prepared to enter countdown mode.

The stakes facing Rosetta managers in Darmstadt, Germany are daunting as the 1.3 billion euro ($A1.95 billion) project reaches a peak.

Two decades of work have been poured into what could be a crowning moment in space exploration.

Scientists at the European Space Agency are making final preparations to land the first spacecraft on a comet next week. AP/Boris Roessler. Source: AP

The goal: the first laboratory research into the primeval matter of the Solar System — ancient ice and dust that, some experts believe, may have helped to sow life on Earth itself.

According to this theory, comets pounded the fledgling Earth 4.6 billion years ago, providing it with complex organic carbon molecules and precious water.

Rosetta has already sent home fascinating data on the comet, but Philae will provide the first on-the-ground assessment, using 10 instruments to study the comet's physical and chemical composition. Like Rosetta, it will wield a mass spectrometer, a hi-tech tool to analyse a sample's chemical signature, aimed at drawing up a complete carbon inventory.

The showstopper find would be molecules known as left-handed amino acids, the European Space Agency (ESA) says.

"These are the bricks with which all proteins on Earth are built," it says.

But getting Philae into position will be a white-knuckle ride. After its launch in 2004, Rosetta spent 10 years zigzagging around Earth and Mars, using the planets' gravitational pull as a slingshot to build up speed to reach its prey, Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.

No one knows what a comet's surface is like.

Is it hard and crusty, like a shell? Crumbly? Slippery? Is it brittle — will it crack, causing Philae to sink into some fudgy or spongey substance below?

Seeking to cover all the possibilities, Philae's designers have equipped the lander with three outstretched legs designed to dampen the impact.

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What happened to Eminem’s face?

Eminem speaks onstage at WSJ. Magazine 2014 Innovator Awards in New York City on November 5. Photo: Mike Coppola. Source: Getty Images

Eminem also known as Marshall Mathers made an appearance on ESPN and was acting very strange. Courtesy: ESPN

FIRST Renee Zellweger, now Eminem.

The internet is having a field day over Eminem's face doing what faces normally do over time — change.

The 42-year-old appeared at the Wall Street Journal's Innovation Awards in New York City this week looking thin, wrinkled and pale.

Twitter users and gossip sites speculated that Slim Shady's past drug abuse, and perhaps some recent nips and tucks, were the cause of his new look.

The 8 Mile star has been very open about his past drug abuse. In the documentary How to Make Money Selling Drugs, Eminem said he nearly died from his prescription pill addiction following an overdose.

"Had I got to the hospital about two hours later, I would have died," he said. "My organs were shutting down. My liver, kidneys, everything.

"They were gonna have to put me on dialysis, they didn't think I was gonna make it."

The rapper, whose real name is Marshall Mathers, checked into rehab in 2005 and took a three-year break from his career.

Eminem performing at the 2010 BET Awards. Photo: Frederick M. Brown. Source: Getty Images

Last month, actress Renée Zellweger made headlines after appearing at the Elle Women in Hollywood Awards last month looking noticeably different.

Renee Zellwerger, before and after. Photo: Frazer Harrison. Source: AP

She called the fuss over her looks was "silly.

"I'm glad folks think I look different!" she told People. "I'm living a different, happy, more fulfilling life, and I'm thrilled that perhaps it shows."

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Hamish and Andy drive the price up

Hamish and Andy are reportedly getting $4m each to return to drive time radio. Picture: Eugene Hyland Source: News Corp Australia

THEY'VE been called off the bench to help salvage what has been a horror year for Southern Cross Austereo but Hamish Blake and Andy Lee's return to the national drive slot has come at a huge cost.

The broadcaster is understood to be shelling out a whopping $4 million each per year to the duo, making them the highest paid FM radio announcers in the country.

Interestingly, it comes a year after Southern Cross Austereo failed to come to an agreement with Kyle Sandilands and Jackie 'O' Henderson to continue hosting breakfast on its 2Day FM station.

They were believed to be asking for a substantially lower fee of $2 million each to stay with the then almighty network where they had taken the top rating breakfast show to new heights.

Their departure from 2Day FM sent Southern Cross Austereo's stock price and audience share into a free fall. Kyle and Jackie O's new station, KiiS, and network, ARN, have soared to success in the Sydney radio market.

Andy Lee and Hamish Blake are a popular radio duo. Source: Supplied

Meanwhile, at last count, SCA's market value took a $500 million hit as a result of the decision.

"It is pretty amazing that they are paying Hamish and Andy $4 million each per year when you think that Kyle and Jackie O were asking for half of that a year ago," said a well-placed industry source.

"In hindsight, it is an unbelievably bad piece of decision making."

SCA announced Hamish and Andy's return to radio at the end of October with the pair set to take over the national drive slot in July 2015.

They've also replaced Kyle and Jackie O's replacement team of Sophie Monk, Merrick Watts and Jules Lund with rookies Dan Debuf and Maz Compton taking over.

Lund will keep the drive seat warm until Hamish and Andy take over mid year.

SCAustereo are set to begin major shareholder talks this month and it is understood management structure will come under the spotlight in the wake of news Chairman Max Moore-Wilton is stepping down at the end of what has arguably been the network's worst year on record.

Originally published as Hamish and Andy drive the price up
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Why your friends look better in photos

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Celebrities aren't the only ones cultivating their image online. Source: Supplied

EVERYONE knows that models in magazines do not look as perfect in real life — but ever wonder why some of your friends photograph so well?

These days it might well be worth checking their mobile phone to see if they have downloaded one of the many apps now available to enhance and fix anything that doesn't look "perfect".

Apps such as PhotoWonder and BeautyPlus, enable people to make eyes look larger, face thinner or face "lift", correct skin and erase undereye circles and pimples.

Do you use these apps? Why? Comment below.

BeautyPlus: auto retouch function. Source: Supplied

Original image of journalist Rebecca Sullivan Source: Supplied

While graphic designers have long been able to smooth out any imperfections using Photoshop, those without the time and money to master this skill, could only rely on flattering light, makeup and face angle.

But with the rise of beauty apps, celebrities are no longer the only ones who can cultivate their online image.

PhotoWonder and BeautyPlus are now used by more than 100 million people around the world.

Both programs are free and offer a "one-click" function, that will automatically smooth out and highlight certain areas of the face, with varying results.

It's also possible to manually remove undereye circles and blemishes as well as thin the face. The results can be very subtle. In the photos below a small freckle on the right cheek was erased to better illustrate the capability.

PhotoWonder: Larger eye, slimming, acne and undereye circles function used. Source: Supplied

Original image Source: Supplied

But it is also possible to go a little too far in pursuit of perfection.

BeautyPlus: Eyes made larger, face thinner and auto retouch. Source: Supplied

Original image of journalist Matt Young. Source: Supplied

Dr Vivienne Lewis, assistant professor of psychology at the University of Canberra, said it was natural for people to want to "touch up" things like pimples in photos, as they were not a feature of their normal look.

"Probably where it becomes a problem is if they are going to great lengths to radically change what they look like," Dr Lewis said.

"It's a delicate balance."

The body image expert said psychologists would be looking at the amount of distress that a person was experiencing and whether it was consuming their time and attention, to gauge whether there was a problem.

"It's not a normal response to see a photo of yourself and feel distress, highly anxious or depressed," she said.

She said if photos were impacting on a person's wellbeing or satisfaction with life, it would probably be a good idea to talk it though with a professional, such as a GP, counsellor or psychologist.

"People might fiddle with apps, and see it as a bit of fun, that's not a worry, but it could be when it's really important to them, if they feel the need to change the way they look or how other people see them," she said.

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Six ways the world could end

Actor Tom Cruise and child actress Dakota Fanning on the run from aliens in 2005 film "War of the Worlds." Source: News Limited

IF YOU were to find out what the individuals who actually know things are concerned about, you'd realise how blissful your ignorance really is.

Killer robots, unstoppable disease, deadly discharge from the sun, a distant life form switching us off like a TV set. These are genuine anxieties of the people far brainier than the rest of us. And all could lead to an end of civilisation as we know it.


All over the world, jellyfish are blooming. Factors such as overfishing, low oxygen in the water and the warming of the seas have conspired to create a world in which be-tentacled sting-sacks are taking over.

In 2012, researchers at the University of British Columbia found jellyfish populations had increased by up to 62 per cent in places as remote as Hawaii and Antarctica. Power stations in Japan and US warships docked off Queensland have been damaged by great clots of them. They've caused electrical blackouts in the Philippines.

Billions of jellyfish washed up on beaches from San Diego to British Columbia in August 2014. Source: Supplied

And there's currently a 77,700km2 mush of stingy death floating off the southern coast of Africa, estimated to weigh more than 13 million tonnes. Yes, the jellification of the seas is underway.

According to Dr Lisa-Ann Gershwin, marine biologist and author of Stung! On Jellyfish Blooms and the Future of the Ocean, they're displacing the penguin populations of Antarctica and have the potential to, "crash the world's fisheries, and starve the whales to extinction."

Jellyfish are able to flourish because they're survivors from an earlier, more hazardous time in the earth's history and are therefore incredibly versatile. They can avoid death by 'de-growing' — shrinking in size.

One variety, turritopsis dohrnii, is immortal. It releases cells which reanimate while the rest of it is decomposing. The smallest are one millimetre, the largest weigh half a ton. One, known as mnemiopsis, develops the ability to effectively impregnate itself (aged 13 days old) and, at its peak, produces 10,000 eggs a day. Cut a mnemiopsis in half and, three days later, it'll have regenerated itself.

According to Gershwin, "We're creating a world like the late Precambrian … where jellyfish ruled the seas and organisms with shells didn't exist. We are creating a world where humans may soon be unable to survive, or want to."

We might not need gravestones in years to come. Source: News Limited

The end of death

Scientists such as Dr Aubrey de Grey and molecular biologist Dr Bill Andrews have predicted we'll cure death within the decade. Already researchers at Harvard have actually reversed the ageing process in mice. Magnificent, you think.

But wait …"We haven't thought through the knock-on effects of messing around with these processes," says Professor Kate Jeffery, a neuroscientist at University College London. "I never see this discussed anywhere. Humans have all this machinery in place that means we die. We haven't evolved a protection against it. No species has."

That suggests, says Jeffery, our lives end for sound reasons. "It's not good for individuals to live too long because they'll compete with their offspring," she says. "If previous generations haven't shuffled off, things will get difficult for the rising generation. We see it already — we've extended lifespans and now people can't get jobs, can't get houses. There doesn't seem to be room because parents are still inhabiting all those niches." They're also sitting on inheritances. "If they live too long, they'll have consumed all their valuable resources themselves."

There would be wider consequences too. Think about the prison population; the healthcare costs of keeping millions, and then billions, of extra people alive for centuries or more. Consider the strain on energy and food resources. And who would have access to this immortality elixir? The wealthy nations?

Only the wealthiest strata of people in the wealthiest nations? Imagine the one per cent never dying. "We'd have this duel system where some live very long lives and others short miserable ones," says Jeffery. And if you were one of the so-called lucky, would you even want to live beyond, say, 150? "When you're eight years old, everything's surprising," she says. "But it's less and less so as you get older. I can imagine that if you got to 500, life could get very boring."

'I see green people'. Picture: Video game Alien Isolation. Source: Supplied

Alien attack

Writing in the recently published book What Should We Be Worried About?, senior astronomer Dr Seth Shostak admits this, "sounds like shabby science fiction, but even if the probability of disaster is low, the stakes are high."

The problem is that for over 60 years, we've been sending signals, including TV and radio broadcasts, into deep space. Surely, you might think, all those episodes of Broadwalk Empire must fizzle out long before they reach the moon? Actually, no. according to Shostak, if an alien race had an antenna as big as the 305m-tall Arecibo in Puerto Rico, it would be able to pick up Jimmy Fallon or David Attenborough from 4.2 light years away. While it's unlikely intelligent life exists this close, it's generally believed that if other civilisations do exist elsewhere, some will have significantly better technology than ours.

They might not look like Predator from the movie Alien Vs Predator, but then they might! Source: News Corp Australia

Don't believe us? Maybe you'll listen to Stephen Hawking. "To my mathematical brain, the numbers alone make thinking about aliens perfectly rational," he said in a 2010 Discovery Channel documentary. And they wouldn't even necessarily need to be inhabiting a distant planet. Hawking thinks the risk is that 'aliens' will pick up a broadcast of, say, Nigella's Christmas Special and that could coax them here.

"Such advanced aliens would perhaps become nomads, looking to conquer and colonise whatever planets they can reach," he said. "If aliens visit us, it would be like when Columbus landed in America, which didn't turn out well for the Native Americans … We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn't want to meet."

But what can we do about it? The prognosis from Shostak isn't good. "It's too late to be worried about alerting the aliens to our presence," he writes. "That information is en route at the speed of light, and alien societies only slightly more accomplished than ours will easily notice. By the 2200s, these alerts to our existence will have washed across a million star systems. There's no point in fretting about telling aliens we're here. The deed has been done, and the letter's in the mail."

In the future pills may cease to have any effect. Source: Getty Images

No more antibiotics

For decades we've relied on antibiotics to cure us of deadly sicknesses. They work by killing the microscopic organisms that cause ill health. But what happens when antibiotics work too well and kill them all off? The only pathogens left behind are the tough ones that are resistant to those antibiotics. No problem — we'll just use new antibiotics to kill those ones too.

This strategy has worked well for years. But we're running out of new antibiotics. Because pharmaceutical companies don't find them sufficiently profitable, the conveyor belt is slowing. As a result, drug-resistant strains of TB, syphilis, gonorrhoea and diphtheria are beginning to swarm. How much of a problem is this? The World Health Organisation says this threat is no longer a prediction for the future, it's happening right now and has the potential to affect anyone, of any age, in any country.

Meanwhile, the UK's chief medical officer has described an upcoming "apocalyptic scenario", in which people die of infection following routine operations, telling The Guardian, "There are few public health issues of potentially greater importance for society."

Teoder, the bomb disposal robot, helping police out at this year's G20. Source: News Corp Australia

Humanoid robot KOBIAN displays an emotion of sadness during a demonstration at Waseda University in Tokyo. Source: Supplied

Robot wars

If you're conjuring up visions of Transformers stamping on traffic and lasering each other's grinning electric faces, this might be a hard one to take seriously. "One of the mistakes people make about robots is they think of them as big metal men," says Noel Sharkey, former professor of Robotics at the University of Sheffield.

"In actual fact, they're things like combine harvesters and milking machines." And they're among us now. "Service robots have only been around this millennium and there's already eight million on the planet," says Sharkey.

Perhaps the greatest risk for the future is in how governments will adapt and develop these technologies for war. "I was talking about Predator drones and the Reaper drones five years ago, and everybody thought I was crazy. Those are robots. They're supervised by someone looking at a screen, selecting and pointing a laser designator at the target and releasing a missile. The next step is taking the human supervision out of that loop."

Might this happen? "There have been road maps in the US since 2003 for fully autonomous robots," he says. "Once one's been launched, it'll select its own targets and kill without further human intervention. So: robots deciding to kill."

An unmanned US Predator drone flies over Kandahar Air Field, southern Afghanistan in 2010. Source: AP

Sharkey, who heads up The International Committee for Robot Arms Control, describes a research platform for a fully autonomous battlefield robot that's been developed by DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency), the Pentagon's research wing. "It's called The Crusher," he says, "and is a 7.5 tonne truck with no driver's seat. It has six wheels and is articulated to go over pits and troughs. It's an incredible thing."

Another, the X-47B, "looks like a small Stealth bomber, something Batman would have. It's subsonic, so really fast, and can take off from aircraft carriers. That's in an advance state of testing. The idea is to replace all the jet fighters in Pacific aircraft carriers by 2019. That will have weapons. And be autonomous."

But what's the problem? Won't killer robots mean we can fight the bad guys without risking our own lives? "The issue is no computer system can distinguish between a combatant and a civilian," says Sharkey. "The best they can do at the moment is tell between human and car. When a human gets it wrong, they're accountable. You can't hold a robot accountable."

A "prominence eruption" recorded by NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory. A small, hovering mass of twisted strands of plasma shifted back and forth before erupting into space. Source: Supplied

Solar ejections

On February 4, this year, a vast eruption of plasma exploded from the sun. Astronomer Tony Phillips estimated the X4.9-class solar flare was travelling at 7 million km/h. Emerging from a sunspot known as AR1990, it blasted into deep space.

That it did so was simply a matter of luck. What would happen if a massive solar flare ejected in the direction of earth? A clue can be found in the great burst of August 31, 1859 which took 18 hours to reach us and, when it did — rained down a light so bright birds began to chirp at 1:00am and miners started cooking breakfast, convinced it was morning. There was huge damage, too — electric currents whipped through telegraph systems crippling communication networks across Europe and the US.

In this x-ray photo provided by NASA, the sun is shown early in the morning of Sunday, Aug. 1, 2010. The dark arc near the top right edge of the image is a filament of plasma blasting off the surface _ part of the coronal mass ejection. Source: AP

A similar storm today would set off a domino-fall of catastrophic collapse. Astronomer Dr Sten Odenwald has written of national electricity grids failing, low-orbiting satellites burning up, GPS systems being disrupted and aircraft communication services going haywire. Mobile phones would stop working and people might have to survive without power for months.

A 2008 US report by the National Academy of Sciences predicted "extensive social and economic disruption" in this eventuality, while Professor Randolph Nesse at Michigan University has written that, "power stations will shut down, air and train travel will stop, hospitals and schools will be paralysed and more commerce will cease. 'Social chaos' is a pallid phrase for the likely scenarios."

This is an edited extract from "The End", an article in this month's GQ Magazine.

This story appears in November 2014 edition of GQ Australia. Source: Supplied

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‘Creepy’ pick-up artist’s visa axed

A seminar on how to pick up women that was being run by the assistant of controversial pick up artist Julien Blanc was crashed by protestors

Protesters blocked the boat holding the dating seminar at Southbank last night. Picture: Rob Leeson. Source: News Corp Australia

Scott Morrison said the Immigration Department had received a complaint about Mr Blanc, investigated it, and cancelled his visa. Source: Supplied

'SEXIST' Julien Blanc was forced to leave Australia because Immigration Minister Scott Morrison cancelled his visa.

The controversial self-described pick-up artist, who claims he teaches socially awkward men to meet women — but appears to advocate choking and intimidating women as part of his techniques — fled Australia on Thursday night.



The Como Hotel refused to let him hold a seminar in the venue once they discovered his background, and protesters disrupted attempts to hold it on a boat at Southbank.

His hotel Bayview on Park also booted him out.

Mr Morrison said the Immigration Department had received a complaint about Mr Blanc, investigated it, and cancelled his visa.

"This guy wasn't pushing forward political ideas, he was putting a view that was derogatory to women and that's just something that our values abhor in this country," he said. "The matter was raised with us, and we had it investigated, and we had this fellow looked at.''

Mr Morrison would not say on what grounds Mr Blanc's visa was cancelled.

He arrived in Australia on a visitor's visa, which allows very limited business activities and is mostly designed for tourists.

Mr Blanc was charging up to $300 to attend his seminars.

Mr Morrison said he did not regularly cancel people's visas.

A strong social media campaign and a petition calling for his visa to be cancelled helped run Mr Blanc out of town.

Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Ken Lay, working to end violence against women, said Mr Blanc's commentary was "deeply disturbing and offensive".

"Labelling women as objects and actively promoting the abuse of women degrades the dignity of our whole community," Mr Lay said. "I'm proud Victoria has taken this stance against violence. It gives me confidence that we are moving in the right direction."

The Swiss-born, American-based Mr Blanc markets himself as a dating coach who helps men who have difficulty attracting women to "pick up".

But his aggressive techniques and suggestions have led to him being accused of encouraging sexual violence against women.

Originally published as 'Creepy' pick-up artist's visa axed
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9/11 terrorist featured in awkward ad

Written By komlim puldel on Kamis, 06 November 2014 | 20.01

Turkish hair removal company, Epila has accidentally used 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to promote its hair removal products.

Khalid Sheik Mohammed in his hairy heyday. Source: AP

A COSMETICS company has used a photo of the terrorist behind the 9/11 attacks in an advert for a hair removal product.

The Turkish firm published the image of the hirsute Khalid Sheikh Mohammed along with the slogan: "That hair will not shed itself."

The former senior al-Qaeda officer is seen looking unshaven and red-eyed, his chest and back hair sprouting out of a scoop-necked white T-shirt.

The company that produces Epila said it had not realised the photo showed the notorious terrorist, who is currently incarcerated in Guantanamo Bay.

Mehmet Can Yildiz told the Hurriyet Daily News the firm had found the image on Turkish social network Sozluk.

"We didn't know that he was a terrorist," said Mr Yildiz. "This image is in popular use in Turkish memes on the internet. Most were related to insomnia.

"The guy is quite hairy, so we thought his body was a good fit for our ad.

"We didn't want to imply anything political. We didn't know that it could become an international story. I repeat: We featured him for his hair, not terrorism."

It is not the first time that a Turkish advert has used questionable imagery to promote a product.

Two years ago, a TV commercial for shampoo featured footage of Adolf Hitler with the words: "If you're man, you use Biomen."

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The most romantic proposal of all time?

Blake Bullinger asks girlfriend Carly Stene to marry him by building her an entire cabinet with a ring inside. Courtesy YouTube/Carly Stene.

At first, Carly Stene thought the cabinet Blake Bullinger had made for their two-year anniversary was the entire surprise. Source: YouTube

IT COULD be the most romantic proposal of all time.

An adoring carpenter built his girlfriend a beautiful wooden cabinet filled with presents.

And in the very bottom drawer was an engagement ring.

Blake pulled out all the stops with his proposal. Source: YouTube

The handmade jewellery armoire came with a mirror in the lid, and was stuffed with her favourite treats, from Rice Krispie bars to a scented candle. Source: YouTube

The video of the proposal is sure to bring a tear to the eye.

Carly Stene posted it on YouTube with the words: "On October 9, my boyfriend, now fiance, surprised me with the best proposal I could ever have dreamt of. I was completely shocked."

The 22-year-old from Kansas said she at first thought that her "surprise" was the jewellery armoire that Blake Bullinger had designed and built for their two-year anniversary.

The home video shows her looking through each drawer and discovering more and more thoughtful gifts from her 21-year-old boyfriend.

As well as Carly's favourite granola bars and brownie mix, each drawer featured hooks for necklaces and earrings. Source: YouTube

In the bottom drawer, the 22-year-old finds the best present of all. Source: YouTube

He had tucked all her favourite treats inside the various nooks and crannies, including a giant Rice Krispies bar, gluten-free brownie mix, granola bars, a scented candle and chocolates.

Each drawer also revealed the ingenious elements to the cabinet, including a mirror inside the lid and hooks for earrings and necklaces.

But the best piece of jewellery came at the end.

As Carly find the ring box in the final drawer, the video shows Blake pulling her to her feet and going down on one knee, asking her to "make him the happiest man in the world."

She dissolves into floods of tears at the unexpected proposal, and the newly engaged couple embrace.

Blake asks his tearful girlfriend to marry him. She says yes, of course. Source: YouTube

There isn't a dry eye in the house. Source: YouTube

YouTube commenters called the proposal "absolutely beautiful" and "magnificent".

"The bar is set gentlemen," added another.

So is it the most romantic proposal of all time, or would your vote go to a message ploughed into a field, an offer posted on Scoopon, a six-year global extravaganza?

If you're planning on popping the question in a special way, there's definitely some tough competition out there.

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When sex goes very, very wrong

Researchers at Flinders University have revealed how the intimate act of sexual intercourse first evolved in our deep distant ancestors. Courtesy Flinders Creations

When sex goes wrong ... New TV show details couples embarrassing and awkward sexual encounters. Picture: Supplied. Source: Supplied

IF you thought the TV show Embarrassing Bodies was bad, wait until you see Sex Sent Me to the ER detailing couples embarrassing sexual antics.

Sex Sent Me to the ER, a second series of four episodes to premiere on the TV network TLC, will reveal the real life horror stories from between the sheets or, as is often the case, elsewhere that end up in a visit to a hospital.

International Business Times reported that production company GRB Entertainment wanted to make the show to see how couples cope when things don't go to plan.

WE-VIBE 4: The iPhone-controlled vibrator


Alarm at the firehouse ... Firefighter Clayton (inset, with partner Heather) had a tryst that went awry. Picture: Picture: Alaina Filo / TLC Source: Supplied

"The show is retold by emergency room physicians and the actual couples who, in the heat of the moment, got themselves into a fix and needed a doctor to fix it," the network explained.

40,000 AUSTRALIAN COUPLES: Sex every day for 30 nights

SEX WHEN SOBER: A rarity in Australia

So how bad are some of these stories?

In the first episode viewers meet Gregg, a 24-year-old virgin whose girlfriend, Jen, wanted to take their relationship to the next level. However Gregg who weighs 199.6kg (440 pounds) didn't quite realise his strength.

Their first time resulted in Gregg accidentally sending his girlfriend's head through the wall.

The pain of sex ... Andrew, who had to have seven stitches in his chin, plus an Orange-sized scrotum, and Francine in a re-enactment for Sex Sent Me to the ER. Picture: Alaina Filo / TLC Source: Supplied

"My initial reaction was, 'I killed her,'" Gregg told the New York Post. "'This is my first time. And Jen is dead.'"

Fortunately for Jen she lived to tell the tale managing to pull her head out of the wall. But a trip to the ER revealed she has concussion.

In another sexual adventure that goes badly awry, New York band mates Andrew, a 40-year-old guitarist, and singer Francine, 29, found themselves jiggy jiggy on a drum set stool before passed out from their effort. Andrew awoke, promptly fell off a sofa, splitting his chin open on a coffee table.

Sex Sent me to the ER ... Francine and Andrew had sexual intercourse on a drum stool that ended with Andrew in hospital with a split chin and a swollen scrotum. Picture: Alaina Filo / TLC Source: Supplied

But that was not the worst of it. The still pants-less Andrew stood up and Francine exclaimed: "Oh shit!". Part of Andrew's privates had swollen to the size of an orange. Even able to put back on his pants, he had to borrow Francine's skirt to wear to the hospital.

In another episode, 28-year-old Heather wanted to give Denver-based firefighter Clayton a sexy surprise for his 30th birthday last March, so she showed up at the fire station where he works with a box of adult toys.

But fun with a gag turned to panic when Clayton's jaw locked and the toy got stuck in his mouth, restricting his breathing.

His fellow firefighters tried unsuccessfully, in-between bouts of laughter, to wiggle it out.

"After that, they were like, 'Oh, my God, we've got to get you to the hospital,' " Clayton said.

And yes, he is still ribbed about it at work to this day.

Other stories include an orgasm that went on and on … for two hours. There's also the couple who falls into a grave while copulating in a cemetery, an amorous duo that gets bitten by a giant centipede during the deed, and the man whose head feels like it's splitting open when he has an orgasm.

Then there's the pair who role play as cops and robbers and end up in the ER when the woman suffers a very unusual pain.

And finally there's the man who, in his haste to have sex, grabs the wrong tube and then discovered his hand had welded itself to his manhood with the help of superglue.

When ER physician, Dr Bob Slay saw a cheating lawyer with his genitals the size of a softball, he exclaimed "wow".

"I kept asking if he wanted pain medicine and he kept saying, 'No,' " said Slay, in an episode to be screened on Sex Sent Me to the ER. "He enjoyed the pain."

The lawyer refused to say what happened and then his mistress ran into the ward and spilt the beans.

The man's wife had stopped by his office for a lunch date and had caught the pair engaged in S & M. She then gave her cheating spouse a swift kick to the groin that landed him in the ER.

The patient's manhood was saved by surgery, but his marriage wasn't so lucky — his wife announced in the ER she would be seeking a divorce, with his mistress, who also happened to be an attorney, representing her after bonding with her in the waiting area.

"Karma did come full circle on this particular gentleman that day," Slay said.

Private part the size of a softball ... Doctor Bob Slay and a nurse try to stop Thomas' wife and mistress fighting as he "enjoys the pain". Picture: Alaina Filo / TLC Source: Supplied

We are indebted to Metro UK for the following 10 examples, gathered froma round the world and from Sex Sent Me to the ER.

10. A woman in China was left deaf for two months from kissing. The act of sucking face "reduced the pressure in the mouth, pulled the eardrum out and caused the breakdown of the ear" reported the China Daily.

9. More embarrassing than painful, a couple got stuck together having sex in the sea when the suction caused a vacuum and the guy could not get out, so to speak.

8. Hearing watermelon is an aphrodisiac, a man applied the juice to his penis. His girlfriend was badly allergic but it was too late to stop the man's ardour.

7. A woman in Seattle was hospitalised after suffering from a three hour orgasm.

6. Wanting to surprise her husband, a woman turned up at his work with a box of sex toys for a naughty birthday treat. One gag and a locked jaw causing choking later in the staffroom.

5. A man was admitted to hospital complaining of rectal pain. Turns out that yes it does hurt when you pour liquid cement into your body and it solidifies.

4. Wanting to be a little more adventurous, a man indulged in a little outdoor sex with his wife. The result was that the man had to go to hospital to have a lizard removed after it had sneaked into his penis.

3. Never make your own sex toys. A man decided to stick a light bulb somewhere and it smashed. He only just escaped with his life.

2. Men with slightly small appendages — just be grateful for what you've got. One Malaysian man decided his wasn't big enough and thought something should be done. So he stuck it in a welding nut and tried to stretch it. Sadly, he got stuck, forcing doctors to remove the top layer of penis skin to free it.

1. A couple in America decided to ramp up their vibrator by attaching it to a power tool. An electric saw. The woman had to be rushed to the ER. Thankfully she recovered and would be unlikely to try that again.

The four-part series Sex Sent Me to the ER will premiere on TLC on Saturday, December 28, at 10pm. Encore presentations can be caught on Discovery Fit & Health on Fridays at 10pm starting January 3.

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Spooked Araldo loses fight

Written By komlim puldel on Selasa, 04 November 2014 | 20.01

Melbourne Cup runner Araldo has been put down, following on from the death of favourite Admire Rakti.

Tragic news as Admire Rakti, the pre-race favourite, has died shortly after finishing last in the Melbourne Cup.

Araldo has put down after being injured in bizarre circumstances. Picture: Michael Klein Source: News Corp Australia

MIKE Moroney's racing stable has called for stricter crowd controls following the death of Melbourne Cup runner Araldo.

The stallion was injured in a freak accident but what the Moroney stable believes should have been an avoidable incident at Flemington.

The stayer, who was purchased from Germany for $500,000, was spooked by a person waving a large Australian flag when Araldo was returning to the mounting yard after finishing seventh.

He lashed out and shattered his off-side pastern bone in his hind leg when he became stuck in a small fence of the rose garden.


Protectionist wins Melbourne Cup.

Moroney's racing manager Anthony Feroce said Araldo was treated at the track and then transported to Werribee Veterinary Hospital where surgeons were forced to euthanise the horse after scans showed the fracture was inoperable.

"They put him on the operating table and after the CTC scan they found that the pastern, as they described it, was like a bag of ice," Feroce said.

"Someone was waving a big Australian flag and he just took fright and backed into the fence where the roses and kicked out and I think he sort of got his leg caught and he sort of basically kicked his way out and did all the damage.

"The fence isn't very high, it's just below your knee."

Feroce said people should not be able to wave flags or other objects when valuable horses are returning to the mounting yard.

"As someone said to me, it's not like the car racing," he said.

"These are animals and they spook."

Japanese horse Admire Rakti died on its way back to the stalls after the race after being eased up by jockey Zac Purton and finishing 72.5 lengths last.

Racing Victoria's head of Veterinary and Equine Welfare, Dr Brian Stewart, confirmed that Admire Rakti has passed away in his stall post-race.

Originally published as Spooked Araldo loses fight
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Hybrid animals to give you nightmares

Artist Sarah Derememer named this dog-vulture hybrid a Fierce Schnowlzer. Source: Picture Media

THESE disturbing pictures show what hybrid species might look like.

An inventive artist from California merged photos of different animals together to create a startling series of images.

Sarah Derememer, 25, said she deliberately combined the adorable with the terrifying to achieve the most ridiculous-looking creatures she could.

A cross between a seal and a blue tit gives us the Sleepy Pirdy. Source: Picture Media

A black labrador and a killer whale make an adorable combination. Source: Picture Media

A monkey is transformed with the face of a white tiger. Source: Picture Media

They may look sweet individually, but mix a cat with a pomeranian and behold the Papillat. Source: Picture Media

The evil Angry Beavussy — a cross between a cat and a beaver. Source: Picture Media

"I really enjoy the juxtaposition between cute and scary animals, such as a growling wolf on a pygmy marmoset, or a snarling tiger on a baby monkey," she said.

"It's hard to pick a favourite, but I really enjoy both the 'Birboon' and 'Little Bit' because they're such adorable little birds with such character from the yawning animals.

"I also really love the White Tiger Monkey because the two animals included are so drastically different but go together so well."

Sarah said she began the project to improve her Photoshop skills, but soon became transfixed by the myriad possibilities.

A lion and a llama make a mouthy merger. Source: Picture Media

This shark-spider (Shider) combines many people's worst fears. Source: Picture Media

A moose-bear looks surprisingly real. Source: Picture Media

The majestic eagle-deer could be something out of a fantasy movie. Source: Picture Media

Each image can take up to four hours to complete and she works with 20 layers on the picture to make the combinations seamless.

The bizarre results range from a killer whale with the face of a labrador to a monkey with the face of a white tiger.

The colours are carefully blended to produce new species that are by turn ferocious and laughable in appearance.

Would you pet any of them?

This sperm whale/giraffe bears the brilliant moniker African Blue Whirrafano. Source: Picture Media

A rat mixed with a macaque becomes a Rankey. Source: Picture Media

A red panda and a yak — the funny-looking Highland Red Pandow. Source: Picture Media

Would you hang out with the Laughing Hamstyna (hyena-hamster)? Source: Picture Media

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Torah Bright the latest casualty on DWTS

After a shocking performance with her partner Robbie, Torah opens up on her medal winning past and use that as her inspiration moving forward into the next round.

Torah Bright pulls out of Dancing With The Stars / Picture: Channel 7 Source: Channel 7

OLYMPIAN snowboarder Torah Bright is the latest contestant to be forced to pull out of competing on Dancing With The Stars, making it three celebrities who have departed the reality dancing show this year.

The 27-year-old injured her big toe in rehearsals and has quit under her doctor's advice after undergoing tests at a Melbourne hospital.

Torah Bright And Robbie Kmentoni / Picture: Channel 7 Source: Channel 7

Torah Bright pulls out of Dancing With The Stars / Picture: Channel 7 Source: Channel 7

Dancing with the Stars contestants Torah Bright and Robbie Kmetoni are forced to retire hurt. Picture: Mike Keating. Source: News Corp Australia

"This show, it waits for nobody. If you can't walk, you can't dance," said Bright after finding out the toe was not broken but seriously bruised and swollen. "It could be just a really good toe jam and in a week the swelling will be all right but for now, I'm just keeping it elevated and staying off my feet."

Torah Bright And Robbie Kmentoni. Torah has been forced out after injuring her big toe. Source: Channel 7

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Big Brother’s Lawson gets dumped

Written By komlim puldel on Senin, 03 November 2014 | 20.01

Jason sends a message to the housemates saying he thinks it's horrible that Jason is cheating on his girlfriend with Cat in the Big Brother House. Courtesy Channel Nine

Lawson high-fives the audience upon his eviction from Big Brother 2014. Source: Supplied

ONE of Big Brother's most controversial contestants has been shown the door.

Lawson Reeves, 23, has come under fire for his relationship with fellow housemate Cat, despite being in a long-term romance with Candice Leeder - his partner of five years.

Speaking to Big Brother host Sonia Kruger, Lawson admitted he expected his real-life love-life to be in tatters on leaving the house.

Lawson and Cat get cosy in the Big Brother house. Source: Supplied

"I think my relationship on the outside will probably be over. I have to give her (Candice) the chance to tell me how she's feeling and give her the opportunity to end it," he said.

REVEALED: Big Brother love rat's girlfriend

"I never intended to hurt her, I'll have to stand up and cop the negativity on the chin and take responsibility.

There were rumours that Ms Leeder would enter the Big Brother house and confront Lawson and Cat over their romance.

She was pictured for the first time on Monday since her beau went into the house, taking her own cat for a walk on a leash outside her Perth home.

Lawson Reeves and his girlfriend Candice Leeder in happier times. Picture: Supplied Source: Supplied

Despite the infamy the relationship has garnered, Lawson said he would not do anything different if he had his time in the house again.

"I wouldn't have changed anything, I can't live with regrets,"he said.

"I didn't expect to have feelings for Cat, but they progressed, I knew it was wrong and I've struggled with it since."

Lawson Reeves on the couch with Sonia Kruger upon his eviction from Big Brother. Source: Supplied

Housemates Aisha, Travis, Cat and Leo are also in the firing line, with one of them due to join Lawson as part of Tuesday night's double eviction.

WATCH Big Brother on Tuesday night at 8.40pm AEST on Channel 9

Lawson Reeves on the couch with Sonia Kruger upon his eviction from Big Brother. Source: Supplied

Originally published as Big Brother's Lawson gets dumped
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Langbroek breaks silence on radio shake-up

Meshel chats to comedian and friend of Nova Hughesy about what drives him and what advice has Dave's wife given him

No agreement to return to radio yet ... Kate Langbroek has taken to Twitter to deny that she has signed with ARN's Kiis FM. Picture: Andrew Tauber Source: News Corp Australia

KATE Langbroek has tweeted about the reported deal that would see Dave Hughes and her reunite for Australian Radio Network's Kiis FM in a national broadcast.

Langbroek and Hughes were together for 12 years on Nova's breakfast show before quitting last year.

It was reported that Kiis FM, the home of Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O, had signed the pair to tackle head-on Hamish Blake and Andy Lee who announced their return to drive radio for Austereo last week.

Langbroek, 49, and 43-year-old Hughes reportedly would be used to help rebrand the network currently known as Mix in Melbourne.

RADIO SHAKE-UP: Hughesy and Kate to go up against Hamish and Andy

HAMISH BLAKE: Pumped up for return to radio drive time

Promised she would return to radio ... Kate Langbroek and Dave Hughes farewell; their 12 years on Nova in Melbourne. Picture: Jake Nowakowski Source: News Limited

Langbroek has taken to Twitter to deny the report.

Hughes, meanwhile, has not commented. He is in Brisbane on his national tour.

Landbroek, who is married with four children, admitted that she would return to radio after a break from 12 years of breakfast shows.

"I love radio, and I'm really good at radio,'' she said in November last year. "So, at some point I'm going to be doing radio again. Just where that will be is the question that I really don't know the answer to. I really don't.''

Not signed for any radio station in 2015 ... Kate Langbroek. Picture: Julie Kiriacoudis Source: News Corp Australia

It was also reported that Mix's popular breakfast team of Chrissie Swan and Jane Hall was also reportedly expected to be dissolved when Mix becomes Kiis. Swan, who celebrates her 41st birthday tomorrow, also responded to the report.

Stalwarts in Melbourne ... Chrissie Swan and Jane Hall celebrate their 500th show on Mix FM. Picture: Norm Oorloff Source: News Corp Australia

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Is this the one Aussie pollie who gets us?

Senator Ludlam rapping his heart out. Source: YouTube

YOUNG Australians are becoming increasingly important in the political space and some politicians, such as Green's senator Scott Ludlam, realise this.

On the weekend, Senator Ludlam attended PAX, a video game and culture conference in Melbourne where he gave a speech about data retention and what that meant for gamers. For a group of people who have long felt like their opinions did not matter to the grey-haired elite who run the country, this was a welcome change.

It isn't the first time the senator has genuinely reached out to young people, he actually has a long history of bonding with the youth of Australia, here's how ...

He's a sick DJ

Earlier this year, DJ Scotty-Ludz himself took the stage at the Capitol hotel in Perth for Ludalpalooza. Finally, a political party that actually likes to party.

He's a hardcore rapper

Not only does DJ Scotty-Ludz know how to spin the decks, he also can drop a few lines, including an F-bomb. The Senator appeared in Melbourne duo Rap News' latest video, rapping along and attacking the Abbott government's mandatory data retention proposal. He even whacks in a Lord of the Rings reference, "I'll go full Gandalf on this government's arse. Smack down their laws with a dose of: You shall not pass," he rhymes.

He knows we live on Reddit

When running for re-election earlier this year, rather than going the traditional Q&A route, Senator Ludlam took it to where most under-25s spend their life — Reddit. He answered questions honestly about anything from the NBN and copyright laws to the preconception of what the Greens actually stand for.

He even knows how to pose for a cool photo! Source: PerthNow

His 'speech of the year' didn't even need anyone in Parliament for it to go viral

In an empty senate, Ludlam gave a fierce speech to "welcome Tony Abbott to WA". While no-one may have heard it in Parliament, the speech soon racked up 500,000 views and stands at just under 900,000 views at the time of writing. Since that's happened, the senator has spoken about how he believes the internet is the way to speak to people rather than a via a full house in Parliament.

He advocates for things young people want

You want a decent NBN connection? He does, too. Do you want to be spied upon all the time? Neither does he. Do you hate homophobia? He does, too. Do you think science is important for our future? So does Senator Ludlam. Do you value education, innovation and equality? Yes, Scott Ludlam does, too.

He might not be for everyone, but for once, young people finally have someone who knows what they want.

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Warne’s new spin on love life

Written By komlim puldel on Minggu, 02 November 2014 | 20.01

HAS Shane Warne been bowled over by another young model?

The former spin king appears to have moved on from former flame Emily Scott after being pictured with brunette Kirsty Lee.

Warne, who split from Scott in September, was captured in a cosy pose with Lee at a Derby Day cocktail party on Saturday night.

Lee posted the picture on her Instagram account at her event for Infamous Swimwear Australia.

Shane Warne and model Kirsty Lee. Pic: Instagram Source: Supplied

Warne also posted a picture on his Instagram account, along with friend Ian Ward, saying he was there to support his friend Kirsty Lee at her launch.

Warne, 45, announced via Twitter on September 28 that he and Scott had split after three months together.

Warne reveals reason for break-up

Emily Scott shrugs off mystery woman pictured with Warnie

Who's the brunette hottie with Shane Warne?

The father of three has since revealed they broke up because of Scott's desire to have children.

But Warne, who has previously dated Elizabeth Hurley, hasn't seemed fond of single life, recently taking to Twitter to ask his followers who he should be dating.

Shane Warne while dating Elizabeth Hurley. Source: HeraldSun

Shane Warne and former flame Emily Scott. Source: Supplied

He also recently posted a provocative selfie to his Instagram account, taken lying in bed with what appeared to be a mirrored ceiling.

The picture showed his naked torso surrounded by his doona.

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Whale man: Mum thinks I’m an idiot

Man climbs onto whale carcass as feeding sharks circle off West Australian coast. Footage courtesy Channel 7.

Sharks circle a whale carcass off the coast of Rottnest – at one point, a man was sitting on the creature. Picture: Seven News Source: Supplied

THE Perth man who risked his life diving into shark-infested waters to climb on to a rotting whale carcass says he won't do anything like it again and even his parents think he's an idiot.

Harrison Williams, of Quinns Rock, north of Perth, said: "I was out on the boat with the boys and one of my mates said it would be pretty funny to surf the whale so I did it."

The 26-year-old said he saw the sharks, including a massive great white, but they did not deter him from getting into the water.

"They were too busy chomping on the whale so it wasn't too bad," he said.

Mr Williams told Seven News it was not until he was on top of the whale that he realised the danger and stupidity of his actions.

"Definitely not (wouldn't do it again) ... I've done it, I don't need to do it again. Definitely it was a stupid act, didn't mean to disrespect anyone, mum thinks I'm an idiot, dad's not too proud either," he said.

Authorities reportedly won't fine Mr Williams because the whale was already dead and he did not remove any part of it.

'DAFT': Whale expert slams whale rider

GALLERY: Man on whale, sharks v whale

That same whale carcass has now washed up, forcing the closure of one the city's most popular beaches.

The carcass washed up on Scarborough Beach this evening, with about 10 big sharks part of the feeding frenzy lurking about 15 metres from shore.

It is up to the City of Stirling to remove the carcass, while a Surf Life Saving WA spokeswoman said the decision to close the beach would be reassessed tomorrow morning.

Surf Life Saving WA closed Scarborough Beach about 4.30pm today as the whale carcass had drifted within around 1km from shore.

The Channel 9 helicopter captured footage of a massive 5.5m shark circling a 7m boat not far from a whale carcass off Rottnest. Picture: 9 News Source: Channel 9

The Channel 9 helicopter captured footage of a massive 5.5m shark circling a 7m boat not far from a whale carcass off Rottnest. Picture: 9 News Source: Channel 9

Sharks circle a whale carcass off the coast of Rottnest. Picture: Seven News Source: Supplied

The incredible photographs, taken by crew members on the Seven News helicopter, show a shirtless man sitting on the massive carcass as several other men watch on from a nearby boat.

Crew on the Westpac Lifesaver Helicopter snapped photographs yesterday of two huge sharks feeding on the whale, which was floating in the ocean about three nautical miles northeast of Rottnest.

Mr Williams told the Daily Mail Online he was trying to help the whale but clearly he was too late.

It is not known if those photographs were taken before or after the man jumped on the carcass.

A Surf Lifesaving WA spokesman said the man was not on the whale carcass when the Westpac Lifesaver Helicopter flew over it.


Meanwhile, a bootcamp fundraiser will take place in Perth next Saturday for Sean Pollard, who lost both hands when he was attacked by a shark while surfing near Esperance.

One month after the attack, the 23-year-old Bunbury electrician is continuing his recovery from the traumatic injuries at Royal Perth Hospital. He has undergone multiple surgeries and the medical team has developed a recovery plan from each procedure, a message to his supporters said.

"What is aiding Sean's recovery is his physical fitness as a result of his healthy lifestyle and active sporting interests," a statement on Renegade Bootcamp's website states.

"However, his injuries are severe so there will be a long road ahead. Sean has said his first goal is to stand and receive a group hug from his family, such is the character of this remarkable young man."

The fundraiser will be held at Brighton Beach Reserve on Saturday, November 8. Check-in is at 8.30am, with the bootcamp from 9am-10am.

It costs $25 to take part, with all money going to Mr Pollard. For more information, go to

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England: ‘That was a f***ing try’

A controversial video referee decision has denied England a victory over Australia, while handing the Kangaroos a Four Nation lifeline.

Try or no-try? Picture: Matt King Source: Getty Images

WHILE England players were adamant they were denied a final minute try that would have tied up their Four Nations rugby league match against Australia, their coach Steve McNamara wasn't so sure.

The Kangaroos triumphed 16-12 at AAMI Park on Sunday to avoid elimination from the tournament but England winger Ryan Hall almost levelled the match with seconds remaining.

Hall, who had scored earlier as England took a 12-4 half-time lead, looked to have dived over the top of Greg Inglis to get a finger to a grubber kick in-goal.


No try for England in the last minute of the game. Source: News Corp Australia

This is the shot that has England up in arms. Source: News Corp Australia

Ryan Hall gets a finger on the ball. Source: News Corp Australia

Greg Inglis intervenes with the ball. Source: News Corp Australia

Video referee Bernard Hopkins ruled there wasn't downward pressure, with disappointed prop James Graham telling on-field referee Gerard Sutton: "That was a f***ing try".

McNamara wasn't convinced.

"The referee on the field gave no try and the evidence has to be conclusive and whether that was or not I'm not 100 per cent sure," he said.

He said Hall didn't "over-celebrate" because he was worried it may had been called a knock-on and then no goal line drop out to give his team one last crack.

Ryan Hall (C) looks dejected after a disallowed try in the final minute. Picture: Matt King Source: Getty Images

Hall and Inglis contest the ball. Picture: Matt King Source: Getty Images

The match took place at AAMI Park in Melbourne. Picture: Matt King Source: Getty Images

Picture: Matt King Source: Getty Images

The result meant England still haven't beaten Australia since 1995, but McNamara felt they had the right game plan.

They can still oust the Kangaroos from the tournament if they beat New Zealand in Dunedin next Saturday with their points differential superior to Australia, who face Samoa in Wollongong on Sunday.

"I thought we played well," McNamara said.

"We really wanted to throw something at Australia and we did that in the first half.

"We were resilient and dug deep but unfortunately we couldn't get any good ball sets in the second half we prevented us from scoring any more points."

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Here’s what we know about Marvel’s Black Panther

Written By komlim puldel on Sabtu, 01 November 2014 | 20.01

The latest celebrity news including Marvel expanding their line-up of super-heroes slated to hit the silver screen. John Russell reports.

Robert Downey Jr., Chadwick Boseman and Chris Evans onstage during Marvel Studios fan event. Source: Getty Images

ON TUESDAY, Marvel announced that it was expanding its cinematic universe to include several new superheroes:

Established, franchise-leading figures like Iron ManandCaptain Americawill soon be joined by Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, the Inhumans, and, finally, the Black Panther — the first black superhero to get his own movie from Marvel Studios. (The Blade films, which starred Wesley Snipes, were produced by New Line Cinema.)

Chadwick Boseman will play the movie's eponymous monarch-superhero, and considering his impressive work in recent biopics Get on Up and 42, the movie is already starting out on the right foot.

But for those film fans who don't know the Black Panther story, what can we look forward to? Here's a brief primer.

The first thing to know about the Black Panther is that he's an interesting combination of brains and brawn. His real name is T'Challa, and he was born an heir to the throne of Wakanda, a fictional, isolationist African kingdom that also has some of the world's most advanced technology.

Chadwick Boseman will play the Black Panther. Source: AP

T'Challa's path to inheriting the Wakandan throne and becoming the Black Panther was far from direct. T'Challa's mother died in childbirth, and when T'Challa was a teenager, his father was murdered by a Dutchman bent on stealing Vibranium, a rare Wakandan metal. (Some might remember that Vibranium was also the metal used to forge Captain America's shield.) After attending schools in America and Europe, T'Challa returned to Wakanda for a ritual tournament, wherein he defeated and replaced his uncle S'yan as the nation's ruler, also called the Black Panther. The feat earned him the Heart-Shaped Herb that made him a superhero: The herb links its bearer's spirit to Bast, the Panther God, and imbues the newly crowned Black Panther with superhuman senses and extraordinary strength and speed.

And that's all in addition to the Black Panther's awesome gear. His uniform is bulletproof, he has super-sharp claws, and he has a "Kimoyo Card" that's basically a very advanced smartphone. (He once commandeered and remotely landed a jumbo jet with it.) For footwear, he has boots that let him climb up the sides of buildings and walk on water. To top it all off, the outfit has cloaking technology that lets him walk down the street looking like an average Joe.

Robert Downey Jr. and Chadwick Boseman onstage during Marvel Studios fan event. Source: Getty Images

Like the Avengers team itself, the Black Panther was a creation of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. He was one of the first mainstream black superheroes, and he was created a mere three months before the Black Panther Party formed. His first appearance was in a Fantastic Four comic in 1966, and after several supporting roles, he got his first starring appearance in 1973, with a new series launching in the following issue. The series, written by Don McGregor, ran for three years, and it wasn't just the Black Panther's race that made history: Critic Jason Sacks has credited the early "Panther's Rage" comics as Marvel's "first graphic novel," since they followed one titled and self-contained story arc over 13 issues.

The Black Panther has also accrued lots of extras along the way. On top of his powers and gadgets, he has a doctorate in physics from Oxford University, is a member of the Illuminati (Marvel Illuminati, not the Illuminati), and is widely considered (including by his enemies) one of the eight smartest people in the Marvel Universe. He's travelled to America to battle the Ku Klux Klan. He was married to Storm … But like most high-profile marriages, it didn't last, and news of the split stirred up controversy among fans.

As for friends and enemies, the Black Panther is a frequent ally to both the Fantastic Four and the Avengers. His arch nemesis is Ulysses Klaw, the same Dutch physicist who killed the Black Panther's father in pursuit of Vibranium to complete his fearsome sound transducer. It was the first time the Black Panther ever saw gunfire as a child, and in response, he stole Klaw's weapon and used it against him, shattering his hand and scaring him off — for the time being. They've obviously had lots of run-ins since.

The Black Panther is coming. @Marvel Source: Twitter

When it comes to his personality, our Wakandan monarch-superhero is known for his calculating mind, and also for the endless balancing act he performs between his duties and desires. He might have as many resources as Iron Man, the strength of Captain America, and a Batman-like persona, but he has more responsibility than any of them: He runs an entire kingdom.

Marvel Studios' movie won't be the first Black Panther adaptation for the screen. A few years ago BET collaborated with Marvel Animation to produce a motion-comic-style prime time series with Djimon Hounsou voicing the superhero. The show premiered in Australia in January of 2010 and was released to DVD a year later. Wesley Snipes was also slated to play the Black Panther in a Columbia Pictures adaptation in the '90s, but the movies never materialised. The BET-Marvel animated series might be the closest we get to a Black Panther adaptation before Marvel's Black Panther movie in 2017, and you can watch a trailer for the series below.

This article was originally published in Slate.

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Top chef dishes on ‘lazy’ gen Y

Celebrity chef Luke Mangan shows you how to make his seared scallops with corn puree for a simple Christmas entree.

ONE of Australia's most successful chefs has taken aim at a lazy work ethic he believes is hurting the industry he loves.

Luke Mangan will open his 20th restaurant this year in the Maldives and is already planning his next foray possibly in the US.

The 44-year-old who also creates business class menus for Virgin Australia said his success was born out of hard work, and being in the right place at the right time.

THE TRUTH: Chef debunks airline food myths

Paradise...Luke Mangan in the Maldives at the site of one of his new restaurants. Picture: Supplied. Source: Supplied

Not happy...Luke Mangan is frustrated by people in the hospitality industry who only want to work 38-hours a week. Picture: News Corp Australia Source: News Corp Australia

When he started his apprenticeship in Melbourne as a restless 15-year-old, he routinely racked up between 70 and 80 hours a week.

Now, he said, "the kids look at their watch at 38-hours".

"You do not learn a profession by taking short cuts or just doing the hours you have to do," said Mr Mangan in an exclusive interview on the One and Only Hayman Island.

"You've got to put in hard work and commit to it and I think I've done that."

Started young...Luke Mangan started his apprenticeship in Melbourne as a restless 15-year-old, he routinely racked up between 70 and 80 hours a week. Picture: Supplied. Source: Supplied

He also expressed his frustration that there was too much focus on "celebrity" and not enough on genuine chefs of "substance".

Despite being one of the first in Australia to earn the tag of "celebrity chef" along with Neil Perry, Mr Mangan said he did not like the term.

"A lot of the chefs now just want to be on TV, do a cookbook and work 38-hours for it," Mr Mangan said.

"People want to get somewhere too quick, they don't want to put in the hard work.

"There are no shortcuts in this industry."

On the side...Cookbooks are par for the course for chefs these days, although Luke Mangan's are in more kitchens than most. Picture: Supplied. Source: Supplied

He also offered some words of advice to young restaurant owner chefs.

"It's so hard to just survive in just one restaurant," he said.

"I'm lucky I've got a lot of streams of income that can help prop up a restaurant but a lot of the younger kids still think it's all about the food.

"It's not all about the food, it's the whole package as a restaurant and you've got to be creative and get other streams of income if you want to survive because you won't survive in a restaurant."

One of the best...Spanish chef Ferran Adria has mastered the art of "molecular gastronomy". Picture: AP Photo. Source: AP

On the topic of food, Mr Mangan revealed he was not a fan of "molecular gastronomy" pioneered by the likes of Heston Blumenthal and Ferran Adria, and now being copied worldwide.

"To me it's not real food, it's fluff and puff and I like real food," he said.

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